Me + You Couple Journal

Me + You Couple Journal: Keep the Love Alive This 2018

“Falling in love is easy. It’s the keeping together part that takes consistent choice day after day. Relationships require effort.”


The effort is in the decisions one makes. For instance, the decision to communicate, to accept and be selfless. It is not easy to do this especially when the person we are with sometimes annoys us with their imperfections. There are also times that the relationship has gone stale and needs some excitement because both parties are in the comfort zone. Thus, let the Me + You Couple Journal help you appreciate your partner and also add the needed spark.


Below is a glimpse of the couple journal:

Love Journal

The first page reminds us how love should be. Meanwhile, the second page lets you put the vital information of you and your partner.


Love Journal

What makes this journal interesting is that there are weekly challenges for a couple to do to strengthen one’s relationship. It also enables couples to document their day to day activities to keep the memories. Such also helps the individuals appreciate their significant other more.


Love Journal

The journal also contains exciting fun facts that aim not only to inform but also inspire the couple. Truly, the Me + You Couple Journal is designed for all kinds of couples from new to married.

You can get this for only PHP 450. 

By completing this journal as your relationship goal for 2018, you definitely will keep the love alive. This is because a successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Just don’t forget to not rely on this journal alone. Continue communicating with your lover, be sensitive to their needs, and never ever stop fighting for your relationship.

For more information, you may check their Facebook.


Praying for the longevity of your relationship.


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