2Go Travel Boracay Island

How is it like via 2Go Travel to Boracay?

I had an unexpected trip to Boracay via 2Go Travel courtesy of Christ Starlight Travel and Tours. It was a blessing to me since I’ve already visited Boracay several times before, but I still haven’t blogged about it now that I’m a travel blogger.

For those who don’t know about 2Go Travel, it is a passenger ship that travels to various Philippine destinations which include the beautiful island of Boracay.

2Go Travel Boracay Island


Although I frequently traveled by plane these days, I had no qualms in traveling by sea not just because I didn’t pay anything for my trip. But this was because, once upon a time, I also traveled to Boracay by sea – twice via Super Ferry and once via Roll-on/Roll-off “RORO” ship.

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I also thought that it was a reasonable transportation for people who


Well, I know this is a no-brainer, but I said it anyway. The trip to Boracay is really way longer when riding a ship compared to riding a plane. The following is a breakdown of how long it takes to get to Boracay via 2Go Travel:

  • JAM Buendia Bus Terminal to Batangas Pier | PhP 168 (or 3.6 USD) = 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic.
  • Batangas Pier to Caticlan Jetty Port via 2Go Travel | PhP 500 (or 10.71 USD) to PhP 2, 000 (42.86 USD) per way depending on the type of accommodation = roughly 10 hours with no delays.
  • Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay  Island | PhP 25 (or 0.54 USD) for traditional boat OR PhP 200 (or 4.29 USD) for ferry + PhP 100 (or 2.14 USD) for terminal fee + PhP 75 (or 1.61 USD) for environmental fee = 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Tricycle to your destination in Boracay island.

This sums up to a minimum of 12 hours and 15 minutes. It actually took us more than that. My brother and I left our house in Quezon City around 3:30 PM and we arrived at our hotel in Station 1 of Boracay around 10:30AM, so, yeah, we gave away 19 hours of our time just for travel. This was all right for us since we had the time.


Those who are booking airlines at the last minute or just a few weeks in advance will find the airfares high. Price range can be from PhP 5, 000 (or 107.41 USD) to PhP 7, 000 (or 149.99 USD) either to Caticlan or to Kalibo Airport. This can still go higher depending on the season. If you’re filthy rich, this won’t pose any problems, but if you’re being reasonable, 2Go Travel is the way to go.


As airfares are double to triple the price, the money saved from traveling via 2Go Travel can be utilized for activities offered in Boracay island. Activity examples below PhP 1,000 (or 21.43 USD) include helmet diving, banana boating, paraw sailing, riding the flyfish, and a lot more. Imagine how many activities can be enjoyed with the money saved. A lot can be slashed off the bucket list.


Let us say you are a family of twelve (12) or even an entire class of four (40) people who will travel to Boracay together. It will definitely be quite expensive. Scheduling the travel altogether is also tricky even if seeking assistance from a travel agency. Chances are some will be on the island days in advance or will be coming in at a later time. The airfare also varies in price which some may find themselves at a disadvantage.

2Go Travel solves all these issues and other conflicts may arise. Everyone can get to Boracay at the same time. This can be pretty helpful also for couples who want to hold their wedding in Boracay. The entire clan or even the entire Barangay can attend.


Last but not the least, if you are visiting someone on the island and you want a television as a pasalubong (souvenir) or something heavier than that, 2Go Travel is the best option. That seemed an exaggeration, but some really do it.


And, now, for the burning question, how is it like to travel via 2Go Travel to Boracay?

2Go Travel


Tourist Class Accommodation

2Go Travel

Upon arriving, our tickets were checked and we were directed to a fully air-conditioned area filled with bunk beds.  I was assigned to an upper bunk bed which offers little privacy compared to lower bunk beds. Good thing no one was assigned beside me since I didn’t really want to sleep next to a stranger. There was actually an American dad who was complaining that her 16-year-old daughter was assigned next to a grown man.

That is how it really is for tourist class. You don’t know who will be assigned beside you. Your only choice is to move to other empty bunk beds.


Anyway, after settling in, we proceeded to the topmost area where the dining area, entertainment area, smoking area, and viewing deck can all be found in one open area. We didn’t want to inhale even a faint scent of cigarette smoke so we opted to eat on our bunk beds.

2Go Travel
Entertainment area

I no longer want to comment on the provided food. I just strongly advise you to bring your own food. Anyway, here are what I have to say for my tourist class accommodation experience:

  • Yes, they provide linens, but since the area is too cold, there is a great need for a blanket. 2Go Travel rents fleece blankets for PhP 50 (or 2.71 USD).
  • Since our bunk beds were situated near the main door, we can hear the staff talking outside. They didn’t sleep until 1AM. Because of their playful banter and noise chatter, my brother and I had difficulty sleeping since we were light sleepers.
  • We don’t have any issue with a common bathroom. We just found it a hassle to go down from our bunk beds and walk far to do our thing in the CR.
  • Last but not the least, there are no charging outlets available for use. We all had to go up the Mega Value accommodation since the charging stations can only be found there. They charge PhP 5 (or 0.11 USD) for every ten minutes.
2Go Travel

Cabin Class Accommodation

On our return trip via 2Go Travel, I wasn’t feeling well so I wanted to sleep more comfortably.

2Go Travel

We enlisted for Cabin class upgrade at the front desk and, praise God, they have occupancy. They only charge PhP 250 (or 5.37 USD) per head for the upgrade. However, the caveat for it is that the ship should have already left the pier/ port before accommodation upgrades can be done. It’s reasonable since they have to assess what accommodations or bunk beds are available for occupancy.


When we entered our cabin, we instantaneously thought that we made the right decision.

