Where to Stay in Boracay for Chillaxing: Astoria Boracay

Astoria Boracay

Astoria Boracay


Address: Boat Station 1 Boracay Island, Brgy. Balabag, Malay, 5608 Aklan.

Astoria Boracay
I can get used to that view every day.

The location of Astoria Boracay is what makes it a chillaxing (or chilling and relaxing) accommodation. Being at the heart of white beach in Station One (1), the surroundings is peaceful and quiet at night and  it has a better beach front (a 1 min. walk from the hotel). Additionally, it’s just a 5 min. walk to the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment heart of White Beach – Station Two (2). D’Mall is indeed walking distance from Astoria Boracay.

Aside from that, it’s a convenient spot to get a tricycle or multi-cab for getting around Boracay based on my experience.



When my brother and I showed up at Astoria Boracay, my fatigue from the trip going there was erased upon seeing the white open spaces and the mesmerizing cool furniture that they have. Their local staff on the front desk warmly welcomed us, checked us in, and served their welcome Pandan juice that certainly refreshed us.

Astoria Boracay


The Deluxe Room

Room Amenities

Astoria Boracay Room

The room doesn’t have a vast expanse of space, but it’s hip and cool interior plus the provision of modern living comforts make it attractive. It can comfortably accommodate up to four people with its great quality bedding and good linens.

If you decide to have a Henna tattoo, don’t go to your room unless you’re 100% sure that it’s completely dry. Astoria Boracay charges for stained or ruined linens, towels, curtains, and wall.

Additionally, the room has an LCD cable television to keep one entertained and, of course, free Wi-Fi access. We could only connect two devices per room at a time during our stay. I’m sure Lloyd if he was with us, would find it a hassle since he usually has multiple devices. By the way, mobile signal is weak inside the room so you’ll really have to rely on Wi-Fi if you want to communicate with someone.


Astoria Boracay

What I like about the room is that they have a desk where I could blog and, at the same time, do my make up. Talk about multi-tasking.


Astoria Boracay Kitchenette

The room also comes with a tiny kitchenette that is equipped with a coffee/ tea maker, a microwave, and a refrigerator. There is also a small dining table with two chairs for in-room dining as you can see in the photo above.


Astoria Boracay

There was a drying rack inside the room since no one is allowed to hang wet clothes on the verandas. I ended up putting my luggage and bag there since Astoria Boracay offers free drying service. How convenient is that?

All I did was call, give my wet clothes to their room attendant, fill up their clothes checklist, and wait for them to return it dry within 2-3 hours. If you call them after 8:00PM, expect your items to be returned at 4:00AM the earliest.




The deluxe room’s bathroom is fairly simple, but it is spacious and well-supplied with bathroom necessities. Their complimentary toiletries were from Archive which is usually found in good hotels and guest houses. What I love about that set is that it has a refreshing fragrance and  it really cleans.



I had a blissful shower after using it. And, yes, I’m guilty that I stuck these in my luggage because I knew that it would be handy for going on trips.


Hotel Facilities

Swimming Pool

One of Astoria Boracay’s amenities is its outdoor swimming pool that is 4 to 5 feet deep. They also have a swimming pool with a small slide for kids to play in.


The highlight of the swimming pool is that it changes colors. They turn it on around 6:00PM so don’t step out of the pool early.

Swimming Pool


Other facilities that Astoria Boracay has are the following:

  • White Cafe for breakfast and lunch buffet.
  • Astoria Beach Front for dinner buffet.
  • Vibe Lounge for happy hour.
  • Function rooms for conference and banquets.



I give Astoria Boracay a 4/5 rating for their service. Their staff is really attentive. They offer welcome drinks and drying service which everyone will find to be convenient. Finally, they provide beach towels available for use at the pool or by the beach. One just has to get one from the pool attendant. I think the only turn off for some guests is their invitation for a free dinner in exchange for a timeshare presentation. I didn’t accept the offer because I don’t want feel pressured for something I wouldn’t avail.



These rates come with buffet breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and welcome drinks.

