Tantalizing Taste of Spanish Cuisine at Barcino Wine & Restobar

When we started this blog, we have a primary aim which is to look for the most reasonable food and travel experiences. It’s becuse, at the moment, we’re still just young professionals who are saving money yet understand the importance of dates in a relationship.

There will be times though that one should spend a little bit more especially when you want to make your family/friends more special, you’re celebrating momentous occassions, or you simply want a romantic meal with your gf/bf.

That’s where Barcino Wine & Restobar come in as they have an extensive selection of fine wine and, at the same time, tantalizing Spanish food that’s well worth your money.



Barcino Wine & Restobar

Barcino Wine & Restobar won’t disappoint you no matter who you bring. Well, just to let you know beforehand, my opinion is based solely on their newest branch located at Ayala Malls the 30th as it’s the one we’ve went to.

With wine racks lining up the walls, it reminds us of Poco Deli. Barcino Wine & Restobar takes the interior to a great level with elaborate pendant lights and decorative mosaic tiles on the floor for some parts of the restaurant just to name a few.

Barcino Wine & Restobar

I certainly won’t leave out mentioning the Spanish mural, brick walls, and the beautiful lantern wall light. The soft warm light completes the mood of the place. Even though we were invited to review this restaurant, the ambiance made our dining experience into a romantic one.



Barcino Wine & Restobar
SOPA DE AJO, PHP 295 (or USD 5.95)

This is a garlic based soup filled with Serrano ham mixed with bread paprika and mixed egg.

When we ordered this, I didn’t really pay attention to the description and I initially thought that this is a tomato based soup. I only realized when I slurped it that it’s filled with garlicky flavor. The bread is, as expected, already soft as it’s placed inside the soup, but it adds a very filling taste. I highly recommend this soup for garlic lovers like Me-An.


Barcino Wine & Restobar

It consists of mixed greens, walnuts, balsamic vinegar, and a queso de cabra (goat cheese) on top. The salad has a sweet taste to it thanks to the vinegar, but mixing it with the goat cheese adds a smooth texture. It provides starchiness to it which blends well with the vinegar.

Although, I have to say, this is a pretty common salad if not for the goat cheese on top. Nonetheless, we liked it very much even Me-An who doesn’t like all things goat.


For those who aren’t aware of it yet, Me-An is a big potato lover. She would buy french fries or any other potato based dishes at any opportunity she gets.

Barcino Wine & Restobar

This dinner is no different as we got this for her potato fix. It’s Spain’s traditional tapa dish that is fried potates in salsa brava.

Admittedly, it’s my first time encountering salsa brava, a spicy aioli. There is a tang from the garlic and palatable heat from the paprika that flavors the potato cubes drenched in creaminess.  It was finished before even I noticed it which goes to show that this appetizer is spot on.


Barcino Wine & Restobar

It’s a Galician style boiled octupus served on a bed of creamy mashed potato and with paprika as the seasoning. The octopus has a unique taste which satisfies seafood lovers like us.


Barcino Wine & Restobar

A visit to a Spanish restaurant is incomplete without a paella. What we had though is not the traditional one.

We had a mellow mixed rice with roast chicken and pork. It is wet based similar to Italian cuisine’s risotto, our favorite Italian dish. The seasoning used in it provides the perfect balance of tastiness. Meanwhile, the usage of multiple kinds of meat gives a depth of flavor. This my be my go to dish at Barcino Wine & Restobar as it can satisfy me all on its own.


Barcino Wine & Restobar

This is a small dome of chocolate cake filled with melted chocolate on top and is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

There is nothing too special about it but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not good. The chocolate dough is crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside and the melted chocolate tastes wonderful. I actually don’t want to mix the ice cream and the cake together because I feel that it can stand on its own.


Barcino Wine & Restobar

This is essentially Spain’s version of  crème brûlée placed on a ceramic bowl with a burnt brown sugar on top.

Unlike the crème brûlée, it is not baked in heavy cream. It get its texture from cornstarch. The pudding is not that sweet but the caramelized sugar gives the contrast. It’s a strong finish to an already good dinner.



Barcino Wine & Restobar

We rarely review any drinks if any at all since we aim to be as family-friendly as possible (there are underaged minors who sometimes read our site). But it’s hard not to talk about Barcino’s wine selection because the selection is really extensive and spot on.


Barcino Wine & Restobar

If you’re not a big alcohol lover, we recommend you try out SANDARA ROSADO, PHP 650 (or USD 13).

Its aroma is a cross between ripe red cherries and rose water. With an alcohol content of 7.5%, it has a soft and sweet finish with notes of berry notes. It’s delicate character with refreshing bubbles makes it enjoyable to drink even for those who rarely drink alcohol.

We love Barcino’s service as they ensure that our wine is constantly chilled and they keep our glasses filled.


I have a confession to make. We really don’t like Spanish cuisine as much as we love Korean, Japanese, or even Mexican cuisine. We even went on a Spanish restaurant for our 5th anniversary and I kind of regretted that we did since it’s not really in line with our tastebuds. However, Barcino Wine & Restobar was able to prove to us that Spanish cuisine can be this good and that it’s worth your hard earned cash.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend that date with your loved ones, give Barcino a try and, I assure you, you won’t regret it.

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Barcino Wine & Restobar
(Ayala Malls the 30th Branch)

Second Floor, Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City.
Operating Hours: 11AM to 1AM from Sun. to Thurs. and 11AM to 2AM on Fri. & Sat.

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  1. I love southern European food. And it seems you enjoyed it too. Spanish cuisine is always very tasty and fresh. I wish I could visit Spain again soon. It’s already been couple of years since my last visit.


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