Inflatable Island: Asia’s Biggest Floating Playground (Experience, Guide & Giveaway)

The long wait is over!

Well, at least, for those who are waiting for us to write about our experience of what we shared before.

Inflatable Island PH will officially be opening this April 1.

We are truly happy to be given the opportunity to try out the biggest floating playground in Asia before the big day.

To be honest, we weren’t able to capture beautiful photos for you this time. It was a cloudy day. In addition, we got preoccupied in playing and having too much fun.

The Inflatable Island PH experience brought out the kid in us so we’ll certainly come back to take better photos and, of course, to play once again.


Inflatable Island

Inflatable Island PH experience

We may have experienced playing at bouncy playgrounds before as a child, but the Inflatable Island experience is a whole other level.

But before I elaborate it further, let me run you through all the necessary information you need to know.



Address: Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines.

 Getting there via public transportation:
  1. From Victory Liner Caloocan, Cubao, or Pasay ride a bus bound to Olongapo City. (Approximately 4-5 hours with two stopovers)
  2. Go down Olongapo City Victory Terminal. *Fare: PHP 207 to PHP 272 (or USD 4.12 to USD 5.41).
  3. Ride a blue jeepney. *Fare: PHP 8 (or USD 0.42).
  4. Tell the jeepney driver to drop you off at Half Moon Beach Resort as most likely they aren’t familiar with its new name yet which is Samba Bluewater Resort.
  5. Inflatable Island PH is located at Samba Bluewater Resort.


 Getting there via private car:
Inflatable Island
  1. Head to North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) straight to Subic- Clark – Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).
  2. Take Subic Bay Freeport Zone Exit.
  3. Take a right to Rizal Highway.
  4. Take a left at Burgos St. (besides Remy Field).
  5. Go right to Canal Rd.
  6. Keep following until you reach Dewey Avenue.
  7. Exit to Kalaklan Gate (way to Zambales).
  8. Turn left, then keep straight for 2-3 minutes until you see Samba Bluewater Resort (formerly known as Subic Halfmoon beach).
  9. Go inside Samba Bluewater Resort and you’ll find Inflatable Island PH.



Inflatable Island

What we had was the afternoon SPRAY pass that’s valid from 2:00 PM to 5:50 PM.


Inflatable Island Experience


Inflatable Island

When reaching Half Moon Beach Resort now called Samba Bluewater Resort, there are free parking spaces in case you brought your car. Please note though that space is subject to availability.


And before heading down any further, make sure to turn left and head to the container van office. 

Inflatable Island PH

This is where you can purchase walk-in tickets. In case you already bought your tickets online whereby you availed 10% off, just present proof of it and the staff will clasp a wrist tag according to the kind of pass you bought.

By the way, before I forget, they don’t have an age requirement. However, they have a height requirement of at least 3 feet.

Kids approximately 7 to 11 years old should have an adult supervision. They require a 1:1 ratio of adult and child.


Inflatable Island PH

The next step is to enter the premise of the Inflatable Island area. There are sufficient signages, but, in case, you still get lost, just approach one of their friendly staff.

They wear light pink and mint green shirts.



Inflatable Island PH

I don’t know the interval for their orientation/ safety briefing session. What I’m sure of is it’s a MUST. They’ll be orienting you on their house rules some of which are the following:

  • Wear a life vest at all times.
  • NEVER, under any circumstances, attempt to swim underneath any of the obstacles. ALWAYS go over the top surface.
  • Smaller children should always be given the right of way.
  • NEVER dive head first. You must always enter the water with feet first.
  • Tread carefully and show caution as the park is slippery and unstable.


Waiver Signing

Inflatable Island PH

After completing the safety briefing session, you need to sign a waiver as relieve BeachBosses Inc. from any liability, claims, or damages arising from one’s negligence and/or misconduct. Well, I think that’s fair enough.


Locker Area

Inflatable Island PH

If you don’t have a designated friend or family member who’ll look over the things as you play, you can rent lockers to store your belongings.

