Blog Mail 5: McDonald’s McSpicy and Garlic Parmesan McSpicy

Via McDelivery, I received yesterday not just one but four on each of McDonald’s latest chicken burger variants: the McSpicy and the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy and soft drinks to quench my thirst.

McDonald's Garlic Parmesan McSpicy

I certainly couldn’t finish everything or, even if I could, gluttony is bad. Thus, my first action was to call my officemates to enjoy the delivered food with me.

The best part of eating, after all, is eating with good company.

I’m grateful my colleagues were overjoyed to try something new. Perhaps, they were also delighted since they didn’t have to spend for their afternoon snacks yesterday. Hahaha! Look at how everyone has bright smiles in the featured image.

Free snack or not, everyone can agree though that McDonald’s latest chicken burger variants is filling and gives a spicy kick that makes one’s day more exciting.


MCSPICY, PHP 100 (or USD 2) for a la carte and PHP 139 (or USD 2.7) for regular value meal

I can’t recall what my thoughts were for McDo’s old McSpicy so I can’t compare it to the current version. What I can say for the McSpicy I just tried is that the meat patty is really thick. In fact, when you don’t hold it well, its tendency is for the chicken burger patty to spill out. It speaks volume on how it makes for a satisfying lunch, dinner, or heavy snack – more meat, less bread.

Each bite is indeed spicy but not to the point that the heat is intolerable. Plus, the tasty crunch it offers is mellowed by mayonnaise and shredded lettuce. This results to a sandwich with just the right amount of spice.


Garlic Parmesan McSpicy

My best friend/ baby Josh couldn’t contain the goodness of the McSpicy on his face.


Garlic Parmesan McSpicy
GARLIC PARMESAN MCSPICY, PHP 100 (or USD 2) for a la carte and PHP 139 (or USD 2.7) for regular value meal

While I simply tasted McSpicy, I ended up consuming an entire Garlic Parmesan McSpicy because I found it to be my new favorite McDonald’s sandwich. Eating it once isn’t also enough so I ordered once again via McDelivery to be sure that I really like it.

There are only two differences between the McSpicy and the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy. The first difference is that the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy is topped with black sesame seeds. It doesn’t create any difference in taste. I think it’s just for distinction.

Although, when I ordered the second time around, the Garlic Parmesan McSpicy delivered to me wasn’t topped with black sesame seeds. I asked my other paying friends if their sandwich has black sesame seeds and they said yes. This made me sure that the inconsistency just occurred because they were in a hurry to prepare the food for delivery.

The second difference is more significant. Instead of their mayonnaise, a Garlic Parmesan mayonnaise was used. It may look like a honey mustard sauce at a glance but, when you taste it on its own, you really get the garlic and the parmesan taste.

When added to the sandwich, it becomes sweet tasting which effectively tones down the spiciness of the chicken burger patty. The cost of it though is that the garlic and parmesan taste becomes faint especially that the meat patty is thick and there is shredded lettuce.

Nonetheless, I prefer Garlic Parmesan McSpicy more than the original McSpicy. I can’t wait to treat Me-An to one as I’m sure she’ll fall in love with it too.

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McDonald’s McSpicy and Garlic Parmesan McSpicy is available in all branches but for a limited time only. You can also have it delivered via:

  • McDo’s hotline: 86-2-36.
  • Website:
  • McDo McDelivery app.

By the way, if you still haven’t tried McDonald’s mushroom pepper steak, you can read our review here to help you decide whether to give it a try or not.


Disclosure: The first delivery of McSpicy, Garlic Parmesan McSpicy, and drinks was generously sponsored by McDonald’s. Meanwhile, the second delivery was paid by me. All photos were taken by me and not by Me-An. Plus, everything I wrote is of my own opinion and insights.

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