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Keep the Girl via Enrique Gil style with Grips Hair Clay and Hair Wax

Recently, my girlfriend, Me-An, went to an event of the hairstyling brand Grips whereby they officially introduced and announced their new celebrity endorser, Enrique Gil. For those who don’t know him, he is a multi-awarded actor and dancer. He is also known for wearing iconic hairstyles that fit his many roles. Those and being a positive influence to the youth are some of the reasons why he was chosen to represent the brand.

Enrique for Grips Hair Wax


Anyway, as Me-An’s crush ever since the television show, Forevermore, Me-An, of course, was ecstatic to see Enrique Gil and was eager to have a photo with him during the event.

Enrique for Grips Hair Wax



You may have the following burning questions for me:

Question 1: Don’t you feel jealous or insecure?

Question 2: Do you really allow Me-An to have crushes other than you?

Answer to Q1: No, I don’t feel those. I also need not try to compete. I already have the heart of my Cream.

Answer to Q2: Yes, I allow her. I have crushes too and it’s Liza Soberano, the love team of Enrique Gil. My other crushes are Kaye Abad,  Elisse Josson, and Janella Salvador.


Anyway, if there is one thing that I can learn from Enrique Gil, it’s to look presentable whenever we go out by styling our hair. With the help of either Grips Hair Clay or Hair Wax, we can achieve our desired hairstyle wherever we may be.

Grips Hair Clay

Out of their hair products, I personally prefer Grips Hair Clay Easy Wash, PHP 86.90 (or 1.75 USD) for a 75g jar.

Grips is true to its promise. With their formulation, it’s easy to use and it doesn’t leave any residue after washing. What I also like is knowing that it has Pro-Vitamin B5 that makes hair strong and nourished.

Truly, we may neither be an actor nor a celebrity like Enrique Gil. However, putting ourselves out there in the best way we can will enable people to respect us and will leave a good impression on them.


In addition, having a styled hair that’s nice to look at means I get to keep the girl.

Grips Hair Clay

When I exert effort to look good, I make my Cream, Me-An, feel loved. It also helps keep her attention towards me. And, of course, she won’t be embarrassed when we meet business owners for our blog/ Youtube.

So yes! Thanks to Grips for being present in the market. If you’re interested in trying out the product too, Grips’ styling products are available in convenience stores, groceries, supermarkets, and even drugstores nationwide.

Grips Hair Clay

If you prefer using the Grips Hair Wax, a 75g jar starts at PHP 81.75 (or 1.64 USD). Their products are also available at 25g jars, perfect for storing in your car or on the bag of your girlfriend/wife, and 5g sachets, perfect for traveling.

For more information, check out Grips’ Facebook page at You may also follow #EnriqueForGripsWax #GripsEasyStyleEasyWash on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

2 Responses to “Keep the Girl via Enrique Gil style with Grips Hair Clay and Hair Wax”

  1. Hihi. I find this post cute. Something I will tell my boys to try. They use wax for their hair and they may want to try other brands.

  2. Idk why but somehow I find this post cute and funny! Cute because you shared grooming tips not just for the men in the world but also ways on how to keep your partners lovestruck regardless of how long have you been together. Funny because of the questions! I mean, sometimes it’s cute when your partner/SO gets a teeny tiny jealous feeling (but not the over jealous). But yeah, having crushes isn’t bad at all even if you’re in a commitment. Anyway, this isn’t exclusive for men, right? I’ve been looking for hair products (e.g. pomades and wax) since having short hair is also high maintenance. Anyway, thanks for this! Hope you get to meet your celeb crushes too!


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