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A purrfect date at Hello Kitty Cafe Uptown Mall BGC

If you think a visit to Hello Kitty Cafe is only for girls and women, think again! It can be for men too when your GF/ wife demands that you have a date here. Well, no complaints there so long as our ladies are happy. With the opening of Hello Kitty Cafe UpTown Mall BGC, fans of the girly iconic mascot rejoiced. Such is the case for Me-An who grew up with Hello Kitty merchandise in her room and admittedly had fun when she went to Sanrioland in Japan.



Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafe Uptown Mall BGC, in Me-An’s words, isn’t what she would expect as it isn’t styled to be stunningly cute. When we learned that its theme is based on the food concept being served which is French, that is how we came to wholly accept its interior.

The cafe exudes elegance with shiny floors and touches of gold all over the pink, yellow, and blue color theme of the place. Its table tops have the face of Hello Kitty while the cozy French upholstered dining chairs have Hello Kitty’s iconic bow in gold at its back.


Hello Kitty Cafe

Tons of Hello Kitty memorabilia can also be found displayed on its shelf.


Hello Kitty Cafe

Booth tables with the half and the top enclosed in a golden gilded cage is available for those who want a more Instagrammable table and chair.

Overall,  although the cafe lacks cuteness compared to the Hello Kitty cafés in other countries,  what we appreciate of its interior is that they designed it whereby adults can just casually stroll in and have fun as well. It is also a good cozy spot for a date with one’s families and loves ones. Just try to time your visit when it is less crowded so you’ll enjoy the place.



Hello Kitty Drinks

These are your typical frappes that were Hello Kitty-fied. They come in these Hello Kitty engraved glasses, has pink bow chocolates as a garnish, and the flavors are pretty self-explanatory. They taste quite nice especially the matcha one since it doesn’t have the bitter taste. I just hope the inserted Hello Kitty image was made of chocolate as well but, of course, the price will soar all the more if that happens. Overall, the drinks are of quality because, when sipped, you can taste the actual flavor of the chosen frappe.


Matcha Latte
MATCHA LATTE, PHP 165 (or USD 3.2)

What is a Matcha Latte in Hello Kitty Cafe Uptown Mall BGC without a Hello Kitty latte art, right? Apologies that we weren’t able to take a photo of it as the latte art got messed up after I accidentally bumped the table.

Anyway, the drink is essentially warm Japanese green tea/ matcha with milk and milk foam. I will willingly go to Hello Kitty Cafe for a cup of this as the quality of matcha that they used doesn’t have any bitter aftertaste.


Creamy Portobello Mushroom

I like this mushroom soup not because it is placed in a bread bowl with its cover having a Hello Kitty Branding. Well, I think ladies will certainly love that part more. What I like about it, in particular, is that it has one of my favorite mushrooms ever which is the Portobello and it is overloaded with it. This makes the soup’s consistency very hearty. Added with truffle it makes this soup more special as there is a deeper earthy flavor. Meanwhile, the bread thankfully is sturdy enough to hold the soup even if it takes you longer to take photos of it.

The mushroom soup is accompanied by a salad with balsamic vinaigrette on it which I appreciate all the more.


Skinny Fries

Whenever Me-An has the chance to eat fries, she will do so. That is why we ended up having this too. The robust flavor of truffle is toned down because of the garlic parmesan and chive seasoning. Nonetheless, kids will enjoy this as it is skinny cut.


Smoked Salmon and Creme

The linguine pasta is nicely cooked with a creamy creme sauce and definitely draws its main flavor from the smoked salmon. This is what we liked out of all the food we ordered even though it isn’t extraordinary. It also comes with a salad which is very welcoming. I just find the serving size small considering its price.


Pork with Herbes de Provence

This one comes with a big serving actually unlike the pasta. Unlike that one, however, this one is left to be desired. The pork loin is dry and doesn’t have magical taste it should have from a mixture of dried herbs. Good thing it is served with gravy which I assume is herbs de Provence they are referring to. I had to dunk the pork their for taste. Meanwhile, the colorful butter bows for aesthetics when it melts makes the dish unappetizing for adults.

I just think its selling point is that the pork-based dish doesn’t have fat which sits well for both children and ladies. It is served with string beans, cherry tomatoes, and Hello Kitty shaped mashed potatoes. I prefer a creamier mashed potato but I think it will be a challenge for them to keep its shape if they make it into that indulgent goodness.


Kahlua Cream Cheese Torte

This is perhaps for me the biggest reason why you should go to Hello Kitty Cafe. Most of the desserts they serve look really cute and I found out it tastes amazing. Well, that is the case for this one.

We ordered this because we love anything with cheese but this exceeded our expectations. It has a thick multilayer of cream cheese that has a rich and velvety taste even if it covered with white chocolate fondant. Inside it also is layers of chocolate. The drip of chocolate ganache not only made it sweeter in taste but also in appearance. I really have to say, it is well made and very good.



Hello Kitty Cafe Philippines

Whenever I go to themed cafés, I never really expect to taste out of this world food because the point of themed cafés is the experience of being in the world of the icon you love in this case Hello Kitty’s world. So, yes, the food is understandably average at best when it comes to taste with the exception of their dessert which is absolutely amazing and the Smoked Salmon and Creme pasta which is simple yet delicious. As with the presentation, ambiance, and location, expect a hefty price tag when you’re going to date here or you’ll be taking your kids. But it is worth it to dine here if you are a fan of Hello Kitty, you don’t have the means to try a legit Hello Kitty Cafe abroad, and/or you want Instagrammable pictures.

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Hello Kitty Cafe

Third Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.
Operating hours: 11AM to 10 PM daily.

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