Leave Boring Behind with Hotel Jen’s Night Light Map

Traveling to unfamiliar places can certainly be daunting.

In fact, I never left my comfort zone until I met Me-An who urged me to explore with her.

Only then did I felt utterly amazing as I got to discover authentic local eats in each place while Me-An becomes giddy with happiness with each extraordinary sight and attraction.


See Manila in a Different Light

When you stay in Manila, Hotel Jen, part of Shangri-La Hotel International Management, helps you have an interesting travel experience as well.

Their tagline #LeaveBoringBehind takes open-minded travelers to unravel places, cultures, and experiences through the eyes of locals and a selected group of influencers called as  “Jensetters” which includes us.

Hotel Jen Manila

Additionally, the Night Light, which runs across all Hotel Jen properties in Asia Pacific, is an interactive online map designed to help guests explore a city after dark.

Thus, busy business travelers, unabashed owls, and curious families can get local sights and restaurant recommendations that they otherwise would not have gotten from a conventional guide book. This lets them explore even after the sun has set.


Hotel Jen

The Night Light map presents noteworthy and interesting hotspots after dark that’s divided into Touristy Things, Local Hangouts, and Jen’s Picks.

Me-An posted a photo of her hanging out with her high school friends at Reserve Gastro Tavern on Instagram and used the hashtags #LeaveBoringBehind and #NightLight. It appeared in Local Hangouts.

What’s more interesting about the night light map is that it removes the noise of cliché activities so only late night gems are revealed.

Access the Night Light map here from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM.



In conjunction with the launch of Hotel Jen Manila’s Night Light campaign at Windows by the Bay, five dishes inspired by popular local dishes from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines were served.


Hotel Jen Manila

Chili Crab Fondue

The signature chili crab of Ah Hoi’s Kitchen in Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore is served in a bread bowl. It is accompanied with blanched vegetables, shredded crabsticks, and a couple of shrimps for dipping.

It’s truly delectable! I finished the everything in no time including the bowl which has the remnants of the fondue that is spicy but bearable.



Laksa Johor Slider
Laksa Johor Slider

A fish patty was placed in between a semi-crisp spaghetti noodle “bun.” Yes, it’s eaten like a hamburger using one’s hands.

Laksa johor paste certainly added the fragrance and the needed robust taste.


Hotel Jen Manila
Smoked Pulled Lamb Pongteh

Sandwiched between a soft focacia bread is smoked pulled lamb slathered with pongteh sauce. The pongteh sauce used is not the classic one as hickory sauce, inspired by the hearty barbecues of South America, is added.

Every bite of it yields a burst of flavor. Well, especially with the added presence of Chinese five-spiced powder which is also used in the potato wedges served on the side.


Hotel Jen Manila
Laksa Lemak Singapura (Laksa Fried Rice)

Laksa Lemak is normally served as a spicy noodle soup. Hotel Jen concoted a different serving it as a fried rice. Accompanied by a king prawn and heat from the chili sambal, it makes for an immensely scrumptios meal.


Hotel Jen Manila
Ginataang Turon

For the sweet ending, two Filipino mid-day snacks were combined to produce a dessert we can also be proud of. The turon (banana fritters) is filled with ginataang halo-halo (glutinous rice balls, tubers, and tapioca balls in coconut milk).



birthday treat

We admire and super appreciate Hotel Jen Manila’s thoughtfulness. When they learned it was Me-An’s birthday the same day we visited, they suprised her with a cake and a birthday song. Yes, you can definitely celebrate special occasions at Windows by the Bay.

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Hotel Jen Manila

19th Floor, Hotel Jen Manila, 3001 Roxas Boulevard, Buendia, Pasay City

For more information, visit www.hoteljen.com or join the conversation on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. What a nice idea, to have a night light map of a city to explore. I like it, it’s not common and that’s very interesting.
    So nice that they did a special treat for Me-An’s birthday! Very thoughtful

  2. This is a lovely place and they have great food! To be honest, I felt hungry after seeing all these photos! If this is near our area, I’d love to try this place.


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