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Latest Dessert Craze: Taiyaki Ice Cream Parfait of Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

If you’ve been following us for the past few months/ year, you may know by now that we are such big fans of Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Both working in a Korean company in the past, we found ourselves eating Korean cuisine more than we should. One of the Korean usual desserts I find myself eating are the Samanco ice cream sandwiches you see on groceries. They are these fish-shaped waffle stuffed with vanilla ice cream and a thin layer of red bean paste.

When me and Me-An went to Japan a few years back, there was this one dessert which I really liked. I still remember it up to this day. That dessert is none other than the taiyaki. It’s similar to the Korean Samanco ice cream sandwich I told you about. But, unlike the latter, the Taiyaki tradis the ice cream in exchange for different kinds of noncold filling.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who are fond of them. Some of our blogger/Youtuber friends, the Wandering Waffleheads, decided to put up a store in order to combine their love for the two desserts.

The end result is the taiyaki parfait of Chibi Chibi Soft Serve. They also added other menu items which revolve on soft serve ice cream. Thus, customers have more dessert choices.


Stall Appearance

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve is currently located in one of Maginhawa’s numerous food parks called, The Station. Like most food parks, a visitor just has to pick a seat from the identical seats in the common dining area. Customers proceed then to the food stall they find most appealing.

Through the hard work of the couple, they proved that a DIY stall can be aesthetically pleasing so long as you’re creative and resourceful. They’re the ones who came up with the name, logo design, food flags, and decor for the stall. Amazing, right?

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

What caught our attention is their counter. They filled it with photos of their travel in Japan and Korea. It really brought a personal touch and it can be enjoyed by customers who are waiting for their orders.



Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

No one can resist a sweet treat from children to even adults.


Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

We mentioned that their menu items revolve around soft serve ice cream. The first one we go to try is their MIDORI APPLE FLOAT, PHP 50 (or USD 1). It’s essentially soda with midori (or green) food coloring topped with ice cream and real apple slices. It tastes as expected of am ordinary float. If you want something special, go for their Ichigo Pink Float. We heard its strawberry flavored soda with a slice of real strawberry.


Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

We also go to try their dessert for groups which is the MOCHI MELON BOWL, PHP 300 (or USD 6). A melon bowl is filled with melon balls, soft served ice cream, slices of mochi, chocolate syrup drizzle, and then topped with rice crispies. The concept is really unique. I like that they placed some mochi in their to add some Japanese feel to it.

What we just noticed was that the melon balls were frozen. That made it difficult to bite much less to be enjoyed. We already informed the owners. And we definitely think the one you’ll be trying if ever you order now is the new and improved version.


Chibi Chibi Soft Serve
Source from Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

Finally for their flagship product, we had their TAIYAKI ICE CREAM PARFAIT, PHP 100 (or USD 2). Their style is build your own so we get to choose the filling, crunch, fruit, and topping.

1) Choice for filling:
  • Custard
  • Nutella
  • Red Bean
  • Biscoff


2) Choice for crunch:
  • Cookies
  • Crispies
  • Cereal
  • Sprinkles
  • Nuts


3) Choices for fruit:
  • Melon
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Kiwi


4) Choices for topping:
  • Choco Wafer
  • Almond Pepero
  • Choco Spoon


Everyone can get creative with his/her taiyaki ice cream parfait.

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

I personally had the one with a custard filling, cereal as crunch, strawberry for fruit, and almond pepero as the topping.


Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

On the other hand, Me-An had Nutella filling, sprinkles as crunch, melon as fruit, and choco spoon for her topping. If you want to have the choco spoon, I suggest for you to purchase as soon as you’re there. They have limited stocks for that bestseller.


Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

Regardless of what filling, crunch, fruit, or topping one picks, I think what’s the most important is the fish-shaped cake used. Chibi Chibi Soft Serve aced it. The batter used in the fish-shaped moding pan is really delicious. So the outcome is a tasty cross of pancake and waffle that’s taiyaki. I just have to note that plain vanilla soft serve ice cream is not ideal for an instagram worthy dessert. It easily melts so it can turn into a mess.

Nevertheless, so long as the ice cream can be consumed within the first three minutes, it’s all good. Dig in to the sweet treat as soon as you can.


Their other menu items that may interest you are the following:

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve
  • Hana Ice Cream Pot for SOLO, PHP 100 (or USD 1) and for SHARING, PHP 160 (USD 3.2).
  • Fried Oreos, PHP 130 (USD 2.59).



Chibi Chibi Soft Serve
Chibi Chibi Soft Serve offers unique desserts that you usually don’t see here in manila for a decent price. Their sweet treats are a good way to cap off a food park experience.

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Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

Chibi Chibi Soft Serve

The Station Food Park, 178 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 4PM to 12AM on weekdays; and 4PM to 2AM on weekends.

11 Responses to “Latest Dessert Craze: Taiyaki Ice Cream Parfait of Chibi Chibi Soft Serve”

  1. The cone is such an interesting concept. I’m a big ice cream lover and would love to try this. I thought this wasn’t available in the Philippines yet but surprised to learn I can get one in Maginhawa! Gonna keep this in mind on my next visit.

  2. I wanna try this ice cream! I hope they put up more joints in Manila. Summer is almost here and the concept looks good to cool down this hot summer weather. Now I’m craving for one. 🙂

  3. Oh that is so nice! I am soft-serve ice cream crazy and I would love to give that a try. I’m especially curious about how the fish-shaped waffle tastes like. I hope they would put up another kiosk in Makati soon though so it would be more accessible for me. The ice cream pot looks adorbs too.

  4. Once in a while, you are bound to discover new things that appeal to the senses. Such is the case while I was reading this post. To be honest, I like the food the way they were, and as I got older, my food choices became smaller to the point that I no longer explore new dishes. In fact, I dropped eating most of the foods I used to love… so main dishes, desserts, it is all the same. I stick to the basics, the ones I love the most. BUT after reading and looking at the photos, I decided it is too enticing to pass up. Great job and kudos to the owners. I am bookmarking this post so I would remember when I have plans of going there.

  5. Honestly, the kids in your photo reminded me of a tv ad. It was Mcdo and it was the First Love ad. It was so cute. But I somehow got bothered with the cone, it’s a fish with an open mouth. I felt I was going to be devoured by that fish! Haha! But those numbers really are affordable.

  6. Their very creative with their base and fillings, what craves me most is the fish cone or baked fish base and mochi melon bowl, lately business are leveling up their marketing strategies and make it more appealing to children when it comes with design and taste,. I hope they will have more branches nationwide

  7. Those fish desserts are so beautiful. I bet children love them, but even adults do too! The ice cream and cookie combination is totally what I love. It’s always nicer when a dessert looks good, not only taste good! Would love to go here one day. x Sabine

  8. Those look yummy! I had never heard about that place earlier. It seems the they have plenty of different choices. Those photos are super cute. 🙂

  9. Reading the description of this desert, I just realised I haven’t had a good ice cream, in a long time… I’ve never tried Korean cuisine so far.. only Japanese. But it sounds really delicious… craving for one right now!

  10. Wooo! More, more, more food trips! I love how you guys do your food blogs and vlogs. Very informative and amusing! That cone is so instagrammable I can’t even. If I ever go to Maginhawa, I’d sure love to try this out. Really adorable presentations too. Hehe.

  11. There’s another food park in Maginhawa? XD I haven’t heard of The Station, will probably check it out sometime! What a unique presentation! I love the fish shaped cone, but feeling ko it’ll be too messy to eat if you overload it with toppings haha. 🙂


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