Locker rates are as follows:

  • Small lockers: half day rental is PHP 50 (or USD 1); and whole day rental is PHP 100 (or USD 2).
  • Big lockers: half day rental is PHP 100 (or USD 2); and whole day rental is PHP 150 (or USD 3).



Inflatable ISland

To be able to totally enjoy the island without any scratches, they recommend the use of rash guards and/or swim leggings worn over swimsuits. They prohibit clothing with buttons, zippers, or any sharp objects such as earrings, watches or rings in the play zone since it may damage the inflatables.

On shore, any attire can be worn.


Floaters Area

Inflatable Island

With various floaters to choose from such as a unicorn, flamingo, dragon and more, you won’t go home without an opportunity to have an Instagram-worthy shot.

All the floaters, by the way, are anchored. It gives you peace of mind when you decide to just relax on it.

The catch there is that you can’t go around with the floater. Plus, it can be quite a challenge for some to ride it as someone should be holding the floater for them or they need to have enough upper strength.


Once you’re on the floater, don’t sit near the neck of the animal floater you chose or else you’ll find yourself plunging into the water. That’s what happened with Lloyd so it took us several tries just to get a nice photo together.


Mermaid Princess

Our good friend, Ivy, chose a clam shell floater. Doesn’t she look like a prized pearl on it?


Play Zone

Inflatable Island

As mentioned before, Inflatable Island is Asia’s biggest floating playground with a size of 3, 420 sq.m. which is equivalent to eight basketball courts.


And with a depth that ranges from four to fifteen feet, everyone is required to wear a life vest prior to entering the play zone.

Inflatable Island


Once you’re all geared up, it’s time to swim to the entrance of the inflatable island from the shore. If it’s a struggle to reach it, no worries since the ever so helpful lifeguards will assist you.

Inflatable Island

We heard that they’ll be installing floating platforms soon to make it easily accessible. That’s certainly a good news!


Here is a map so you can maximize your time in the inflatable you like to try the most.

Inflatable Island



As much as possible, don’t run unless you’re trying out obstacles.

You’ll certainly end up falling flat on your face or falling on your butt which is completely harmless because of the squishy state of the island. However, you may end up falling in the water which may cause you some precious time especially when you’re just on splash pass.

Inflatable Island


Inflatable obstacles vary in difficulty. The easy ones only require balance and timing when crossing.

Inflatable Island


Meanwhile, the most difficult one for us to accomplish is the monkey bars which require core strength, grip strength, coordination, and flexibility. What adds to the difficulty is the instability of the ceiling as it’s inflatable.

Inflatable Island

We admire those who complete this challenge.


Other inflatables are meant for easy play such as the happy swing, giant Tarzan slide, and even the jumping willow which kids can also enjoy.

Inflatable Slide


What made us totally carefree is the trampoline.

Inflatable Island


If you’re up for massive fun, go for the giant Tarzan swing.


Or better yet, be a human cannon with the human launcher. The heavier the friend who launches you, the farther you’re launched.

Inflatable Island Experience


Bali-inspired Lounge

When you’re not yet prepared to play or you’re already tired from playing, you get to relax at the Bali-inspired lounge. I still haven’t been to Bali, but my parents and foreign friends, upon seeing the photos I posted on Instagram, told me that it really looks like Bali.

Inflatable Island Experience

We really found the bean bags to be super comfortable and the vibrant colorful umbrellas could really protect us from the sun. A SOAKED pass will enable us to chill there all day plus take huge tons of Instagram shots.


Inflatable Island First Aid

Inflatable Island has a designated area for first aid, but if they hear that need special attention, they’ll go to you as fast as you can. Their staff is really efficient.

I had minor scratches on my legs as I wasn’t wearing a swim leggings. They rushed in to help treat my wounds.



Food is allowed to be brought inside the resort with a corkage fee that ranges from PHP 500 (USD 9.97) to PHP 2,000 (or USD 39.86). However, they strictly do not allow outside food at the Bali Lounge.

This means if you plan on eating food inside the Bali lounge, the food must be purchased from their concessionaires.


