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Chow Down with a 360-degree City View at Chill Top Roofdeck Restobar

Getting stressed at work, school, or even at home is normal with all the responsibilities to be fulfilled. This is most especially true in Manila where everything seems to be hectic. As we always say, sometimes, we deserve a break so we can unwind.

During the first few years working in the corporate world, what I usually looked for in a place is good ambiance, good food, and, most of all, don’t break the bank. If you can totally relate, look no further as Chill Top Roofdeck Restobar may be your next favorite chill hangout place.



Chill Top Bar

Located at the top of a condominium in Cubao, Chill Top is just what it is named. It is from the same people behind Chill Bar, Padi’s Point, Lazer Maxx, Jump Yard, and Fun Ranch.


Chill Top Bar

Chill Top has three floors and the topmost floor offers a nice 360-degree view of the city.


Chil Top Bar

The area is just open air. However, with such a nice breeze, an air conditioner is not necessary. The view and the vines that add a splash of class make the area our top choice in Chill Top. Hanging out with friends, significant other, or alone is truly chilling.


Chill Top

Add to that the fact that they have board games you can play with.


Chill Top Celerations

Prop signs for your next profile photo or Instagram post are also available.

Chill Top Bar

Anyway, the second level is an enclosed space with air conditioning. Thus, you can chill here instead if you find the open-air area to be too warm for you. Live performances, which they intentionally placed on the 2nd floor so as not to disturb the residents, can also be enjoyed here.



Family KTV rooms, located the lowest level of Chill Top, are perfect for those looking to exercise their vocal cords or who just want to channel their inner diva.


Chill Top Rules

To make your visit chill, make sure to keep Chill Top’s reminders on your mind.

Chillout Checklist


Chill Top Rules

You may end up being escorted outside if you end up ruining the chill vibe. No one wants to experience such of course.



Nacho Nasty
NACHO NASTY, PHP 295 (or USD 5.95)

Nachos are essential in any bar since it’s the perfect bar chow. Their version has the usual, nacho chips, cheese sauce, diced tomatoes. For the meat, they used ground beef. My initial reaction while trying these out is how good the salsa is. It is a mixture of sweet and spicy which is definitely my type.

The one thing that I think they can improve on is to use a cheese sauce whose consistency does not seize up and isn’t thick. Smoother cheese sauce makes a nachos more appetizing and delicious.


Nacho Sweet

NACHO SWEET, PHP 205 (or USD 4.05)

This is their other variant which is just plain nacho chips. It has a dip of sweet chili sauce and cream cheese in the middle. Honestly speaking, when you’re drinking, you don’t mind the presentation anymore.

My only concern here is that the cream cheese they should use softened cream cheese. This is so it isn’t difficult to seamlessly blend it with the sweet chili. Plus, we can also freely dig into the cream cheese as a dip.


LOVEBIRDS, PHP 220 (or USD 4.38)

Lovebirds are caramelized wings with sweet and spicy sauce on the side. It is available in five different flavors: Spicy, Buffalo, Sweet, Garlic Soy, and Sweet & Spicy.

As we chose the garlic soy flavor, the wings are glazed well and have a contrasting sweet and garlic taste to it, The sweet and spicy sauce is not a necessity but it certainly adds an additional kick to it. Meanwhile, the is firm but not difficult to get.

Meanwhile, the is firm but not difficult to get. It is the next best choice when you’re tired of eating chips and is looking for an alternative. Make sure you use your hands to savor it.


Mexican Pizza

THE MEXICAN, PHP 235  (or USD 4.68)

This is a thin crust pizza with an oblong shaped design, a trend I’ve been seeing in the previous restaurants that I’ve been to. It has Mexican influences to it, as the name suggests, with generous bell pepper, onions, and nacho crisps. It also has sausages which I think will be more Mexican if what they used is ground beef.


The Mexican

I also think adding refried beans and a slather of salsa on top will make it more magical. But, otherwise, it is still a good tasting pizza with tons of cheese in it that stretches as you grab a slice.



Sizzling Sisig


This is Chill Top’s best-selling dish and for good reason. This popular pork dish is crispy and doesn’t use much pork skin. It has mayonnaise hidden in between the meat that adds creaminess in the savory pork. Overall, it tastes good and is perfect with their drinks.



Blondie Margarita


This is a mixture of tequila and lime juice placed in a mason jar. It has a hint of sour taste to it thanks to the lime in it.


Zombie Chill

ZOMBIE CHILL, PHP 79 (or USD 1.57)

A tequila based drink, this one has cherry and orange flavor in it and is placed in a margarita glass instead of a mason jar. It has a sweeter taste to it and is perfect for the ladies.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a beer bucket, get a 1L BLUE GREEN SLUSH CARAFE, PHP 149 (or USD 2.99). It’s a tad cheaper. It has Rhum, tequila, and lemonade in it. It may look innocent but it has a strong alcohol taste. I’m not a fan of hard liqour and those that are based on it, but I can see no reason for Millennials not to like it. It’s also their best seller.


Chill Top Menu

Chill Top Menu
Chill Top Back


Chill Along Family KTV/ Chill Top KTV Rates

Chill Along Rates


Love Chill Top Roofdeck Restobar

Chill Top

It is true that Chill Top Roofdeck Restobar doesn’t offer exceptional food. But the food they offer is better compared to the food offered by other restaurant bars in the Metro.  Not to mention one gets to chill with a great view any time of the day. Yes! Chill Top is open 24/7.

The only downside I see to it is that they don’t have parking spaces. They remedied it by directing customers at a nearby gasoline station for parking.  While that is good and all, it is somewhat difficult to park at. Once it also gets full, parking attendants may ask you to move your vehicle whenever a car needs to go out, as you may have done double parking. And it becomes an issue since the restobar is located at the top.

Anyway, if they ever open a branch in the Southern part of Manila, I’ll be sure to come back.

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Chill Top Roofdeck Restobar

Roofdeck, Amio Tuazon Building, 17th Avenue Corner P. Tuazon Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 24/7 daily.

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  1. The rules are so strict yet correct. I love a roof top place to dine and drink. It’s just mesmerizing 🙂
    Beautiful place and food,and great pictures 🙂


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