Gowns for Rent by Damsel

Got an #OOTD because of Gowns For Rent Manila by Damsel

A day before the wedding of my life group leader, I was literally a damsel in distress. I already spent nights scouring department stores and boutique shops for an attire that will follow the dress code specified.

Formal Attire

However, I can’t find one. I JUST CAN’T!

I know… I’m not a fashion blogger. But I’m just really choosy when I purchase clothes.

I want something I’ll gladly wear again when an occasion arises. Plus, I want to look fabulous for my Yogo (Lloyd) since he doesn’t normally see me in a formal attire. I also have to look presentable being a blogger and all.

Sadly, I find the clothes being sold in the mall as expensive. Formal tops start around PhP 800. A formal skirt starts around PhP 1, 500. A non-skimpy and/or comfortable cocktail dress starts at PhP 3, 000.

I tried online shopping too, by the way. One particular online shop, I checked was Zalora whereby Lloyd has a 20% OFF discount voucher. It just ended up torturing me since the dresses that caught my attention started at PHP 2, 000. I also didn’t feel confident in picking the right size for me without physically trying it on.

With that, buying wasn’t an option for me. I rarely spend huge amounts of money on clothes. My luxury, as you know it, is on travel.

I resolved to borrow a gown.


On Renting a Gown

I would have borrowed a gown from my mom if she has the colors specified. But since she doesn’t have, my next option will be to borrow from my friends.

Blessed with more guy friends than girls and having an above average height for a Filipino, I ended up not being able to borrow from friends.

Good thing Lloyd mentioned to me before about Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel. I checked their FB page to see their gowns.

Lo and behold! I saw a gown I would love to wear. They are just renting it for only PHP 1, 000.

Okay, some of you may say, PHP 1, 000 rental fee is a waste of money. You’ll tell me I can buy a lovely dress for that price at 168, Divisoria, or even Baclaran.

Girl! It’s not reasonable for me. If I purchase a dress there that I half-heartedly like, I’ll just wear it once. It’ll also end up only taking space in my closet that is meant for my autumn and winter clothes.

Good thing Lloyd mentioned to me about a gown rental shop, Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel. (Oh… What would I do without him?) 

So after our lunch at Butamaru in Alabang, we braved the Saturday traffic to Makati Cinema Square.


Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel

As soon as we stepped in, one of the ates  (Damsel’s staff) was eager to assist me. I showed her the blue dress that I like. However, she informed me that it was already reserved.

I learned from them that they have the biggest depository of gowns in the Philippines. So I didn’t have to worry that much as I won’t go home empty-handed.

Damsel in Distress


True enough, I had lots of choices. There are some of the following gowns I fitted:

Gowns For Rent Manila by Damsel

Gown 1:  Pastel Mint Dress

It’s exactly the same gown that I would like to rent. It’s just in a different color. I love the slit and I love how comfortable it is. The only issue we have there is that Lloyd doesn’t have a mint green polo. Thus, if I pick it, we won’t be able to wear matchy-matchy outfits.


Gown 2:  Floral Off Shoulder Bodice with Plain Pink Bottom Skirt

I also love that dress. It looks more fitting for a garden wedding, though, don’t you think so? Plus, it’s not fitted on me. Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel can adjust it for me. However, since I have to use it the next day, they don’t have time to fix it.

From what I recall, adjustment fee is around PHP 250.


Gown 3: Teal Infinity Dress

This is super comfortable and it follows the dress code. Additionally, it can be worn in various ways. I didn’t end up getting this because it’s a bit loose on me. Tying it tightly can be a solution but it will surely give me discomfort as I move around.


Gown 4: Off Shoulder Fitted Gown

I do admire the intricate designed front. It’s primary color though is nude which is far from the dress code. Will rent this out if we get invited to an awards night or gala.


The Gown I Wore
Gowns for Rent Manila

This what I ended up wearing. I felt like a princess plus it has a trail.

It shows my assets (hahaha!) but, at the same time, it looks regal since it’s tastefully designed.

Yes, no cheap feeling! Maybe it’s because Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel uses imported and quality fabrics and materials.

What I also liked about renting from Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel is that the gowns are guaranteed clean and odor-free. They dry-clean the gown first prior pick-up. I reserved the night before and Lloyd picked it up in the morning.

So sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to do a proper #OOTD photo since we still had to practice for a dance number.


Formal Attire

I felt confidently beautiful that night that Lloyd couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. Anyway, thank you so much to Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel especially to Ms. Dada, who is very passionate in making her clients satisfied and beautiful, for helping damsels in distress like me.


Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel

If you wish to rent from them too especially now that it’s wedding and/or prom season these days, you may visit them at LG4 Lower Ground Level, Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Ave., Makati City. You may also visit their website at www.ilovedamsel.com to know more details.

