Day Tour at Aquaria Water Park

Living and being in a tropical country means basking in the sun almost any time of the year. We can opt to have fun like it’s summer on a December. And that is what we did! We accepted the invitation of Fuego Hotels for a familiarization tour in Aquaria Water Park with fellow bloggers.

Disclosure: Although the transportation, food, and entrance fee are generously sponsored by Fuego Hotels, please note that the photos, video, opinion, and insights you see and read here are of our own.


Aquaria Water Park

Aquaria Water Park

Currently managed by Anya Hospitality Corporation, the result of a merger between Roxaco Land Corp. and Fuego Hotels & Property Management, Aquaria Water Park offers both swimming pools and a beach. Meanwhile, the water theme park itself has modern features and amenities that certainly makes the experience better.



Welcome Center


I was generally impressed with the inviting facade. They used Filipino decorative elements. Plus, in lieu of the holiday spirit, a Christmas tree out of the dwarf trees placed in the middle was made.

Aside from the spacious grounds, there are also seats on the side for those who are waiting to be granted entry. I wonder if it’s enough to accommodate the influx of people, especially during summer.


Bath House

To tell you honestly, our day tour was literally jam packed with activities. After eating snacks at Aquaria Sands Restaurant, we had to hurriedly change into our bathing clothes for our sandbar tour.

Since the beach front is quite far from the bath house and will certainly take a chunk of our time, we ended up using the beach restrooms which only had three stalls and were cramped.

We only got to use the bath house as we were about to go home. Hence, the photos you’ll see below are a bit dark.

Bath House

I highly recommend changing your swimwear here. Not only is it convenient and comfortable to freshen up there, but Aquaria Water Park’s staff are also on standby to clean messy stalls. I truly enjoyed taking a bath there as it’s one of the cleanest that I’ve experienced among the Philippine resorts I’ve been to.

In their shower stall, there is a towel hook and notably a small bench where one can put one’s stuff as well. No clean clothes accidentally falling in the wet floor.


Locker Area

If you don’t have anyone to watch over your things or you don’t want to rent a cabana, you can rent a locker to secure your belongings. 151 lockers are available for women to rent. On the other hand, 146 lockers are available to men.

Renting it is PHP 150 (3 USD) for the whole duration of your visit. It has a built-in lock already so you no longer need to bring a lock of your own. Just make sure to bring your valid ID such as driver’s license, employment ID, college ID, digitized SSS ID, etc.


Kiddie Pool

Kids will surely have fun in the spacious pool where they can freely wade in and play, at the same time, with its entertaining features like the mini-waterfalls, water guns, and single seat seesaws.

Aquaria kiddie pool

During our visit, I could already see toasted kids from staying under the sun and the pool for too long. So I think the kiddie pool is effective in entertaining its little guests.

Despite having lifeguards around, the management still requires a parent or a guardian to supervise their child/children. This is because the management, of course, will not be responsible for any untoward incidents that may occur. Please be advised that running, jumping, scuffling, or rough play is strictly prohibited in and around the pool area for children’s safety.


Resort Pool

We went on a weekend and despite having a lot of guests, there is still plenty of room for everyone to enjoy in. I didn’t get to try their bright yellow lounge chairs, but it seems comfortable.

I love how some areas have seats on the side so one can rest and just chat with friends and/or family. Too bad, we weren’t able to bring a floater. We couldn’t find any cool floaters for rent anymore.


3-Storey Giant Slide

Aquaria Water Park

This is our favorite part in Aquaria Water Park and where we spent most of our time. We learned that children below seven years old and are below four feet tall aren’t allowed on the slides. I hope they also put a slide for kids as surely some children will be enticed with the sight of it.


Aquaria Water Park

The inflatables they provide are required for using the slide. It doesn’t only help one speed down fast and smoothly, but it also keeps one safe from drowning.

When I fell off the inflatable, I discovered that the enclosed slide area is deep. We, Asians, aren’t that tall so, yes, its depth of six (6) feet is already deep for us.

Aquaria Water Park

One has to carry the inflatable to the top. It’s quite an exercise, but I assure you, it’s definitely worth it.

Aquaria Water Park

It’s SUPER fun! You can see it in our faces above. Sliding down with loved ones make it all the more enjoyable.



