Buendia Food by the Court

Ideas on What to Order in Buendia Food by the Court

Set with a basketball court, those who both love basketball and those who want to shoot some food into their stomach can enjoy Buendia Food by the Court. With at least 17 food stalls to choose from, below are some of the stalls you can order from as well as food that you can order.


Isha’s Little Thai Kitchen

Those who still haven’t explored Thai cuisine yet or are is craving for it should definitely order from Isha’s Little Thai Kitchen. They offer popular Thai food at an affordable price. What excites us more is that they don’t use MSG. Thus, the flavors that we taste are the blend of the spices and ingredient used in each dish.

Isha's Kitchen

By the way, if you are wondering who Isha is, she is the daughter of the owner.


Thai Spring Rolls

Thai Springs Rolls actually have two varieties. One is the fresh one while the other one is fried but rice wrapper is used for both to wrap the filling. What Isha’s Little Kitchen offers is the fried version placed on a bed of lettuce and served with tomato slices and cucumber slice on the side. Dipping the crunchy spring roll with a flavorful filling in the spicy and sour dip is a good way to start a meal.


Khao Pad Goong
KHAO PAD GOONG, PHP 130 (or USD 2.53)

Of course, you shouldn’t miss having a typical Thai street food which is fried rice. We all know that there are numerous variations of it. But out of all of it, we prefer the fried rice with shrimps. We were glad that we were having such.

The heart-shaped fried rice is savory and tasty on its own.  However, we just prefer having the shrimps de-shelled and included in the stir-fry so it’s more filling with each bite. Also, they can take this dish up a notch by providing lime instead of calamansi as well as prik nam pla (chilies and fish sauce).


Pad Thai

Pad Thai is another Thailand street food and casual eatery. It is a classic stir-fried rice noodle dish with chicken/pork, prawns, tofu, and bean sprouts. Isha’s Little Thai Kitchen made it more special by adding a crispy weave of egg on top. For added texture, there are also prawn chips and small toasted bread.

Their Pad Thai is quite enjoyable because it is savory from the ingredients and has a faint sweetness to it. Instead of lime, calamansi is also placed on the side to add a tinge of zest if ever needed.


Isha’s Little Thai Kitchen Menu
Isha's Little Thai Kitchen


Isha's Little Thai Kitchen

Isha's Little Thai Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

RJ’s Bowl-gogi Korean Rice Bowl

Rj's Bowl-gogi

For Korean comfort food, you can opt for RJ’s Bowl-gogi rice bowl.


Rj's Bowl-gogi Rice Bowl

KIMCHI FRIED RICE, PHP 90 (or USD 1.8) and CURRY YAN, PHP 270 (or USD 5.28)

Lloyd enjoyed the kimchi fried rice all to himself so I guess it is really good with tolerable spiciness.

On the other hand, the curry yan, according to the owner, is Korean curry. It was my first time hearing such as Japanese are more known to have curry than Koreans. A large fried steak serves as the main course. Meanwhile, potatoes and carrots add to the heavy rice meal. The curry’s taste isn’t too spectacular but it is satisfying to eat with the fried steak. With that kind of serving size, it can be good for two people.


Rj's Bul-gogi Korean Rice Bowl



Brothers Blends


Brothers Blends

Brothers Blends, who is planning to re brand soon, offers drinks and desserts that have a healthier take. What they are most recognized for is their Ashfroyo. Ashfroyo is a sweet frozen dessert basically made from Ashitaba leaves and low fat Greek yogurt. Too bad they didn’t have this when we visited as they didn’t have a supply of Ashitaba leaves. Anyway, we got to try their frappe and a dessert that will be part of their secret menu.


DARK MOCHA, PHP 149 (or USD 2.9)

Placed in an Erlenmayer flask, the blend of coffee and chocolate looks interesting to look at. Strong and sweet, it is great for a sweet date.



Oh Honey
O Honey

This is what I mentioned part of the secret menu, O Honey. It is made from pure locally sourced honey with a special ingredient “O” which is oolong tea. If you’re familiar with the taste of oolong tea, you will find such flavor more pronounced here. The sans rival is welcome addition but the crushed Oreo doesn’t let us readily appreciate the O Honey as a dessert. Thus, I think it can be offered as an optional topping.


Brothers Blend Menu
Brothers Blend
Brothers Blend



Yalla Book of coupons

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Buendia Food by the Court

Sen. G. Puyat Avenue corner Bautista Street, San Isidro, Makati City.
Operating hours: 5 PM to 12 midnight daily.

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