Reasons Why Elait Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream is a Happiness in a Cup

Another hot day.

Another excuse to go to the mall.

However, simply strolling at the air-conditioned mall doesn’t do the trick to cool off.

We are excited to share with you our new discovery, Elait artisanal rolled ice cream.



It opened just in time for summer to help us beat the heat.

Elait Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream
Photo credit: @portraitsbyjohn on Grand Launch and Blessng of Elait.

It’s opening definitely made us happy this summer!

Below is our reasons why we think Elait is happiness in a cup.


5 Reasons Why Elait is Happiness in a Cup

1) Meaning of Its Name

The combination of the words “elate”(to become ecstatically happy) and the French word “lait” (milk)  embodies each cup.

Photo credit to @juliantoinette of juliaantoinette.com.

One will be happy with its premium taste and upon knowing that it’s rolled with happiness.


2) High Quality Base

Elait sources its milk from Hacienda Macaluan, a producer of high quality dairy products.

Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream

Thus, the base choices for customers: custard or yogurt are of high quality.


3) Artisan Rolled Ice Cream

“Fried” ice cream rolls are certainly the hype in our neighboring Southeast Asian countries. And those who have tried it surely have seen how it is done as it is made to order in front of one’s eyes.

Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream

The base mixture is poured onto a metal surface. Fresh ingredients are chopped, added into the mix, and blended using wide spatulas. Afterwards, it is spread across like a thin sheet. Rolls are created once it’s frozen solid.

We were given the opportunity to try making our own rolled ice cream. However, due to time constraint, we didn’t have a chance.


Below is a sample of a rolled ice cream turned into a huge chunk of shaved ice cream made by a friend.

High Quality Base

We can draw from it that although rolled ice creams looks and sounds simple to make, it can actually be quite laborious. One also needs some patience and gentle hands to form beautiful rolls.

We certainly developed a newfound appreciation for made from scratch rolled ice creams made by Elait’s artisans.


4) Unconventional Flavors

Elait has playful flavors that defy easy description. Take for instance what we were able to try.
Peach Melba

I had PEACH MELBA, a yogurt based ice cream with peach fruit and raspberry sauce mixer topped with sices of almond and peach fruit. I think this supposedly still has raspberry sauce drizzle.


On the other hand, Me-An had the BACON BRICKLE which is custard based ice cream with bacon and caramel sauce topped with pretzels and bacon bits. Caramel sauce is drizzled as the final touch.


Those who can’t choose from their unconventional flavors can actually opt for MAKE YOUR OWN ROLLED ICE CREAM instead.

Here is how it works:
  1. Choose a base either custard or yogurt.
  2. Choose two mixers.
  3. Choose two toppings.
  4. Choose a drizzle.

You have to take note though that yogurt based ice cream melts quicker than the custard one.


5) Reasonable Price

Elait Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream

Some may see its price of PHP 180 (or 3.63 USD) per cup as a set back. However, for us, it’s really reasonable.

Why so?

Rita’s Italian ice over custard costs the same.  Meanwhile, a cup of froyo (or frozen yogurt) with toppings ranges from PHP 165 to PHP 275. Not to mention Me-An had a bad recent experience with a costly Shakeaway milkshake.

Aside from that, they have the right taste for the base and they use fresh ingredients as toppings. The size of the serving is more than satisfying as well.


What’s more intersting is that Elait employs our hearing impaired brothers/sisters like “Kelvin” and “Mari” have a sustainable job.Elait PH


Additionally, customers have the opportunity to learn basic sign language which is useful for them and provides a sense of community for our deaf brothers/ sisters.

Basic Sign Language

Basic Sign Language


With all those reasons enlisted, Elait easily makes our top choice as the cool treat this summer.
We highly recommend it for those who want to have happiness in a cup.

Elait Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Elait Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream

Second Floor (near Toys R’ Us), Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City.
Operating Hours: 11AM to 10PM.

3 Responses to “Reasons Why Elait Artisanal Rolled Ice Cream is a Happiness in a Cup”

  1. I’ve had an experience with fried ice cream when it wasn’t as popular as it is now. It was more than 10 years ago.. That means I had fried ice cream that long. How I wish elait will open a branch here in Pampanga.

  2. I always wanted to try this rolled ice cream. But the one in the mall already closed unfortunately before I even got the chance to try it. This Elait ice cream looks really yummy! I hope the price per cup is worth ti but based on your write up, I think it is really worth it!

  3. Im now craving for rolled ice cream. I agree that elait has unconventional flavors that are mouthwatering. It is also affordable. I cnat wait to satisfy my sweettooth with this frizen dessert!


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