Beach Cabana

Aquaria Water Park

The beachfront cabanas are limited and are good for only 6 to 8 people. Renting it costs PHP 2000 (or 40 USD). It’ll only be PHP 250 (or 5 USD) each person when you’re eight in a group. It comes with a table and chairs so you can have your picnic.



Low on budget? You can opt for a Sidlan instead. It’s a multipurpose lifestyle bag that is a bag, a mat, and a slip-on blanket all in one. What’s good about it is that it’s sand repellent and has a quick dry feature in case it gets wet. How cool is that! Stay tuned for our future blog posts regarding it.


Massage at Aquaria Water Park

After a tiring day, you can get a massage in your beach cabana. It’s only available upon request. I neither know how good it is nor its duration since I didn’t get to try it. However, for a full body massage, it’s PHP 500 (or 10 USD).


Cove Pool Cabana

Cove Pool Cabana

For large groups, the poolside cabanas are a great choice. Rates for it are as follows:

  • Cove Pool Cabana (good for 8-10 people) costs PHP 1700 (or 34 USD).
  • Resort Pool Cabana (good for 12-15 people) costs PHP 2, 000 (or 40 USD).

The rental fee is inclusive of tables and chairs too. There are also electrical plugs in the said cabanas so one can charge his/her battery depleted gadgets.




If you have a lot of time in your hands and you want to enjoy a sandbar without riding a plane, you can visit one. We, unfortunately, weren’t able to get its name.

Going there takes thirty minutes via a boat that can accommodate up to 15 people. It costs PHP 300 (or 6 USD) per person for a minimum of ten people for a boat. Indeed, you’ll need PHP 3000 (or 60 USD) to visit the place.


Aquaria Sand Bar

We don’t do that much there. The water is calm and shallow so you can just lie there. You can also check out the star fishes and the fresh catch of the fishermen who pass by to sell what they had caught.


Water Sports Activities

For those who want something more then beach bumming and swimming. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix from the water sports activities that may be availed.

Banana Boat

The banana boat tugged by a jet ski is PHP 1, 500 (or 30 USD) for 15 minutes. A maximum of five people can ride it. If you’re a thrill seeker, make sure to tell the operator to do high speed turns for the increased possibility of falling into the ocean.


Aquaria Water Park

Other water sports activities are the following:

  • Jet ski: PHP 3500 (or 70 USD) for 1 hour; and PHP 2, 000 (or 40 USD) for 30 minutes.
  • Kayak: PHP 400 (or 8 USD) per hour.
  • Pedal boat: PHP 1000 (or 20 USD) per hour.


Operating Hours

Aquaria Water Park is open daily (except Tuesdays during lean seasons) from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

*Note: Aquaria Water Park doesn’t currently offer an accommodation. If you want to stay overnight, you can do so at the beach with your own tent for a minimal camping fee. You may also opt to stay at a hotel nearby. Click the link below to look for Batangas hotels.


Admission Rates


  • Weekend: PHP 800 (or 16.14 USD)
  • Weekday: PHP 600 (or 12.01 USD)


  • Weekend: PHP 600 (or 12.01 USD)
  • Weekday: PHP 400 (or 8.01 USD)



Getting there via car:

  1. Travel via SLEX and take either the Southwoods Exit or the Sta. Rosa Exit.
  2. Head straight to Tagaytay Rotunda and drive along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway.
  3. At Palico intersection, turn left to Balayan-Calatagan passing by Lago De Oro and the Calatagan Municipal Hall.
  4. A little after the Municipal Hall, turn left to M. Apacible.


Getting there via public transportation:

  1. From MRT Taft, ride the BSC Bus going to Tagaytay-Lian. Bus fare: around PHP 152 (or 3.04 USD).
  2. Tell the driver to drop you off in front of the 7-Eleven convenience store in Lian.
  3. Ride the ordinary bus going to Calatagan Public Market. Bus fare: PHP 30 (or 0.60 USD).
  4. Hire a tricycle for a special trip going to Aquaria. Tricycle far: PHP 150 – 200 (or 3 – 4 USD).


Suggested Itinerary

06:00 AM | Departure from Manila.
10:00 AM | Arrival at Aquaria, AM snacks, and change swimwear.
11:00 AM  | Visit a sandbar, beach bum or enjoy the resort’s pools and slide.
12:30 PM  | Lunch at the Sands.
2:00  PM  | Watersports activities: kayak, jet ski, banana boat or paddle boat.
3:00  PM  | PM Snacks.
3:30  PM  | Enjoy the resort’s pools and slide.
4:30  PM  | Shower and change into casual clothes.
5:00  PM  | Get a massage by the beach.
6:00  PM  | Depart for Manila.