2Go Travel

These, on the other hand, are what I have to say for my cabin class accommodation experience:

  • The linens were already put on the bed and they provided blankets for use.
  • Each bed has a curtain for privacy and a wall light usage at night.
  • There was a television inside the room to keep us entertained.
  • We had a bathroom inside the room for our private usage.
  • There were charging outlets so we can charge all we want.
  • I had a great night’s rest in the cabin class. When I woke up, we were already at the Batangas pier.
  • We later found out that those who stay in the cabin class accommodation and the state room accommodation have their dinner at the Horizons restaurant.
2Go Travel



2Go Travel was reasonable for me since, as I said above, I had an unplanned trip and I had the luxury of time. I don’t mind traveling to other destinations via 2Go Travel again so long as I stay in a cabin class. It’s not because I’m being fussy. It’s because I’m a light sleeper and it’s pretty helpful to have a ready charging outlet so I can blog when we’re still on a journey. Of course, if my time is limited, I will opt for a plane in traveling.


2Go Travel

2Go Travel holds a sale from time to time which can go as low as PhP 5 (or 0.11 USD). If you’re interested in traveling via 2Go Travel, you can contact Christ Starlight Travel and Tours as they are an authorized ticket agent and they will help you make your travel smoothly from booking the bus to Batangas up to 2Go travels travel link.

P5 Piso Sale

18 Responses to “How is it like via 2Go Travel to Boracay?”

  1. Patricia Uy

    I’ve always been curious about 2GO Travel because I’ve been hearing about it, but I really didn’t have an idea on how to avail their tickets and what it’s like to be in a ferry or ship. I had an officemate who travelled to Boracay via 2GO Travel, and I never had the chance to ask his experience with it. After reading your blog, I now have an idea of the how’s and where’s. I am just curious if the people inside the ferry are safe and harmless?

    • The people are generally safe and harmless. Some of the crew are awake for the entire duration of the trip to keep an eye on everything. As for your belongings, to ensure that your belongings are safe, it’s better to pick a cabin class or a state class accommodation since it offers privacy. Thank you for dropping by 🙂

  2. Thank you for a very good post and of all destinations, Boracay pa. Kasi our team had giveaways a few days ago of free trips to Boracay for two via 2GO, I was naturally curious and there, you posted exactly what I was curious about.

    For me, I would definitely go for cabins. I have taken Superferry before and knew the cheaper rates and then being together with strangers is definitely NOT for me. Even if I am alone, cabin it is. Pero itong 2GO, mas new and definitely looks much better than anything I have taken in the past.

  3. Wow, it’s been a long time since I last rode a ship. It was back when I still had all the time in the world. Now that I’m working, sigh, never tried it again. I hope I’ll have more time to ride 2go, if that happens, I’ll make sure I’ll be with my husband and son, para mas masaya ang stay. 🙂

  4. I think if I was freelancing again, going to Boracay using 2Go would be great. Unfortunately for the full-time employed, it takes the time out of the limited leaves. Still, I wanna try it someday! Maybe in a more nearby place.

  5. The last time I tried this was when I was SO young, it was Super Ferry back then and bound to Roxas City. I honestly want to try this. They say it is tiring but looking at the pictures and based on what you said it seems that traveling with to GO would be hassle and worry free.

  6. Looks like a good trip. I’ve only been on board a ferry once but it was only for a maximum of 2 hours from England to France so we never got to have beds or anything. I’ve been looking at trips to Italy with my fiance.

  7. I can’t really relate since I never used 2GO Travel and I actually never did any trips by the sea, at least not long enough to be sleeping on the boat. The only time were with family on a boat we rented for a week. Anyway, I wouldn’t enjoy the tourist accomodation. All together, with the noise, the shared bathroom etc, is not something I’d enjoy and I wouldn’t be relaxed

  8. I’ve seen posts about 2GO Travel and I wonder if do they have flights to travel? Or they are just pure boat rides. For light sleepers like you, it was really the best decision you made to transfer to the cabins. It’s really inconvenient to not have accessible charging areas. I just hope they would improve the tourist class so everyone could charge easily. But it’s also nice that you enjoyed your trip 😀

  9. I heard a lot about 2Go Travel. I like that you explained everything in detail. It’s not for everyone, but it’s an adventure. Glad you had a nice trip 🙂

  10. So generous of Christ Starlight Travel and Tours for sponsoring the trip. Boracay is indeed a nice place to revisit. Perhaps more than the famous powdery sand, its the people and the market that makes Boracay a happy place.

  11. Thanks for this post! I haven’t tried riding a ferry yet because I may get sea sick and it takes a lot more time traveling. Still as you said this is good for those who has the luxury of time and it is also a good way to go for people with lower budget. The accomodation looks ok to me and I dont mind sleeping in bunk beds 🙂 this is very helpful!

  12. I love being on ships , boats and ferries 🙂 in general . Looks like 2Go Travel is doing a great job , nothing to complain about . Of course, you can’t compare a cabin on a ferry with the comfort of a hotel room , but hey , you get what you pay for . To be honest , I haven’t heard about 2GoTravel before , wondering if they are known here as well .

  13. How much will it be if i would upgrade my accomodation from super to tourist class?

    • I wasn’t able to ask how much it is to upgrade from super to tourist, but maybe it’s in the P100 to P200 range per head since we paid P250 per head for tourist to cabin 🙂

  14. When you arrived in Caticlan , Is it easy to get a boat going to the island of Boracay ?

    • Yes, it is very easy 🙂 There are different options to get to the island. You have the option to ride a ferry or a local outrigger boat.

  15. I love traveling by the sea .. I’ve been doing this since the superferry time in cebu going to manila and back . Thanks for sharing and definitely will take 2 go on my next vacation . I love to see the beautiful islands and the scenery of our country . Hope you will post some of your travels and the ship accommodation and it’s facilities ..


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