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Have Fun and Eat Innovative Burgers at Burger Company PH

Restaurants truly have been popping out everywhere like mushrooms. Amidst it, there is this particular kind that gets really popular recently: board game cafes. These are just like any other restaurant except that there are usually large shelves with tons of board games that the customers can try out for free so long as they order some food. Popularized by Ludo a few years back, board game cafes really scream nostalgia to each and everyone of us. Like with any other trend, people will try to think of many ways in order to offer something different to the consumers.

Burger Company does exactly like that, offering fun board games that people will enjoy, all the while offering some really mouthwatering  innovative burgers.

DISCLAIMER: Our food was generously sponsored by the owner, but all opinions and insights are entirely our own.



Going inside, design is not the main focus of this restaurant. Majority of the floors and the walls are just painted cement. The tables and chairs are nothing too spectacular as well.

Burger Company PH

What sets them apart from other restaurants however, is the previously mentioned board game aspect to it. Like most restaurants of this kind, Burger Company also has a huge bookshelf full of board games that the customers can try out. They also sell board games, so you can take the fun to your homes.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play any of the board games. They have friendly game masters who will teach you how to play it and will also play with you.

Burger Company PH

 For instance, we didn’t know how to play Code Names – Philippine Edition. We were taught how to play it and we got to play with one of the owners, Mr. Alvin Ong.



Although Burger Company does offer “gimmicks” in order to offer some good value for money to the customers, their food is no joke. Heck, I’ll even tell you guys right now that the main reason you need to visit Burger Company is because of their food alone. Besides typical burgers like the American classic and Cheese Classic, they also have a lot of uniquely designed burgers as well. Have you heard of a burger called “Joe meets Lucy” and “The Volcano”? Those are just some of the dozens of burgers they have in store for you.


Gamer's Platter

They don’t just sell burgers though, they also  have some delicious side dishes as well. Take their GAMER’S PLATTER, PhP 450 (or 9.02 USD 9.043) for example. Inside this platter contains Chicken Firecrackers, Cheesy Cheese Bombs, Buffalo wings, and Crispy Bacon Dippers (order based on above photo clockwise). It comes with 3 different dips:  cheese sauce, garlic ranch, and chipotle aioli. This is a perfect meal starter especially if you’re playing with a group of friends.

We really enjoyed eating it especially the cheesy cheese bombs. The cheesy cheese bombs were scrumptious bites of gooey cheese. Meanwhile, the crispy bacon dippers surprisingly tasted good despite having covered in a batter. What we love about it more is that it wasn’t greasy. Finally, the Buffalo Wings tasted good in itself even without a sauce.


Burger Company PH

Moving over to the main star of the show are their burgers. Me-An chose their GORGONZOLA & MUSHROOM, PhP 230 (or USD 4.62). This huge sandwich has an Angus beef patty, sauteed oyster mushroom, cheese, and gorgonzola dressing, all the makings of a really good burger if you ask me. The patty is nice and juicy, and the other ingredients like the sauteed oyster mushroom blends well with the rest of the ingredients of this burger. Me-An really liked this and so did I.


Burger Company PH

I on the other hand, ordered a limited edition burger that the owner were so eager to introduce to us. It’s called the BURGERITTO WITH FRIES ON THE SIDE, PhP 375 (or 7.51), and like the name suggests, it’s a mixture of a burger and a burrito. It uses the flour tortilla as its wrap like the Mexican classic, and it even has chopped lettuce, pico de gallo (Mexico’s salsa fresca), cheese, sour cream, and a lime wedge.

Unlike the typical burrito though, they used an Angus burger patty and a Nacho hash underneath for this one. At first, it looks more like a soft taco than it is a burrito, but the taste is definitely there. The mixture of the ingredients gives that unmistakably Mexican feel to it, while the use of the burger is a very welcome addition. I liked it very much and I felt full after eating it.

Drop by Burger Company as soon as you can since they’ll only serve it until January 31, 2017 only.


Burgery Company PH is Reasonable

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Mr. Alvin Ong, one of the owners of Burger Company, and our good friend.

Overall, we find the Burger Company to be reasonable. They didn’t just mixed two distinct elements just to stand out from the rest, they made sure  that separately, they are just as good, if not better from the other restaurants who try to offer similar dining experiences. The place might look uninspiring to say the least, but at least they offer all a really bang for the buck service for the customers. I couldn’t wait going back to the burger company to eat those Burgerrito again while playing their fun games even though it’s far from my home.

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Burgery Company PH

Scout Reyes Corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City 1103.
Operating Hours: 11AM to 10PM daily.
Tel. No.: (632) 949-2269

12 Responses to “Have Fun and Eat Innovative Burgers at Burger Company PH”

  1. Ugh! It’s in QC! I wonder if the owner also has plans of building a branch here in the South? Haha! My husband is a burger lover and he would love to try The Burger Company. I’m curious, too, as I’ve never been to a board game cafe, ever! Hehe. I’d love to experience the food and the ambience.

  2. KT Nielsen

    Wow! This is exciting. I love restaurants that offer more than just food. Looks like this restaurant may be like Ludo in Jupiter (they have board games as well). I would love to visit this establishment in the future. And that gorgonzola and mushroom burger is making my mouth water right about now.

  3. Looking at the burgers, I felt like I couldn’t resist it once I get a chance to visit Burger Company. The idea of including board games is also a unique one. It will make the customers stay more and make it possible to order more burgers.

  4. I promise, I should avoid burgers pero me times na I want to eat. Pero dito sa area ko, walang ganyan. Puro McDo lang and the other one. Ganyan ang gusto ko eh. Looks good. For me, the place does not matter. Ito ang sample ng kung sa bloggers eh, content vs design. Haha. Magyaya ako ng friends ko pag me plans na magkita sa QC. 🙂

  5. Laveena Sengar

    Burgers are my all time favourite. They are literally my best friends haha. This place looks great and I would take any chance of visiting the burger company. They also offer some innovative ideas.

  6. Cheesy cheese bombs!! Really?? I would go just for that anytime. I wish they open a Burger company here in Goa. The food looks and sounds amazing.

  7. My boyfriend and his brother totally love burgers. They always enjoy going to a burger restaurant. They would be so happy to see this. The ambiance is awesome. I love playing games a lot! It just sounds a nice laid back place to eat. If you’re not going for something fancy, but just hanging out and having fun with friends.

  8. All food your ordered are so mouth watering! The burger especially. I hope they can open up a branch in Cebu before I leave the country for good 🙁

  9. Whoah! The bookshelf with those board games! Very interesting! My son would love it here! The place seems to be very comfy. And the food looks good! I can’t wait to get hands on those burger and fries… would love to visit this place soon! 🙂

  10. I always love those places where you can play games and eat or have a drink. This restaurant looks really cool and the type of food they serve feels related to games/board games in my opinion. It also looks delicious! I’d love to hang out there with a nice big burger and a cool board game! But it’s also cool they sell some and they have game masters to help you understand better some games. And it’s not that expensive overall

  11. Too bad it’s quite far from my place. But I’d try to remember this so that next time my family goes to this side of the metro, we can come eat here. I’m glad that their prices are reasonable. I think we would enjoy being in this resto/play place.

  12. I love the fact that they included the board games in their restaurant. I first saw something like this in Korea. I was curious to see what kind of menu items they would have to make it “American”…but since they have to Volcano burger, they definitely pass the test! 🙂


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