Yogo and Cream

What is Yogo and Cream?

Yogo and Cream is actually our terms of  endearment to each other. I call Lloyd as “Yogo” and he calls me “Cream.”


Why choose it as the name of your blog?

Well, we wanted to discuss our personal food and travel experiences including thoughts on what we think will be interesting to our readers too. We deem it only proper that we choose a name that is something personal rather than utilizing familiar words. This does not only sets us apart (even if it makes SEO ranking more difficult) but also helps us establish ourselves online since no one has used it ever in social media. Check out our social media accounts.


What topics do you focus on/ what is your niche? And how does your division of labor (blog posts) works?

We primarily focus on reasonably priced food and travel experiences which may also include anything the couple deems reasonable – neither cheap nor expensive. As for the division of our labor of love, Lloyd, a certified foodie, is in charge of food related posts. Me-An, on the other hand, a well-traveled person (You don’t believe her? Feel free to check out her personal Instagram, @me.an.clemente which she had already opened to the public), is certainly in charge of travel related posts. Together, it is our pleasure to inspire you, our readers, to spend your money reasonably for more bonding with your loved ones while on your way to achieving your goals in life.

P.S. We also share personal stuff about us and our Youtube videos.


What is your posting schedule?

  • #MunchMonday – Food post.
  • #TipsyTuesday – Any helpful information, guide or simply a tip.
  • #WanderingWednesday – Travel post.
  • #TeaserThursday  – FB Video/ Youtube video OR #TravelThursday – Travel post.
  • #FoodieFriday – Food post.
  • #SummarySaturday – Recap of blog posts of the week via FB & e-mail.
  • #ShotSunday – FB photos.


What do I get if I subscribe to your newsletter?

We want to ensure that you are always updated with the latest happening of our blog since you are important to us. Indeed, even if you visit our blog very often, there may be chances that you may have missed any useful content or updates from us such as important news, or any contest or giveaway that we are organizing. Aside from this, it is a good way for us to get genuine feedback from you.


 Any recognition/s that you have received?

BEST FOOD & DRINKS BLOG (BlogEx Manila 2016)
BlogEx Manila

2016 Philippine Bloggers Awards


Blogger Babes are Sophisticated Bloggers Seeking Simple Solutions and Support



Are you open to suggestions, collaborations,  campaigns and any other ideas?

Yes, we certainly most are! Contact us here and we promise to get back to you ASAP.