Hambagu Kare Burrito

Quick Bites 5: Burger Company’s New Curry Inspired Dishes – Menchi Katsu Kare and more.

It has been a while since we last ate and had fun at Burger Company. So we revisited it again upon the invitation of our good friend, Alvin Ong, to try out their new curry inspired dishes like the Menchi Katsu Kare and more. We are always happy to accept because we know that Burger Company’s innovative dishes are not only tasty but are also worth one’s money.


New Curry Inspired Dish Choice: Menchi Katsu Kare

Menchi Katsu

Menchi katsu dish is basically a breaded and deep-fried hamburger. It is generously slathered with kare or Japanese curry sauce. The outside is crunchy while the meat inside is juicy. We opted for the one with cheese which is just an additional of PHP 20 (or USD 0.41). And we deemed it as a great decision because the oozing layer in the middle definitely adds a new experience of flavor.

The other highlight of this dish is definitely the Japanese curry sauce. While other Japanese restaurants conveniently use Japanese curry mix for the dish, Burger Company makes their curry sauce from scratch. This is why its consistency has the right thickness, it has a great taste, and it’s not spicy. We definitely will come back for this.


One of the Classic Starters

Chicken Firecrackers

Don’t be scared of its name. It won’t explode. This is just actually simple chicken fingers but it has a mini crackling sound with each bite due to its breading. It is served with ranch dressing dip for a tang flavor.


Coming Soon

Hambagu Kare Burrito
MENCHI KATSU KARE BURRITO (price not available yet)

The meat used for the rice meal version is exactly the same. It’s difference, of course, is that it’s stuffed as a burrito filling with some greens, corn, and french fries. If that humongous burrito isn’t enough to fill your tummy, light breaded potato slices are also served on the side for your consumption.


Not just good food. Get ready to have some fun too.

Burger Company

Rain or shine, get ready to have some good clean fun with your friends. You can play with their games at no additional cost. They also sell board games just, in case, you would love to play at the comforts of your home.


Burger Company

Thank you so much to the owner, Mr. Alvin Ong, for inviting us and congratulations for being a newly wed. May he and his wife have more blessings as they face a new chapter of their lives.

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