Aquaria Water Park is Reasonable

beach Cabana at Aquaria water park

To wrap it up, our three-hour drive to Aquaria Water Park is really worth it. Again, I’m saying this not because it’s sponsored. There won’t be arguments anymore over which place to go: a resort or a beach.

While some may find the admission fee pricey, I think it’s reasonable for its picturesque landscape dotted with yellow lounge chairs and dense greenery surrounding the blue pool waters. Meanwhile, its facilities are well-maintained and even the bath house justifies the rate they are asking for.

There is also a thrilling giant water slide that kids above 4 feet and adults like us get to enjoy. Of course, the beach is also highlight of one’s visit with its soft sand and the stunning view of the horizon that it offers. You can definitely sing, See the light where the sky meets the sea. It calls me. No one knows how far it goes. Well, if you’re in the mood for it.

On the other hand, thrill seekers can definitely avail the water sports activities. Afterwards, one has the option to cap off the fun-filled day with a body massage by the beach.

Their in-house restaurant, The Sands, offers sumptuous local specialties as well as refreshing beverages that can satisfy one’s hunger. I’ll definitely eat a hal0-halo on my return though. It’s also another way of beating the heat of the scorching sun.

Aquaria Water Park’s admission price also limits the number of people going thereby preserving the beautiful ambiance of the place.

Everything mentioned above makes Aquaria Water Park an ideal getaway for me. Since we really had fun, we are looking forward to visiting it again soon with our family and/or friends for them to enjoy it too.


Tips from us:

  • Come as early as you can to maximize your entrance fee.
  • You can bring your own food for a corkage fee of PHP 100 (or 2 USD), but we recommend dining at The Sands. It spares you the hassle of preparing or bringing food especially when you’re going there via public transportation.
  • Bring your own toiletries, sunblock, and towel [if you don’t want to pay PHP 50 (or 1 USD)].
  • Don’t forget to bring your action camera or waterproof cellphone.

For Inquiries & Reservations

15F Corporate Center Building Valero St. Salcedo Village Makati City.
Phone No.: (02) 5538888 | Fax No.: (02) 750-1894

Twitter: @aquariaph
Instagram: @aquariawaterpark

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  1. This is the first time I heard about this. Agree that it is reasonable. Hope they will have an overnight stay soon. Nice weekend venue for the family 🙂

  2. I honestly was about to just add this to my list of nice places in the Philippines until I actually saw how affordable it was! For those prices, I think this is a steal! I am definitely going to ask my hubby if we can take a trip there next time. Thank you for the wonderful recommendation!

  3. Wow! This place looks awesome! I’ve actually never heard of this place before. I’ll definitely have to save this for my list of places to go. My aunties and uncles from abroad are all coming in March for Summer, maybe I’ll bring them here! I know they’ll definitely have a great time 😀

  4. Aquaria Water Park seems to be a good place to spend time with family and friends. I would love to visit the place someday with my kids. I want to try the 3-storey Giant Slide and massage for myself. I am sure my kids would love to experience the banana boat. I can hear my three kids screaming now!

  5. Impressive place. Surely my boys would love it there. I booked in a resort in Subic so the boys could watch fireworks on New Year’s eve. I should have opted for this place. My boys super love the water and surely they will never tire walking, swimming, playing there.

  6. They have catered to every taste. A wonderful family destination. I always try and search out this kind of place because we travel as family and my kids would love this. Thanks for the useful tips.

  7. This looks like a beautiful place to visit with the family this summer. I can picture myself lounging in one of those cabanas in my two-piece! 😀 I would love to visit this place with my boys this summer!

  8. I love going to water parks! I always have the best time there and I try to go with friends who are not afraid of going down some scary slides. I always end up losing my voice from sliding so many times and screaming with joy all the way down!

  9. The only waterpark I’ve been is the one next to my house in France. And it’s only about slipes. This Aquaria Water Park doesn’t look like only for slides but it feels really relaxing. Enjoying the sun, the beach, the pool with some massages and bath on top of the slides, it’s just perfect!


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