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24 sq.m. condo styles in one STUDIO 24 exhibit

Do you plan to own a studio type condominium (condo) unit and have no idea how amazing it can look like with the help of an interior designer? Do you intend for your condominium unit to be renovated and/or redesigned? Or you simply enjoy looking at interior design exhibits like us?

Head on over at STUDIO 24, an exhibit held by The Philippines School of Interior Design 2015 batch of students. What is unique about the exhibit is that each group of students presents 1 archetype in a 24 sq.m. space. Thus, with a total of 24 groups, one can enjoy 24 different styled condominium units which measure 24 sq.m each in a visit.

Studio 24

Since it is better to see the exhibit in real life, we will only be featuring our top three condominium archetypes.

#1 (LADIES LAIR) The Pastry Chef : French Provincial

Image credit to PSID Studio 24.

This is my top choice if I were to live alone. This is because I like anything that is French inspired and the floor layout is great for me. Also, the homey atmosphere totally won me over. However, I would have the misty color tones replaced with pink colors and make the woodworks not distressed since I’m not a fan of rustic styles.


From the main door, I like how the first area is the kitchen and dining area. The dining table/ table top may be too high for some and high chairs may also be uncomfortable to sit on for some, but this works well for me if ever since I’m pretty tall. I like also the fact that one can watch television while preparing food or eating meals. I just haven’t checked if those unique hanging lamps don’t obstruct the view of the television. Another thing that I love here is that they were able to fit a double-door refrigerator.


The next part is the bathroom. If you are wondering why the bathroom is open and it is just divided by a glass wall, it is made that way for exhibit purposes. The bathroom is really designed for one lady so big sized guests may have to use another bathroom. Sorry for making an appearance in the reflection.


I like this part since this doubles as both a living room area and a reading area. Being a book lover, I like how I can store a lot of books and also use this area to brainstorm on ideas on the thinking chair.


Finally, the bed space area. Although the bed is single only, there are a lot of spaces for clothes, shoes, and accessories which matters more for ladies.

#2 (MAN CAVE) Modern Japanese

Image credit to PSID Studio 24.

If Lloyd is a bachelor living in a condominium of his own, this is his pick. I would like this too if I was a man. What Lloyd particularly likes about this condominium style is that the spaces are very maximized and the areas are very basic. Since his cooking skills is limited to food preparation, this makes it more ideal for him.


From the main door, the minimalist bathroom is first area. One can take a bath the Japanese way with the little stool and the wooden pail.


Another area of the room includes doubles as the food preparation and dining area. Lloyd prefers a One piece inspired photo on the side of wall. Since we did not get an explanation of this exhibit, he cannot understand why the more comforable seat is against the projection screen. The single wooden chair would be hard at the back after sitting in a long time. Also, when one has guests they would not be able to see what is shown in the screen. Another concern is Lloyd has to twist his neck to watch the screen while preparing food.


This is Lloyd’s favorite area. The plus sides are the double bed and there are additional sofa chairs for guests. He noticed though that the television is in an awkward place. It is not in an ideal position from the bed view and it is too close for viewing from the sofa chairs. Despite this, he loves the overall design of the walls and the ceilings. Lastly, he loves the fact that he can display collectible toys.

#3 (PERFECT PAIRING) Asian Contemporary

Image credit to PSID Studio 24.

The last but not the least of our top three choices is this if we become newly weds. Although we are not fans of Thai inspired styles, we chose this for the great layout. We don’t know where the main door is for this as we were in a hurry to see all the remaining exhibits before it closes and there was no presenter when we passed by.


This is the living area. We would love to have those witty pillows someday, “Mr. RIght” and “Mrs. Always Right.” We can see here that the bed needs to be transformed to maximize the space. However, if we were given the choice, we still want an actual bed instead.


If you noticed that boxed net stool that was used as a small table in the photo above, it doubles as a dining chair here. Cool space saver, right?


We love how we can fully cook in the kitchen so we’ll surely enjoy meals together.


Finally, there is a service area so no need to go to a laundy shop for laundry needs. And we love how the bathroom is all white with vibrant pop of colors from the bathroom accessories which makes it both interesting and look spacious.

And that concludes our top three choices from Studio 24. We hope you get a chance to visit it too while you still can. And, if you’ve already visited Studio 24, what are your top three choices?


3rd to 5th Floor of Ronac Lifestyle Center, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City.
Operating hours : 10AM to 8PM (everyday until Oct. 31)
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2 Responses to “24 sq.m. condo styles in one STUDIO 24 exhibit”

  1. Condo living is not advisable for collectors. Thru the years, a person will have acquired so many stuffs, but unwilling to let go of old stuff for sentimental reasons. When that happens, a person will need another unit for storage :).

  2. I looked at the designs again and again and one thing I can say is that all of them looks nice. I say looks nice, because with 24 sqm, the more you put … accessories, the less practical it gets. I noticed that none of them featured ample storages, as if it was more a hotel rather than a home.

    The photo showing a ref, that is a huge ref for 24sqm floor area of which some 6sqm meters would have been taken away by the bathroom.


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