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Good Food Tour Philippines – Mexican x Spanish Edition

I’m usually active on Instagram and part of my usual activities is checking out IG stories. When I saw that Food Panda is having a Good Food Tour: Spanish-Mexican edition, I admittedly presented myself. This is because we had been seeing our foodie friends take part in it before. And since the location is just in Quezon City, I think a lot of you, our readers, will be pleased. Lastly, I get to meet the great team behind Food Panda.


Thankfully, I got chosen since it’s not the typical “food crawl,” “food tasting” or “restaurant hopping” I have experienced before. The Good Food Tour has its own merit with a great pacing in between restaurants. Such enables us not to just shove it into our mouths but really to experience the good food served. I also got to meet new friends that really added to the already good food experience.

What I also liked about this food tour is I got to enjoy non-Asian food that is not American for a change.


Señor Pollo

Senor Pollo

It has been a long time since I last ate at Señor Pollo. In fact, I was still working at my corporate job during the time I dined at their Poblacion branch. It is such a delight for me then to be able to try their other dishes and taste again their famous Señor Pollo roast. Moreover, I got to enjoy it within my city, Quezon City.


Senor Pollo Roast

Their Señor Pollo roasted chicken tasted the same as how I remembered it. The nicely seasoned tender meat has a little spicy kick that goes well with the smoky flavor. Pairing it with chimichurri sauce gives a herbaceous taste which is a welcome change to the usual gravy.



I loved dunking the cheesy and meaty quesadilla in their garlic sauce.


Those who don’t find it pleasing to veer away from the taste they’re accustomed to may opt for the bar bites of Señor Pollo.

1) CHICHARONNES, PHP 269 (or USD 5.3)

Senor Pollo

It’s deep fried crackling pork belly that isn’t too difficult to bite. The sauce certainly helps soften it for those who have a hard time chewing. Plus, it lends additional flavor.


Chicken Sisig

This a nice alternative for those who are looking for an alternative to pork sisig. To be honest. I don’t think it’s any healthier as chicken skin was used. My mom always tells me not to eat it because it’s high in cholesterol. I still ate though because, after everything was mixed, it was tasty and delicious. It is a guilty pleasure that is best shared with friends.


3) HOT WINGS, PHP 330 (or USD 6.45)
Chicken Wings

It’s not fiery spicy and it doesn’t have a distinct taste but it is still enjoyable to eat.



Our next stop for our Good Food Tour is Dulcinea, a restaurant that has been serving authentic Spanish cooking since 1963. Honestly, other than their churros, I still haven’t tried their main courses thereby making the Good Food Tour a more exciting experience for me.

Salmon Al Ajillo
SALMON AL AJILLO, PHP 585 (or USD 11.46)

Pan seared salmon topped with garlic and chili oil is served on a bed of mashed potato and roasted artichokes on the side. The salmon is lightly flavored for me so I could enjoy the subtle fishy flavor.


SALPICAO, PHP 375 (or USD 7.3)

It will be hard to resist eating this tender and juicy beef coated with bold garlic flavor.


Paella Valenciana

This saffron infused glutinous rice cooked with various meat and topped with mussels, egg slices, chorizo, and shrimps.  It is a filling one-pot meal that is definitely for sharing.


Tropical fruitshake
Jojo (aka “the Love Survivor”) and Issa sipping on tropical fruit shakes.”

We all felt refreshed with the tropical fruit shake. It is a blend of mango, pineapple, and other various fruits with strawberry syrup underneath that makes the drink all the more lovely.


Churros Con Chocolate

When this was brought out, everyone beamed with happiness. Who wouldn’t? Their churros are golden crispy with little to no trace of oil. Dipping it in their rich velvety chocolate is the perfect way to end a meal in Dulcinea.



I’m no expert at Spanish cuisine.  However, eating twice at Alaba for two consecutive weeks in different branches, I can wholeheartedly say that their food is exquisite. This may be one of the many reasons why they have been around for six decades already.



For starters, we were served with Chorizo Fritos, Berenjenas al Horno, and Gambas al Ajillo. I wasn’t able to try the Chorizo Fritos but I’m sure that it goes well with their Sangria just like their other tapas. Their  Berenhenas al Horno is how I want my baked eggplant to be and that is to be cheesy. Meanwhile, I like the twist they did with their Gambas al Ajillo by wrapping it with bacon.


Lengua Sevillana

This ox tongue stew is cooked not only with mushrooms but also with olives in rich brown sherry sauce.


Paella Negra

Cooked in squid ink, this has a flavor of the sea which makes me scoop for more even if my teeth ends up being black. Don’t worry about the black stain on your teeth. A quick gargle of water can easily remove it.


Paella Con Seta y Pesto

Those who want their paella with no meat can opt for this instead. It is cooked in pesto with a generous amount of mushrooms.  I easily fell in love with this since I love mushrooms.



When I eat at Alba, I always have this jiggly soft meringue covered in sweet custard sauce. It is easy for me to finish in just one sitting but, with Lloyd around, I’m sure it will be gone in just a minute.


Great News!

You can enjoy all the delectable dishes we had tried in the Good Food Tour: Mexican-Spanish Edition at the comforts of your home via Foodpanda. Foodpanda, #YourDeliveryApp, is one of the world’s leading online food ordering and delivery platform that offers convenience and extensive options to busy and hungry customers. They also enable restaurants to be visible to the mobile app and web users.

When you download foodpanda app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or visit, you will have an option to enjoy the food of nearly 2000 restaurants.

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