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Day Tour at Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

Lloyd and I planned a date as it’ll probably be the last non-holiday weekday this year that we were both free. He has resumed working as I’m writing this while I chose to be sort of jobless. We really didn’t had any idea on what to do then. Good thing my former officemate told me about Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park. Thanks, Alvin!Vista Tala Resort


I immediately contacted Vista Tala Resort & Recreational Park for their rates. This was what I found out.

Vista Tala day tour rates

This seems reasonable enough for us considering that we heard good reviews of the resort and the PhP 200 (or 4.24 USD) of the day tour rate is consumable for the resort’s food.


As it was highly recommended that we make a reservation on our preferred date, we reserved by depositing 50% of our day tour rates. We received afterward a booking confirmation which also served as our guest pass through their security check.

Vista Tala Resort
Only guests with a gate pass are allowed to enter their premise.


We had a good first impression on entering the resort premises. The place felt secured and there were adequate parking spaces, so Lloyd easily got to park the car. We then proceeded to Vista Tala’s information center.

Vista Tala Information Center


We were greeted with bright smiles by the staff as we entered the center. We settled the remaining balance, received our PhP 200 (or 4.24 USD) food stubs, and off we went to the swimming pool area.

Vista Tala reception


By the way, since it was out of town, we had to bring a chaperone as usual. Lloyd and I brought then both our moms plus Lloyd’s brother which was a first time experience for us. We normally just went out with my family for out of town trips.

For those who are roughly our same age group and are also in a BF-GF relationship, we suggest that you bring along your family members with you when you go on an out of town trip. We have to remember that our parents are getting older and/or our siblings are becoming busier, but we still have more time to be alone with our BF/GF once we get married.

Golf Cart Buggy
This is one of our 2-3 group photos together within Vista Tala resort.

And if you’re wondering why we rode a golf cart buggy, this was the form of transportation used to go around the resort. Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park wasn’t that big. However, the path towards the swimming area was uphill which could be tiring for some guests.


Since we went here on a weekday, we felt like resort owners as we had the pool area to ourselves for some time. It was really relaxing for us.

Vista Tala restaurant


One of the staff led us to probably the best cottage of the resort in my opinion. The cottage’s name was DUNSULAN FALLS which was the closest to the edge of the mountain/ hill where the resort was situated.

Vista Tala resort


We didn’t only had an easy pool access, but we also got to enjoy the cool, fresh mountain breeze and, most importantly, we had an amazing view as well.


We had a hearty lunch at Vista Tala restaurant which we greatly enjoyed. We also ordered our snacks there. We then proceeded to check out Vista Tala’s rooms while having our food go down.

Upon returning to the pool area, we made sure to maximize our day tour fee. We had a photo session at their swimming pool with a scenic view at the backdrop. It was our loss though that we didn’t bring a cool floater like a unicorn, watermelon or a pizza for a cooler photo opportunity.

Me-An photo session


Although some former guests stated that the pool was dirty, we believed otherwise. We think it’s unavoidable for a pool with lots of plants surrounding it to have floating insects from time to time. We’ve had a similar experience in similar resorts so this didn’t prevent us from enjoying their two pools which are 4ft and 6ft deep respectively.

Vista Tala restaurant


We also relaxed in their jacuzzi pool. Yes, I’m not peeing on this one.

Jacuzzi pool


Overall, our trip to Bataan to experience a day tour in Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park was worth it. We took pleasure in the wonderful natural view, the lovely pool and their in-house food.  Thus, it’s a really great place to relieve from stress from work or even studies.

Vista Tala

We hope Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park maintain the beauty, the cleanliness and the security of the resort even though they’ll soon have recreational activities such as a zip line, ATV and etc.


Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

2112 Brgy. Tala, Orani, Bataan.
*Note: We got lost going here by car as the pin in Google maps was wrong.
Car Direction:

  • Through NLEX, exit at San Fernando, Pampanga (exit 65).
  • Go straight ahead Jose Abad Santos Ave. until Roman Superhighway in Orani, Bataan.
  • When you see Petron on the left side, turn right to the road where there is a “to Sinagtala Farm Resort” signage.
  • Go straight ahead, but don’t turn right to Sinagtala. You’ll eventually see Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park on the left side after going further.

