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Davao’s Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimps at Greenhills, San Juan City

Living in a tropical country, we are home to some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in the world. We are also blessed with the abundance of really delicious seafood. Me and Me-An are really big seafood lovers so we prefer skinning shrimps and crabs over pork at any day. To our joy and delight, we got to sample succulent seafood of Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimps through a special media preview in their newest branch located at Greenhills.

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps has branches in Metro Manila for quite sometime now. The difference with their newest branch is that its the first company owned stand-alone branch in the metro. The other Manila branches, SM North EDSA and Mall of Asia, are franchised. It doesn’t matter which branch you dine. What you can be assured of is that the fresh crabs and shrimps used are brought in from Davao.


Ambiance & Interior

Davao's Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimp

Thanks to the combination of ocean dark blue and bright orange hues, a pleasant laid-back atmosphere welcomes all the customers. The nautical palette is enhanced by ocean-inspired details such as wooden oars and large windows that provide abundant natural light.



One thing that I love about Blue Posts is the actual dining experience. They neither have plates nor utensils. And food are served either in a plastic bag or a paper bowl whose fate is to be dumped in the wax paper placed on the table.

Diners can then freely grab the food and eat it with bare hands (or hands with plastic gloves). No worries on eating messily. You will be garbed in a plastic bib as soon as you sit.


Pomelo Salad
POMELO SALAD, PHP 195 (or USD 3.9)

It’s bittersweet citrus pomelo chunks mixed with vinaigrette. Served with ground peanuts, shallot, shrimp and a zesty lemon, the taste is unique and refreshing.


SINUGLAW, PHP 434 (or USD 8.71)

Stimulate your appetite with sinuglaw, a marriage between grilled (sugba) liempo or pork belly cut into small pieces and fish ceviche (kinilaw). The contrast of the two makes it savory but moist that’s ideal also for a bar chow. This sumptuous dish has a further sweet and sour taste to it thanks to the slices of green apples added to the mix.


Davao's Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimp

CRAB CHOWDER, PHP 89 (or USD 1.78)

This simple looking cream based soup is packed with flavor from the crab meat. With or without the topped with mixed vegetables and garlic granules, the soup tastes amazing. It’s perfect for pouring it on one’s rice or slurping it alone. I highly recommend you in trying it out.


Buttered Cereal Shrimp


With Blue Posts, you will be purchasing the price of the seafood then you will be given the choice on how you would like it to be cooked. Their buttered cereal shrimp are succulent shrimps covered in crispy bits of cereal. I was initially astounded with how the big the shrimps.

I love the fact that it’s deep fried so I don’t need to skin it anymore and I can just eat it as is. The breading has this sweet and salty taste due to the butter. The shrimps are truly flavorful and of course, really fresh.


Blue Posts

If you want to alter its taste to prevent cloying, different kinds of vinegar are offered for dipping. These are the garlic vinegar, sinamak or local vinegar, and Cajun spiced vinegar.

Spicy Gumbo Soup

BLUE POST BOILING SHRIMP, PHP 573 (or USD 11.5) with extras

If you want to spice up your visit, your should have this. The fresh shrimps are covered with a dynamic blend of spicy and soulful flavors that’s Blue Posts’ signature Cajun sauce.

For only PHP 45 (or 0.9 USD) each, you can add corn on the cob, pork sausage, and baby potatoes to your plastic bag of goodness. Meanwhile, extra Hungarian sausage costs PHP 82 (or USD 1.64).


Crabs in Salted Egg

CRABS IN SALTED EGG (price depends on market value of crabs)

Their crabs are ordered per kilo and are priced at current market value. No matter how many kilos you order, you are guaranteed to get fresh and big crabs. So you’ll enjoy getting large amounts of meat from it. When the shells are stubborn to crack, there is a mallet on-hand to help you.

Davao's Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimp

We personally enjoyed each and every piece with the salted egg having a balanced taste that made the crab meat tastier.


Davao’s Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps (Greenhills) Menu

Davao's Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimp
Front Side.


Davao's Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimp
Back side.


Blue Posts Boiling Crabs & Shrimps is Reasonable

Davao's Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimp Greenhills

We didn’t use our bare hands in eating but we still had fun peeling each crab and shrimp until our table is filled with piles and piles of shell mounds and our tummies were satisfied. When we have the chance, we’ll definitely drop by to eat here again. They truly offer some of the freshest seafood on the market.

The price may be an issue to some especially the price of the crab that varies depending on season. However, know that it’s worth it with how they cook and you’ll have a delicious seafood dining experience without the need of flying to Davao.

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Blue Posts Boiling Crab and Shrimp

2nd Floor, O-Square Building, Greenhills Shopping Center.
For more information, visit: Blue Posts Boiling – Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/bluepostsboiling.

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  1. A lovely place to dine, especially for crab lovers. Wish we will have it in Malaysia too. Saved your post, so that I can bring my parents to enjoy crabs dining when we travelling there 🙂 they love crabs. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


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