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Feast on Straightforward Filipino Dishes by Chef Tatung at Pan Pacific Manila’s “Cusina ni Lola”

Do you miss your lola‘s (grandmother’s) cooking that consists of Filipino food based on recipes handed down from generation to generation?

Or do you simply want to reacquaint yourself with Philippine heritage cuisine?


Cusina ni Lola

Just right after lenten season specifically from April 17 to 21, head to Pan Pacific Manila’s Pacific Lounge to feast on straightforward Filipino dishes for only PHP 1, 000 (or USD 19.93).

They are offering a special themed lunch buffet entitled “Cusina ni Lola” (or Grandmother’s Kitchen) in line with the festivities of Flavors of the Philippines.”


Chef Tatung

The buffet spread features the culinary masterpieces of their guest chef, Chef Tatung Sarthou, who is also a celebrity, culinary heritage advocate, and the author of Philippine Cookery, From Heart to Platter.


“Cusina ni Lola” Lunch Buffet Spread

AppetizersAppetizer Station

Start munching at chicharon baboy (deep-fried pork rinds) and chicharon bulaklak (deep-fried pork intestines). 


Choose also from lumpiang sariwa (fresh spring rolls) and lumpiang shanghai (fried spring rolls).


Cusina ni Lola

I’m just bewildered that I found maki rolls which we frequently associated with the Japanese. Despite it, the filling, adobo pork, is very much in essence Filipino and Filipinos love rice. So yes, you’ll also like its presence in the buffet.

Other appetizers include kinilaw na Tanigue (fish ceviche), chicken embutido (Filipino style meatloaf), and rellenong saba (stuffed Cardava banana).



Cucina ni Lola

Get steamed talbos ng kamote (sweet potato tops), eggplant, and okra (ladies’ fingers).

Their other salad offerings are the following:

  • Ensaladang ampalaya at labanos (bitter gourd and radish salad)
  • Ensaladang lato at kamatis (sea grapes with tomatoes salad)
  • Salted Egg Salad
  • Atsarang papaya (pickled papaya)
  • Atsarang sibuyas (pickled onions)



We definitely won’t experience nostalgia without sinigang soup and bulalo soup.

Cucina ni Lola

Sinigang is almost now known by everyone in the Philippines because of the famous Knorr mix.

But, of course, the original version utilizes tamarind as a souring agent. It’s a delightful soup that has a right amount of sourness and has a savory taste from the assortment of vegetables and meat.


Cusina ni Lola

The bulalo has fewer vegetable ingredients, but it’s rich in taste because of beef shanks and marrow bones.


Carving Station

Seared Seafood

Indulge yourself with slices of stuffed rolled lechon belly and chunks of crispy pata.


Grilled/ Seared Food


For grilled food, BBQ pork and BBQ chicken are both offered.


Pan Pacific Manila

Meanwhile, seafood lovers can choose from the pusit (squid), bangus (milkfish), hipon (shrimp), and tahong (mussels) to be seared.


Main Courses

Beef Morcon

Fill yourself with a tender beef morcon, a roulade of beef stuffed with hard boiled-egg, carrot, and sausage.


Pan Pacific Manila

The Philippine pork adobo actually has different variations depending on region nd even households. AnIloilo variation of it is the adobong ilonggo chicken which has annatto seeds (also known as achuete) not just for color but also give a distinct taste on the chicken.


Pan Pacific Manila

Sample a Bicolano dish that’s not laing or Bicol express, the most popular Bicolano dishes. The tinuktok is coconut noodles wrapped like a pouch in taro leaves.

Kare Kare Pan Pacific Manila

Feast also on Oxtail Kare Kare that’s is comparable if not better than the classic kare kare cooked by our mothers and/or grandmothers. It has the commonly used meats in the kare kare in a sauce thickened with ground peanuts.



Pan Pacific Manila

Have a truly Filipino noodle dish with pansit palabok. The rice vermicelli noodles has layers of flavor fro the shrimp, squid, spring onion, and the pork cracklings.


Pan Pacific Manila

Finally, end your main course with the mouthwatering bringhe rice, Philippine’s version of paella. It’s a filling entree packed with glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk, shrimps, fish, and hard boiled eggs.



Cucina ni Lola

Aside from the wide assortment of local fruits, one can also enjoy suman, buko pandan, minatamis na saging at sago, leche flan, and cassava cake.



Of course, a Filipino buffet isn’t complete without halo halo. Make the best halo halo for you with different kinds of ingredients to choose from.


My Plates

I didn’t want to be gluttonous that day so I only consumed four plates. Definitely, Lloyd can consume more than me.

Cusina ni Lola
Cusina ni Lola
Cusina ni Lola
Cusina ni Lola

How about you? How many plates can you consume in one seating?

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Rice to the Occasion

Chef Tatung

Those who fall in love with the bringhe rice at Cusina ni Lola like me can whip it at home including nineteen other rice based recipes with Chef Tatung’s latest book, Rice to the Occasion.

With its beautiful photographs, simplified instructions, and informative notes, adults and children alike can easily cook rice through an array of methods to achieve various results. This certainly improves ones’ cooking skills and also gives an opportunity for a good family bonding.

More importantly, the recipes found in the book, according to Chef Tatung Sarthou,

“allows children to immerse in the heritage of their family and community and develops values attuned to our culture, which is essential to self-identity and connected to their roots. This fosters not just a sense of independence, but also a sense of community.”

Rice to the Occasion is now available at Fully Booked and soon at National Bookstore. For orders and inquiries, you may also call at (02) 361-7491 to 98 loc. 811 ir 838.


Cusina ni Lola

Cusina ni Lola lunch buffet is located at the Pacific Lounge, 21st floor, Pan Pacific Manila, Adriatico cor. Malvar St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila.

Date: April 17 to 21, 2017

Lunch Buffet hours: 12:00NN to 1:30PM.

For inquiries and reservations, email or call 318-0788.

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  1. Oh Lord, that food looks amazing!!! So bummed that I can’t eat any of it yet, hahaha! (Damn, this diet!) I love Tatung’s food; he’s actually a good friend from some years back. So proud of all he’s accomplished in the last seven years, and now, collabs like these with such an amazing hotel brand. Thanks for the tantalizing photos, I will just imagine I’m sinking into all of it, huhuhuhu!


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