Other details you may want to know about them are the following:

Facebook: Gowns for Rent Manila
Instagram: @gfrmanila
olx Account: GFRManila

Before I forget some helpful tips when you’re renting a gown from them:

  • Go there to reserve a gown weeks in advance to get first dibs on their beautiful gowns.
  • Prepare money not only for the rental fee but also for the security deposit fee.
  • Their gowns are for overnight rental only. So if you’re planning to rent gowns for an out of town photoshoot, be prepared to shell out more cash. Or just refer your friends to them so you’ll get discounts.
  • They accept made to rent gowns or cocktail dresses.


Bonus: We used the gown for our first episode of our Youtube project. There is also a video clip of me near the ending where we performed a special number with the bride.

What do you think? 🙂

16 Responses to “Got an #OOTD because of Gowns For Rent Manila by Damsel”

  1. The gown is gorgeous. Highlights your height and beauty, too. I remember Gowns for Rent Manila by Damsel. I attended an affiliate program talk, and the owner discussed her gown rental business. And yes, your Lloyd was there.

  2. Sometimes i dont feel like attending events nowadays. Because of the trending color motiff that is being required by the celebrants. Its giving me pains on where to look for one esp for my size. One time i bought ine from a local dept. store gor 2500 and i wore it once. Then i had my gown tailored fit by a designer friend for a discounted price of 6,000, that was discounted already and it just took up so much space in my closet! Sayang din coz it was used once. Glad to know there’s this for rent now and those were all gorgeous! They’re not the cheap type and for the price of 1,000 that’s pretty much a good deal! Will take note of this one for future needs! 🙂

  3. I actually thought you picked the fourth one you fitted! But damn girl, you’re on fire! No wonder your man can’t take his eyes away from you! I’ve about them from an even hosted by Pangalan.com. The owner was so gorgeous. And, you just gave me an idea about renting gowns!

  4. As you know I am a fashion blogger. So I loved to see some outfits here! What a beautiful dresses. It’s lovely and inspiring to see the different colors on you! I love all of the dresses, wish to have some hanging in my closet as well 🙂

  5. All of the gowns looked good on you! Still, you did a pretty great choice. You are so gorgeous!!! <3 The gown you wore really suit you and indeed, showed your assets. <3 I now also want to rent gowns from them. Their gowns look sophisticated and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! Also, I watched the start of the video. You two look so cute together. 🙂

  6. Naneth bausa

    Good day! How much your gown am attending wedding and my size large or x large beige or royal blue. Rent only. Thanks God bless

  7. The one you chose definitely highlights your curves very well! Did you set an appointment before visiting or can you just walk-in there and try on the gowns? I’m planning on visiting them soon to check out wedding gowns! 🙂 If you’re an affiliate let me know how I can help you should we push on renting one from Damsel 😉

    • I called on the day of my visit. They were accommodating so we just went straight to visit them. You should visit them for wedding gowns 🙂 They also offer made to rent which can give you huge savings. I’m currently not an affiliate of Damsel.

  8. You look so fabulous in that dress! I thought you’re gonna wear the 4th one. And yes, that dress definitely emphasized your sexy curves (which was the first thing that I noticed. 🙂 Guess that 1k rental fee is all worth it. Pretty stunning! =)

  9. You look so fabulous in that dress! And yes, that dress definitely emphasized your sexy curves (which was the first thing that I noticed. 🙂 Guess that 1k rental fee is all worth it. You’re killing it, gorgeous!

  10. Seems like you had an amazing princess day. I love how the color suits you, the lace details at the back are also very beautiful. Additionally I think it was good to take matching colors. You guys look adorable! 🙂

  11. I love the gown you chose! It suits you. It hugged your curves perfectly and the color is very flattering too. My cousin will attend her JS Prom too and she does not have a gown yet so I’ll probably bring her to this place to check the gowns for rent. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I agree that you chose the right gown for your body type. 🙂 I love the color too. I’m happy for you that you found one that you liked and looked good on you. I used to rent out some of my gowns too when I no longer want to wear them.

  13. This actually makes sense. You shell out how much for a dress you don’t end up buying. You might as well rent one you look great in! Great suggestion.

  14. Good choice for the gown! I love it. Mala Liza Soberano ang look. Renting is somehow a good decision. I made a mistake a few years ago when my cousin got married. I actually had my own gown made by a designer friend. It cost me around 4,000php. It was a good choice in a sense that I love the output of the gown and how it made me look like a goddess. But a mistake because I was only able to wear it once. Now it’s stuck in my closet. I’m still looking for some reasons to be able to wear it again. Lol


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