Choice Awards 2016

Choice 2016 Results

Choice 2016 Results

Choice Awards Results 2016

We were curious which restaurants won as crowd favorites and we also wanted to know if our favorites won as well. Plus, we also had to rest from eating so we can continue sampling food at The Ultimate Taste Test. Hence, we were overjoyed to attend The Choice 2016 and cheer the winners.

By attending it, we learned that The Choice 2016 was organized by World Food Expo (or WOFEX, the International Culinary Experts who also hold the prestigious Philippine Culinary Cup),  Our Awesome Planet, and the blogger collective known as the KTG (or Kain Tulog Gang). Zomato was also present to give out some awards.

Favorite Choices

Favorite Gourmet Burger | 8 Cuts

Fast Food Burger | Burger King

Favorite Pizza | Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

Favorite Fried Chicken | KFC

Favorite Crispy Pata | Abe

Favorite Lechon | Pepita’s Kitchen

Favorite Steak | Mamou

Favorite Sisig | Gerry’s Grill

Favorite Barbecue | Aristocrat

Favorite Hotdog – S&R

Favorite Ramen | Ramen Nagi

Favorite Doughnut | Krispy Kreme

Favorite Ensaymada | Mary Grace

Favorite Frozen Treat | Dairy Queen

Favorite Cakes/ Cupcakes | Conti’s

Favorite Coffee | Starbucks

Favorite Bar | ABV

Favorite Filipino Restaurant | Locavore

Favorite American Restaurant | Chili’s

Favorite Chinese Restaurant | Gloria Maris

Favorite Thai Restaurant | Peoples Palace

Favorite Korean Restaurant | Bulgogi Brothers

Favorite Japanese Restaurant | Izakaya Kikufuji

Favorite Mexican Restaurant | El Chupacabra

Favorite Spanish Restaurant | Alba’s

Favorite Italian Restaurant | Italianni’s

Favorite Hotel Buffet | Spiral
Favorite Buffet Restaurant – Niu by Vikings

Favorite Fine Dining Restaurant | Antonio’s

Favorite Romantic Restaurant | Antonio’s

Favorite 24/7 Restaurant| North Park

Favorite Family Friendly Restaurant |Chili’s

Favorite Student Hangout Restaurant | Hole in the Wall

Favorite Office Party Restaurant | Max’s

Favorite Hangover Restaurant | Recovery Food

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant | Jollibee

Best Service | Le Petit Soufflé

Favorite New Restaurant – Din Tai Fung

Favorite Chef – Boy Escalante

Out-of-Town Favorites

Baguio | Cafe by the Ruins

Pampanga | Aling Lucing’s Sisig

Tagaytay | Antonio’s

Bacolod |Aida’s Chicken Inasal & Manokan Country

Cebu | Casa Verde

Davao | Jack’s Ridge


People’s Choice

Ambiance | Antonio’s

Restroom | Antonio’s

Smoking Area | 12 Monkeys

Hottest Male Chef | Bruce Ricketts

Hottest Female Chef | Gaita Fores


The Zomato User’s Choice Special Awards

Most Popular Restaurant in Quezon City | The Frazzled Cook

Most Popular Restaurant in Manila | Amo Yami Crib Coffee

Most Popular Restaurant in Makati | Izakaya Kikufuji

Most Popular Restaurant in BGC | Morganfield’s

Most Popular Restaurant in Parañaque | Vikings

Most Popular Restaurant in Alabang | Neil’s Kitchen

What do you think of the winners for The Choice 2016? Is you favorite among the winners?
Do let us know by dropping a comment below.

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