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CoCo (都可) Fresh Tea & Juice: 20 Years of Keeping it Fresh

I fell in love with milk tea in my early teens on a trip to Taiwan. Come by college, the milk tea trend finally hit the Philippines then it died down a bit. My love for milk tea has been constant through it all but I usually ordered flavored ones – Wintermelon, Caramel, etc. It wasn’t until I tried CoCo (都可) Fresh Tea & Juice (more popularly known as Coco Milk Tea) last month that I found the milk tea that doesn’t need any additional flavors or cream cheese toppings just to satisfy me. With a few sips, it honestly became our new favorite milk tea.

So imagine how ecstatic I was when I received an e-mail invitation for Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Philippines’ celebration of the global brand’s 20th anniversary.


Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Philippines Celebration

With the CoCo global brand’s maintenance of its commitment in using only the freshest ingredients, it’s not a surprise that it can reach the 20-year milestone with 2000+ stores worldwide located across five continents.



Among its branches is the Philippine branch which marks its fourth year of operation since 2013. It continually contributes to CoCo’s solidification of its position as the leading on-the-go fresh beverage provider in the world through using only fruits in season. They do this by tapping local farmers to ensure quality and freshness.



In fact, according to Larry Evans Tan, General Manager of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, they source strawberries from Baguio for their Strawberry Au Lait and Salty Cream Strawberry Tea.

What also elevates CoCo Philippines is that they also strive to provide the best experience. Each of their store is designed to cater to the specific market of its location. The good news is that there are plans for more branches so, for those living in the South, there is hope for you to conveniently enjoy their best tasting drinks.



Additionally, they have a plan to create new menu offerings featuring local fruits that is tailor-fit for the Filipino palate


 Coco Fresh Tea & Juice Drink Suggestions


On the left is Lloyd’s favorite drink, ORANGE MOUNTAIN TEA, PHP 100 (or USD 2) that comes in only one size. It has citrusy undertones and real orange pulps proving that what they used is a fresh natural ingredient according to him. His wild guess is that the orange used is sourced from Sagada as it has a temperate climate suitable for growing oranges. He loves it as it’s teeming with natural flavor.

I, on the other hand, usually order a large 2 LADIES, PHP 100 (or USD 2). It’s CoCo’s signature milk tea that has a milky consistency and doesn’t have a strong tea after taste. It’s how I want my milk tea to be. Well-balanced and has my two favorite toppings – egg pudding and white pearl. The pudding adds a silky creaminess and the white pearl that’s small tapioca balls adds tiny chewiness with each drink.


Sourced from CoCo Philippines.

Meanwhile, CoCo Philippine’s ambassadors share their favorite drinks:

  • Nikko Ramos loves the 3 BUDDIES MILK TEA, the signature milk tea with three toppings: pearl, pudding, and grass jelly.
  • Camille Co loves the PASSION FRUIT TEA BURST which is refreshing.
  • Kaila Estrada loves the SALTY CREAM STRAWBERRY TEA, a mixture of fresh strawberries and black tea topped with velvety salty cream.
  • Richard Juan loves the PANDA MIL TEA, the signature milk tea with two toppings: black pearl and white pearl.

Hoping we could make it big so we could represent CoCo as well even if we aren’t paid. That’s how much I love CoCo!


Anniversary Treat


For fans and those who would love to try this drink with their loved one/s, don’t miss their delicious anniversary treat. Buy 1 of your regular size Pearl Milk Tea and get the 2nd Pearl Milk Tea of the same size for ONLY PHP 20 (or USD 0.39). This promo is available on May 20 at all their branches excluding SMX Manila branch.

CoCo Fresh & Tea Juice Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Coco Milk Tea Branches

  • Eastwood Techno Plaza 2.
  • SM City Manila.
  • Gateway Tower Mall.
  • SM City North EDSA.
  • Fisher Mall.
  • SMX Manila.
  • Lucky Chinatown Mall.
  • SM City Fairview.
  • Regis Center Katipunan.


For more information and updates on the brand, visit CoCo Philippines page on facebook:

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