Hop Inn Hotel Makati

Hop Inn Hotel Makati Avenue and a must do in Poblacion, Philippines

Poblacion Food Hop

One of the best things in staying at Hop Inn Hotel Makati Avenue is being able to explore the oldest neighborhood of Makati, Poblacion. The said neighborhood is booming with hole-in-the-wall joints, quirky restaurants, and budget-friendly bars that has a wide international appeal. It then does not come as a surprise that people from different walks of life hang out here.



With Tralulu‘s guidance, we did an exciting food hop on some of Poblacion’s best hole-in-the-wall joints.

Read to know where you can grab a bite when you stay at Hop Inn Hotel Makati Avenue and/or you hang out at Poblacion with friends.


El Chupacabra

Location: 5782 Felipe Street.
Operating hours: 11 AM to 4 AM on Mon. to Sat. and 11 AM to 12 MN on Sundays.


Our first stop is the famous Mexican-American restaurant, El Chupacabra.

El Chupacabra

The place is named after a beast called Chupacabra who sucks the blood out of goats. It used to be only an open-air diner whose tables and chairs extends on the street.


El Chupacabra

Now, El Chupacabra has this air-conditioned area for those who want to escape the midday heat. This place also transforms into a vibrant pub at night.


When you visit El Chupacabra, make sure that you don’t miss any of their street soft-corn tortilla tacos. It is what made them famous after all.

Pork Sisig San Francisco Taco


QUESADILLA (Cheese, Garlic, and Onion), PHP 141 (or USD 2.76)


El Chupacabra Menu
El Chupacabra


Lobo Filipino Tavern

Location: 4898 Durban Corner Polaris Street.
Operating hours: 5 PM to 3 AM on Sun. to Thurs. and 5 PM to 4 AM on Fri. to Sat.



Lobo Filipino Tavern is a place where anyone can come as they are. Serving contemporary Filipino classic dishes, their food satisfies ravenous diners.



Upon entering, one can appreciate the mural done by local artists waiting to be discovered.


Lobo Filipino Tavern

We headed to the second floor where there is both an outdoor dining area and a covered dining area decorated with traditional Filipino materials.

Kian Kazemi, both the owner and the one who developed the menu, was kind enough to spare us some of his time. He discussed Lobo Filipino Tavern as well as the dishes we were about to try.


What I loved the most among the food they served is their Pork Sinigang. The broth has a balanced sourness that made me keep on slurping. How I wish Lloyd was around though to give his thoughts on their food.

Kinilaw na Tanigue


Lamb Adobo
LAMB ADOBO, PHP 275 (or USD 5.39)


Pork Sinigang
PORK SINIGANG, PHP 225 (or USD 4.41)


Signature Kare-Kare

Lobo Filipino Tavern Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Location: 5779 Felipe Street.
Operating hours: 5 PM to 12 MN daily.



Tambai offers quick bites to bystanders and those who are just passing through. With their delicious version of yakitori and Filipino skewer favorites, this place is a great place to hang out just like what their name suggests.


Tambai Yakitori

The yakitori joint now has an indoor air-conditioned area. I totally can imagine Lloyd hanging out in this place. He loves grilled skewers.



Tambai has an interesting choice for a makeshift table. They used beer cases with empty beer bottles as the base.


Beef Isaw
BEEF ISAW, PHP 60 (or USD 1.18) per piece 

This is a grilled beef intestine smothered with their sauce. I dipped it in vinegar to eliminate any hint of bitterness.


TOFUYAKI, PHP 70 (or USD 1.4) per piece

Okay, so Tofuyaki is skewered tofu drizzled with Japanese condiments. I found it really delicious despite its simplicity so I’m definitely coming back for this.


Tambai’s food takes time to prepare. Some may find it a long wait so be sure not to go here on an empty stomach.  Also, it prevents you from burning a hole in your wallet.



Location: 5666 Don Pedro Street.
Operating hours: 11 AM to 10 PM on Mon. to Thurs. and 11 AM to 11 PM



I indulged myself with a custom-made parfait last year and I couldn’t forget how wonderfully sweet their dessert was. Glad that I’m back again to enjoy their famous parfait.


S'Mores Parfait

I chose the S’mores parfait because I love salted caramel and mini marshmallows. Their Bucky’s with house-made soft serve ice cream was just as good as how I remembered it to be. Enriched with layers of salted caramel, I couldn’t get enough of this stellar dessert. It was the perfect way to cap off our Poblacion food hop.


Additional Activity

Pineapple Lab

Location: 6071 R. Palma Street.
Operating hours: 11 AM to 6 PM from Tues. to Sat.


I wasn’t checking the food map given to us so I was really surprised that we still had another stop.

Pineapple Lab

Despite its name, Pineapple Lab doesn’t experiment on pineapples. It rather serves as an arts and performance center for performing and multimedia artists and collectives. I think they named it pineapple lab because pineapple as a fruit has lots of eyes. There are a lot of creations to see in their regular exhibits.


The ongoing exhibit during our visit is the XY Two Man Exhibit which features new works by Sacramento and Belsazar.

Pineapple Lab

The first floor has the Human Maze exhibit of Sherwin Sacramento. I learned from Pineapple Lab that Sacramento got his training at Institute of European Design in Milan. Having been in the creative industry for almost two decades, he has worked with well-known fashion brands.


Pineapple Lab

This is me thinking of how amazing Filipino artists are.


Pineapple Lab
Photo credit to Tralulu.

The second floor houses the thought-provoking and angsty Why Are You exhibit of Rocky Belzasar. I’m not sure if he intentionally made his exhibit Instagram worthy. What I am sure of though is that we got to maximize our visit in his exhibit with a wacky group shot.