Sam’s Express
Inflatable Island Experience

One of their concessionaires is the Sam’s Pizza that is popular for its square pizza and its reasonable price.


Inflatable Island

We had the SAM’S SPECIAL which can be really filling with its thick dough and generous toppings. It’s catered to the Filipino taste with its sweet sauce.Honestly, it reminds us of Fat Boy’s pizza after trying it which is good enough for us. Picky eaters may not feel the same.


Subic Grand Seas
Inflatable Island

Rice meals are offered by Subic Grand Seas resort. Hopefully, someone offers grilled seafood which is the best food to eat at the beach.


Inflatable Island Food Stall
Inflatable Island

Refreshing drinks are offered in cute drink floaters. We love the watermelon shakes that we had.

What we heard from them is if you purchase a drink, you get to bring home the drink floater too.


Snack for the Road: Gold Stack Potato Chips

Inflatable Island

On your road trip to the Inflatable Island, we highly recommend you snack on Gold Stack chips instead of other chips. It doesn’t have trans fat, cholesterol, and preservatives. So you won’t feel guilty eating junk food.

Aside from their famous Honey Butter chips, it now comes with other flavors like their Sour Cream & Onion, a favorite of most of our friends, the Potato Salad with a creamy taste, and Cheese.



Inflatable sland Bathroom

Two bathroom houses will be provided. The women’s bathroom and men’s bathroom are distinguishable from the other side with the huge figure labels.


BathroomShower stalls are separated from bathroom stalls.

During our visit, the bathroom was still undergoing construction. Ample space is provided. We just hope the water flow is already strong and the water won’t smell like rust anymore.


Inflatable Island bathroom

I wonder if the sink area will have a mirror.



Inflatable Island

Going to the Inflatable Island made us carefree and unleashed the kid in us. It’s indeed a great way to enjoy the summer. As a bonus, one burns calories as the obstacles are faced.

Aside from that, others will think it’s funny that you stumbled or slipped but, at the end of it all, everyone will help each other out. So you may go home with new friends just like we did.

Add to the awesome experience the Instagrammable floaters, Bali-inspired lounge, and drinks.

It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience you shouldn’t miss!


That is why we are giving away four (4) SPRAY passes so you and your family/ friends can enjoy the Inflatable Island as well. It’s worth PHP 3, 996 valid until Sept. 30, 2017.

All you have to do to join are the following:

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. Tag your three of your family/friends in the comment section of our Facebook post.
  3. Share our Facebook post. Make sure your post is set to public.
  4. Comment below why you deserve to have an inflatable island experience. OR comment below your answer to this question, “Which among the inflatables would you like to try the most and why?”


Only those who completely followed the instructions will have a qualified entry.

Deadline for joining is on April 9, 2017. The winner will be announced on April 10, 2017.


Where to Stay

Subic Peninsular Hotel

Subic Penninsular Hotel

Watch out for Inflatable Island’s hotel + ticket deals as they just ran out of it. It’s such a good deal!

Just to give you an idea, the following are the rates of Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel:

  • Deluxe King/ Deluxe Twin: PHP 3, 200 (or USD 63.78).
  • Junior Deluxe: PHP 3,500 (or USD 69.76).
  • Double Deluxe Queen: PHP 4,400 (USD 87.7).
  • Deluxe Quad: PHP 4,500 (or USD 89.7).
  • Family Suite: PHP 7,700 (or USD 153.48).


Samba Bluewater Resort

Samba Bluewater Resort also offers accommodations that range from PHP 2,800 (or USD 55.81) on Zamba Villas to PHP 6,000 (or USD 119.59) on Groupie Nipa Hut per night.


They also offer cabanas (or private cottages) for big groups but it’s better to avail it via Inflatable Island to get discounts.

So instead of paying PHP 2,500 (or USD 49.83) for an Inner Cabana good for ten people, you’ll only pay PHP 1, 900 (or USD 37.87).

Meanwhile, for a Beach Front Cabana good for fifteen people, you’ll only pay PHP 2, 400 (or USD 47.84) instead of PHP 3,500 (or USD 69.76).


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