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The Hip Hangout Place in Masbate City: DJ Cafe

When we searched for coffee shops in Masbate, Ham’s Cup would most often pop up at the internet search results. Good thing the Masbateña classmate of Me-An’s mom recommended the newly opened DJ Cafe.

It’s original name was supposed to be JD which is named after the initials of the owner’s children. However, since upon checking that there is already a business registered with the same name, they opt for DJ instead. And to live up the name of their new cafe, they play songs and music upon request. How great is that!

We are extremely happy that we checked it out. And we assure you, you’ll greatly miss out if you don’t try hanging out there too.



The coffee shop is small and has the usual coffee setup but it’s cozy with the combination of pin lights and pendant lights. Plus, they used wooden tables and flooring.

DJ Cafe

What makes it unique to Masbate is that they incorporated elements that represent their province.


For instance, a painted cow skull hung on the black minimalist wall which easily reminds a visitor of their annual rodeo.

DJ Cafe

High table and high chairs are available for those who want to enjoy the place alone or those who want to have a more intimate moment with their special someone.

Noticed something different with their high chair? Yes, it’s locally made furniture.


DJ Cafe

There is also a matching comfortable couch and coffee table. We forgot to ask but we think the material used for this is native abaca. Don’t you want to hang out there too with your friends?


DJ Cafe

Our favorite part of the coffee shop is the Masbate mural. What’s drawn in it are all the popular attractions of the Masbate province. This is a convenient alternative for showing your friends a proof that you’ve been to Masbate City.



DJ Cafe

When you order, they’ll hand you a paper that serves both as their menu and as their order form. Just place a check on the list of items you want and hand it to their friendly staff.

Their process is convenient and efficient but it’s not environment friendly. We hope they find a good alternative for this.



DJ Cafe
MOJOS, PHP 50 (or USD 1)

Their potatoes dredged in flour mixture and fried are crispy. A ketchup-mayonnaise dip is served on the side. It’s a simple snack for potato lovers.


DJ Cafe
NACHOS, PHP 120 (or USD 2.4)

Generous amounts of tomatoes, corn, ground beef, ranch sauce, and torched cheese topped the nacho chips. Those who are picky eaters will steer clear from this as what I suspect they used is spaghetti beef. As we’re not in Metro Manila, we’re thankful to just have munched on good  and filling nachos.


DJ Cafe
CARBONARA, PHP 65 (or USD 1.3)

This is one of their bestsellers and we can see why. It’s simple but it has a flavorful creamy taste and the grated cheese works in harmony with the pasta. Served with a toasted buttered bread, you can have this for dinner already.



small COWBOY COFFEE, PHP 30 (or USD 0.60)

It’s strong but it’s sweet.


DJ Cafe

Sadly, we didn’t taste the saltiness that should have come with it. Those who have a sweet tooth will enjoy its sweetness and caramel taste though mixed with the milk and ice.


Additional Items to Try

DJ Cafe Masbate


DJ Cafe Masbate
CAKE IN A JAR, PHP 169 (or USD 3.39)



Another reason why we went here was because of the FREE Wi-Fi. Their internet connection is strong and good so it’s no wonder a lot of millenials also go to this place.


Additionally, if you noticed the photo frames hung in the walls, it contains instax prints of customers who dined in their coffee shop.


DJ Cafe

What a way to value their guests, right?


DJ Cafe’s current staff consist of the owner’s children, the co-business partner, and family friends. So everyone is very accommodating and they ensure that their customers have a great time.DJ CafeIn fact, with their friendliness, we ended up being friends with some of them on our second visit.


DJ Cafe is Reasonable

DJ Cafe

Just as what they indicated in their store front, their food and drinks are really budget friendly. In addition, they have a nice ambiance and great service. So it’s not really a wonder that this place is consistently filled up with both loyal and new customers. When you find yourself in Masbate City, we encourage you to visit this hip hangout place.


DJ Cafe Masbate

DJ Cafe

DJ Cafe, Ibañez St., Masbate City.
Operating Hours: 9AM to 11PM daily.

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