Commuting Direction:

  • Ride Genesis bus at Avenida or Pasay Terminal or any bus going to Bataan.
  • Ask the driver to drop you off at Sinagtala Farm Resort.
  • Ride a tricycle going to Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park.

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23 Responses to “Day Tour at Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park”

  1. The whole resort looks amazing. I really love the pool! Must have been a really nice day. I love the pictures you made. The cottage is great as well, and an amazing view.

  2. Hey, this is one of the nicer if not the nicest resort in Bataan no? It’s very nice. Regarding the pool, it really goes a long way whenever there is someone using the pool, to have someone come pick up debris with a net man lang. Paalam lang sa guest syempre.

  3. The place looks awesome. Me and my friends will visit this someday. Finally found another resort worth visiting like Sol Y Viento Mountain Resort. You see, we love resorts with great pools, nature and food to try

  4. If I will only consider the view from the pool, I will agree with the price. However, it is still a bit expensive for me. I tend to be kuripot. Lol. Anyway, to experience this once looks like worth it if you go here with friends or family. Truly relaxing!

  5. I’ve already heard of this one in one of those viral Facebook posts. It’s nice to see more photos of this resort, and it seems like there wasn’t too many people in your photos. 🙂 The rates are cheap too for a day tour. I think I’ll go here sometime and spend an overnight instead.

  6. I always prefer going to such places on weekdays, as it makes us feel royal:)
    I see this place is really big. And the sceneries are nice too… as for the Google pin; I feel most of the places these days, are not checked in properly on the map. But you can rectify it for yourself so that the next person does not get lost!

  7. I studied in Bagac, Bataan for 2 years but I didn’t know about this? waaaah!!! This place is amazing!!!!! I agree, the price is reasonable since there are food stub! Wow! Pool + Mountain views, + quiet pool (you really like owned the entire place! lol) = indescribable experience. I would love to visit this place! huhu!

  8. The place looks so amazing! I love your comment about going out with family when you’re BF/GF pa. True that you’ll have all the time to yourselves in the future.

  9. This is an example of a ‘proppa’ post !!! THUMBS UP , all the information one could ask for including the exchange rates to the prices. Excellent post , amazing photos . It is a pleasure to come over to your site ! That cottage is just out of this world, what a view ! I think I could spend some days and nights in there !

  10. the place is so magical, it’s so pretty. there’s no wonder why it has a lot of good reviews. ^^ Thanks for sharing ^^

  11. The place was awesome in a reasonable price! What! I want to go there but it is in the North and it was so far away. Lovely photos! Yay!

  12. We’ve been re reading your post because we’re planning to go here too. The place looks so relaxing and quiet. But I’d like to know if they offer overnight rates and if you were able to visit the rooms. And is the food good?

  13. Hi Me-An,

    My name is kim of Jacaranda Travels I saw your blog while looking top travel bloggers in the philippines.
    “You have a nice date place” , Ang ganda pala diyan sa Vista Resort, nabasa ko sa blog mo na may parking area at may nakaka relax na jacuzzi pool.

    I was hoping if you are interested for an interview that we will post on our business travel blog at
    Thank you, hoping your positive reply.

    Kimberly-Tourist spots in Bulacan
    jacaranda travels

    • Hello Kimberly,

      It is both an honor and my pleasure to entertain your interview. Will contact you via e-mail.

      Thank you very much.

      Best regards 🙂

  14. yung ang saya saya ko na kasi akala ko malapit lang and nasa luzon siya… T_T It’s still a long way before I can tow my pichi and kids to Bataan, but at least we now have a place to stay thanks to your review! 😀 hahahaha

  15. The place looks great! I have to tell my boyfriend about this place. We’ve been wanting to search affordable places where we can go to next. 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for asking. It’s better to reserve especially if you’re going on a weekend. They only accept a limited number of people per day.


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