  • DELUXE ROOM | PhP 8, 002 (or 166.39 USD)
  • LUXURY ROOM | PhP 11,642 (or 241.96 USD)
  • PREMIER ROOM | PhP 14,625 (or 303.96 USD)


Astoria Boracay

Astoria Boracay is a reasonable accommodation for those who wants to relax in Boracay. This is because the location is great and one has easy access to the beach front that is Boracay’s highlight. And for Astoria Boracay’s room, facilities, and service, one gets their money’s worth. I have no qualms in staying in Astoria Boracay again since I’m definite that I’ll usually experience a chilling and relaxing getaway there.

By the way, if you’re wondering how I got to Boracay, you may know about it here and don’t forget to check out the 25 best things to do in Boracay.


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13 Responses to “Where to Stay in Boracay for Chillaxing: Astoria Boracay”

  1. This sure looks like a very relaxing hotel to go to for a great staycation or just to get away from boring everyday life…but yes, it can be a turn off if they are trying to get their guests to sign up for a time share thingie when you are there to unwind…I won’t have like it either

  2. Wow! This is a nice place for a staycation! This is what I need right now in order to de-stress and feel relaxed even just for a couple of days. Haven’t been to Boracay but it would be nice to be there. I will consider your recommendation.

  3. This is a great place to chillax and start exploring the beautiful Boracay. It always helps if the place you stay in as beautiful and comfortable as the city you are in. It gives an edge to your travel experience.

  4. Wow, it’s gotten so expensive in Boracay! The rooms in Astoria seem high compared to when o was last there. It’s been close to four years since I was last on the white beach. I do hope it’s still as nice as it was then.

  5. Great review! Bora has been a top destination in the country and just like everyone else we want to find a home away from home and this hotel gives me that feel looking at your photos. The price is right and everything seems ideal for a good staycation.

    I’ll keep in this bookmarked for my future trip in Bora. Thanks for sharing!


  6. I love that the desk served your blogging and make up needs! Lol. I believe Boracay offers a wide range of accommodations like this or the ones that offer backpacker feels. But this surely is a good catch especially if you just want to relax and sleep while enjoying the beach and that awesome pool.

  7. Modern meets nature in Boracay… except that Boracay is now overcrowded with modern amenities. LOL. It’s so different from when I left the island after five years of residency back in 2003. In fairness to Astoria on their offer of free dinner in exchange for presentation, at least they tell you. I have heard of time-sharing presentation tactics that end up horribly for those who availed and after the presentation, were pressured. Even worse, as soon as the offer was declined, the sales people who be … “rude”.

    Astoria has one thing I like. I love service apartments and that is how it feels when staying there. It feels more like home than a hotel.

  8. Astoria Boracay looks great. I love how the rooms look. The green looks very fresh. And the Pandan juice is a great welcome. Love the seats near the pool. Looks very relaxing!

  9. I am planning to go on boracay next year and im glad you took the time to explain one of the most important hotels there. I have found many reviews about this hotel before but there are not many which take the time to explain all the different amentinies there so im really happy that you did. Will definetly be considering it when i stay.

  10. Years ago, when I went to Boracay for a vacation, we were also able to check out Astoria. They were offering free buffet every night for people who would be given some coupons as long as you just listen to them sell you their membership. What I loved about their place was it was very spacious. The highlight of the hotel was their pool which , as you’ve mentioned, changes its colors. Unfortunately though, I couldn’t afford to get a membership there.

  11. I have been to Boracay thrice but I haven’t tried staying at Astoria. Their rooms are too expensive for me. Hehe! But the place is indeed nice and their buffets are really tempting. My sister worked in Astoria in Ortigas, I think, as an OJT trainee. She told me the rooms are fab, but ofcourse, it can’t compare to the rooms in Astoria Boracay! 🙂

  12. Wow, this is how a review should look like, good job! It’s so easy to scroll to the part I want to read more on. This place look amazin in my opinion, I think many hotels look way to similar to each other, I like when they stand out. Astoria Boracay will definitely get on my “places to remember” list. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Isn’t this hotel part of the Waldorf Group in New York? Amazing pictures that do justice to the content without wasting one word. They do the talking. I guess the rooms are spacious and are pleasantly designed and colored. Let me share this Boracay property with my friends.


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