The Fireplace

Unlimited Beer & Burgers and Free-Flowing Wine & Ribs at The Fireplace

The Fireplace, the go-to high-end venue for corporate functions and special occasions with loved ones, debunks its usual perception of being too expensive and unapproachable. Guests can enjoy their competitively priced dishes without comprised taste and quality.


Plus, The Fireplace gives an excuse for anyone to indulge one’s self on a Monday and a Sunday with their two new promotions that are valid until March 2017.

The Fireplace

Unlimited Burger and Beer

Every Monday, the Fireplace offers all-you-can-eat Fireplace signature burger without the foie gras. One is still a winner with the burger, though! The thick premium all-beef patty used is cooked at Fireplace’s beech oven which uses Ipil-Ipil wood. It is then topped with “over easy” quail eggs which have more nutritional benefits over a chicken egg. The two ingredients mentioned rest with a lettuce leaf on a soft brioche bun flavored with spreads of truffle mayo and onion jam.

It is served with a one-time serving of medium-cut fries that is crisp to perfection. As if that wasn’t enough, they coupled the offer with limitless beer bottles. Choices include San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light, or Kalinga Kosch, a local craft beer.

Burger and beer lovers can avail this sweet deal for PHP 1, 700 net (or 34 USD). My recommendation is to pair Kalinga Kosch, which has a light taste and a hint of fruity flavor, with the rich tasting burger.


Free-flowing Wine & Ribs

If burger and beer are not your preference, you can visit The Fireplace on Sunday nights. They offer free-flowing premium wine from their curated wine library. It can be enjoyed with unlimited succulent ribs smoked and braised until it’s fall-of-the-bone tender. Served with coleslaw, the treat can be availed for PHP 2, 500 net (or 50 USD).


À La Carte Food Items

Those family or friends of yours who aren’t in for the promo can enjoy The Fireplace’s delectable dishes instead.


For salads, one may have THE FIREPLACE CAESAR’S SALAD, PHP 600 (or 12 USD). It’s a great caesar salad recipe that has the usual garden fresh greens tossed with a great dressing. What makes it special is that they add pancetta that adds a distinctive pork flavor. They also added Parmesan tuille and Parmesan cheese shavings for a sharp taste.



Hot Smoked Salmon

An exquisitely plated dish, HOT SMOKED SALMON, PHP 520 (or 10 USD) is a stunner. A perfect slice of smoked premium salmon that is tasty in itself. It is served with grilled calamari and light vegetables on a spread of squid ink mayonnaise.


Oyster Rockefeller

With The Fireplace’s romantic ambiance, OYSTER ROCKEFELLER is a perfect appetizer. The oysters are topped with a mixture of finely chopped spinach and copious amounts of cheese and then baked with its shell intact. You’ll have to be careful in getting a piece since it’s resting on a bed of salt. You wouldn’t want your oysters to be too salty.



If you really want to spoil yourself, you should have one or two of Fireplace’s signature steaks cooked in their beech oven. All comes with cafe de Paris butter and are served with bone marrow and shaved foie gras. 

The Hanging Tender

The most affordable in their menu is THE HANGING TENDER, PHP 1750 (or 35 USD) per 300 grams. Cooked “rare,” there is no livery taste. All we can enjoy is its rich beefy flavor and abundant juices especially that it has little internal fat. Slathered with some Cafe de Paris butter, it adds complexity to the economical steak.

Wagyu Ribeye Marble Score

There is also the WAGYU RIBEYE MARBLE SCORE 3, PHP 3, 200 (or 64 USD). For me, this ribeye has the perfect combination of rich beef flavor and tenderness. Just a note though I seldom eat premium steaks as compared to Me-An who has even eaten a Kobe steak. Anyway, I like how it was grilled to medium rare so we can enjoy its distinctive marbling better.



Fireplace's Strawberry Tart

Their STRAWBERRY TART is a classic combination of fresh strawberries and cream on a baked pastry shell. The twist they added was adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


Green Tea Cheesecake

The MATCHA CHEESECAKE is a taste of the Orient! The green tea taste is rich in the New York style cheesecake. It is served with a mango sherbet and diced mangoes that add tanginess and fruitiness when eaten together with it.


Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

And the dessert that completed our night is the MOLTEN LAVA CAKE. The warm molten chocolate cake is oozing with chocolate. It is delicious served with vanilla ice cream and berry compote, which is made from raspberries and a few blueberries.

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The Fireplace

The FireplaceEnjoy the laidback ambiance and gastronomic creations led by Executive Chef James Williams from Australia. Head to New World Manila Bay Hotel, a deluxe hotel at the center of Manila business district.


Address: Level 5, New World Manila Bay Hotel, 1588 Pedro Gil Corner M.H. Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila.
Operating Hours: 6PM to 11PM.
For more information and reservations, please contact the hotel directly at telephone +63 2 252 6888, email or visit

3 Responses to “Unlimited Beer & Burgers and Free-Flowing Wine & Ribs at The Fireplace”

  1. Definitely going there for the molten lava cake! Hahaha! I just wish I had the time and money to spend to be able to go to this amazing restaurant. Yet, once in a while it’s nice to spend on quality food. I’ll be sharing this to my other foodie friends then!

  2. Wow! Looks like a great place to spend long hours of bonding with friends. I would love to have unlimited burgers plus free-flowing wine and ribs. I am sure talking to friends with delicious food around makes you forget the night away.

  3. That Oyster Rockefeller looks divine. I am not sure about unlimited burger and beer or the overflowing wine, but I sure would visit this resto for their other offerings! Seeing these mouth-watering dishes is making me hungry! 😀


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