After our fun exploration with Tralulu, we went back to Hop Inn Hotel Makati Avenue for a good night’s rest.




Let me end this post about Tralulu for those of you who still don’t know about it or may have forgotten about it. Tralulu enables travelers to travel like a local by connecting travelers with experienced local guides via their digital booking platform. They also organize food crawls such as the Chinese New Year Binondo food crawl we availed earlier this year as well as familiarization trips. To know more about them, you may visit tralulu.com.


Disclosure: The food hop tour run by Tralulu, overnight stay at Hop Inn Hotel Makati Avenue, and Rufo’s Famous Tapa breakfast was generously sponsored by Hop Inn Hotel Makati Avenue. Rest assured all photos were taken by me except for the group shots sourced from Tralulu. Plus, everything I wrote is of my own opinion and insights.

14 Responses to “Hop Inn Hotel Makati Avenue and a must do in Poblacion, Philippines”

  1. Idk about others but I find that info about the creaking sound at night funny! I mean, didn’t the hotel people check if their walls were thick enough to separate the rooms pretty well so as not to hear anything in between rooms. It’s really affordable to check in this hotel. Just convenient for people, who work away from the metro, who need to attend meetings in the city. The bed really looks enticing to sleep on! I may not just leave that bed too if I’m there. 😛

  2. Nice, for around Php 2,000/room/night with toiletries and food (US$40) [roughly] then you get a decent plus spacious room in Makati, that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. It’s perfect for business travellers on a budget. It would appeal to travellers who would want to have a staycation too, however, do they have a pool or fitness area? Btw, I also find the creaking sound annoying too.

  3. It seems like a pretty decent hotel.It’s nice if the hotel can provide the breakfast.Hope they will provide this facility soon.
    I am not particular about those small noises coming from outside the hotel rooms.But,when I check hotel reviews I always see comments about noise from other travelers.Anyway,these days we travel with our kid who is really excited to stay in hotels.At the time we step into any hotel,he starts laughing shouting and sharing all his excitement freely.So,we are always worry about our noise thinking we are disturbing others.. 🙂 🙂

  4. I like the desk’s position near the window. Very conducive to work and the natural light is readily available.

    I am quite particular re total silence when in a hotel plus the buffet, too. I guess most as well . I hope Hop inn will look more into these details.

  5. The hotel looks minimalist for me. Too much that I feel there’s no contrast even just a little. The only one that caught my attention on the photo is the working desk on the window. Lakas maksenti. I hope they put even just a little pop of something like a good painting or the curtain. Something that’s eye-catching and that won’t hurt their concept.

  6. Wow this is a really nice place for such a location and for a truly affordable price. I don’t really care a lot about the design of the hotel as long as the bed is comfortable. 😀 Those thin walls worry me a bit but I usually get so tired that nothing can break my sleep. Although I usually skip breakfast it makes me happy to hear that they can provide it, if I change my mind. Altogether, this hotel is a good enoug for my taste and needs.

  7. The hotel looks good for its price! 1500 for that kind of room?!! I think its sulit. I love the minimalist theme and the table overlooking the city. And I would mind the noise especially from the adjacent rooms as long as I can only hear it when I put my ears on the wall. 🙂

  8. The bed looks very big even if the room is not so large. It’s nice that it has a window through, as I don’t like hotels with no view at all, just walls. The card access only makes it very safe in my opinion. I do like elevators that only go if you swipe your card, this means that non guests can’t go up to the rooms.

  9. I love that they offer free wifi + free parking. That’s a must for travellers and bloggers alike. Since you mentioned that the check in counter is open 24hours, what’s their check out time? Or is it like other hostels where you pay 1,500 for 24hours stay?

    • Oh… right! I forgot to include the check in and check out time. Their check-in time and check out time is the same as usual Philippine hotels. They’re just open for 24 hours since they recognize that they’re accommodating travelers from around the world who may check in around dawn because of their flight. Also, since Poblacion is just near, a lot of foreign guests may return to the hotel late. So, at least, they can accommodate their needs as well.

  10. I really love the name.. it’s very catchy! I also love the blue scheme not just because blue is my favorite color but because it makes the room look so relaxing and comforting. The place and the space reminds me of rooms in Go Hotels, small yet neat and complete with all the amenities you need. 1500 is absolutely a great deal huh.. considering all these features (with free parking) , this is really ideal for travelers! I personally love the working area where you are sitting in front of that window.
    hahaha I don’t know how will I response with those moaning sound from the other room either.. i might just put my headset on and enjoy some music lols

  11. Good for families, not so good for honeymooners who want a budget staycation. LOL nakakaloka yung soundproofing nila hahahaha damn I’m here in a shop buying cpu and I suddenly burst out laughing while reading THAT part of your review hahahaha LOL

    Anyways the bed looks inviting, i like the minimalist vibe going on and I would love to stay here sometime soon… with my family and not just my hubby. HAHAHAHA

  12. Oh nice! Rooms in Makati are often pricey, so it’s good to have an alternative like this and at a cheap price too. I love my peace and quiet though, so if I do plan on staying here, I *might* have to ask the front desk if I’m beside couples to avoid hearing what you did (though that doesn’t always happen I assume). Love the table by the window! Perfect for flatlay shoots and doing a little lettering work while I stay. At least there’s a decent place for travelers to rest without spending too much. 🙂

  13. Looks airy and cozy! For the price I think it would be a great option for an overnight stay if it’s for work or maybe when you just need a place to stay. I note the bare essentials and no toiletries so I guess that’s a contributing factor for it being more affordable. I’ve never stayed in a hotel by myself. I’d get creeped out too!


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