Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria: Quality Pizzas for a Reasonable Price

Back when we were in college, we used to hang out in Mall of Asia. We go around there eating in different restaurants for our dates. However, for some reason, we never really got to try Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria.

For those who still haven’t heard about the restaurant, it is relatively old and is currently in its 11th year. We learned that it used to serve traditional Italian pizza and pasta under the helm of Mr. Joey Concepcion, CEO and President of RFM corporation.

“Joey Pep,” as called by their patrons, underwent through some major changes in order to seal their presence in the pizza industry. And we were happy to check out their new look and new menu, so you guys can know if a visit is worth it or not.


Ambiance & Interior

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

From its mid-high tier pizzeria look as shown to us by the marketing officer, the entire place was renovated in favor of the industrial chic interior. Bare industrial walls surround the slightly cramped place. However, appetizing photos on the wall and pendant lights create a lovely casual atmosphere.

We understand why they favored such interior design. It’s a trend in restaurants these days. Plus, keeping the overall aesthetics to a minimum lets customers focus on the quality of their food and the company of their friends/family.

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

By the way, we found this pretty cool. Menus were fastened to a chopping board that doubles as a decor that spells Joey.



Aside from the look of the place, there were huge changes in the food as well. Their main focus has become Italian-American cuisine. It thereby made the price more affordable yet retaining the premium taste that they are known for.



Joey Pepperoni Soup

We first had a taste of their MUSHROOM SOUP, PHP 95 (or USD 2.9) which has both Shiitake and button mushrooms swimming in cream soup. Meanwhile, the white onion added a sharp flavor to the rich soup. We really enjoyed this soup a lot. It’s probably more than we expected.


Mozza Bites Joey Pepperoni Pizza

MOZZA BITES, PHP 200 (or USD 4) are a good meal starter. Those are essentially small breaded bread bites which have the right amount of mozzarella cheese inside. I really like the fact that it’s really crispy on the outside, but it is very chewy and soft on the inside. We’re big cheese lovers so we like it.

It comes with tomato sauce that may fight cloying.


Joey Pepperoni House Salad

Next up is their HOUSE SALAD, PHP 195 (or USD 3.9) which is a combination of mixed greens, tomato, onions topped with parmesan cheese. Its sauce is Balsamic vinaigrette. We like how the vinaigrette sauce and cheese are distributed well. There is also no taste of bitterness in the greens. Definitely simple but tasty! It definitely made us eat more greens.



Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria is not just about pizza. They also offer delicious tasting pasta which includes crowd favorites like carbonara, lasagna, and much more.

Italian Sausage Pasta Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

For our visit, we had a pleasure of trying out their ITALIAN SAUSAGE PASTA, PHP 200 (or USD 4.4). With linguine noodles cooked in olive oil, it’s main flavors are drawn from Italian sausage and the capsicum (bell pepper). Tinge of parsley did not only made the dish pop added a



We always have the family member or friend who can’t have a meal without rice. Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria made sure to address that. They offer a few rice meals.

Rosemary Chicken Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

We got to try their ROSEMARY CHICKEN, PHP 240 (or USD 4.81). This is a quarter leg chicken seasoned with garlic and rosemary herb. It is served with garlic mushrooms and parsley rice.

The chicken is roasted very well as there are no uncooked parts yet the meat remained juicy. Me-An enjoyed it for it is full of garlicky flavor. I, on the other hand, am still looking for a sauce to accompany it. It’s because I’m accustomed to having a sauce of some sort for these kinds of dishes.



Our experience wouldn’t be complete without having Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria’s pizza.

Four Cheese Pizza Joey Pepperoni Pizza

We had one of their best sellers which is their FOUR CHEESE PIZZA, PHP 370 (or USD 7.41). The four cheese are mozzarella, white cheese, parmesan and cheddar cheese with tomato sauce underneath all the cheeses.

The first thing I noticed about it is the appearance. The inner crust is thin while the crust edge is thick yet soft with the right crisp. Despite looking like a Neopolitan pizza, the middle of the pie is not wet to the point it can’t be sliced for sharing. We learned later on that the crust is part of the change or improvement Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria has undertaken. They developed it through research and development to make their pizzas distinct.

We really like how their pizza tastes. Simply put, it is one of the best pizzas we have tried to date. The combination of the four cheese tasted delicious combined with the tomato sauce. It tasted good even after a long period of time. We can say that since we took our pizza leftovers home.

For those who are price conscious or are street smart, you’ll be happy to know that Joey Pepperoni’s Pizza is extremely competitive even from the likes of Yellow CabThe pizza that we had was 12 inches. So if ever you ordered two of it, you’ll get 24 inches of this really good pizza at a price point that is still more affordable than Yellow Cab’s of the same flavor.

Finally, for those who are can’t seem to choose from Joey Pepperoni Pizzaria’s array of pizza flavors, they are offering “make your own pizzas.” This means you can customize it by choosing the sauce, cheese, and toppings to be put.


Banana Nutella Pizza

We ended our filling meal with their BANANA NUTELLA PIZZA, PHP 140 (or USD 2.9). It is an 8 inches “pizza” layered with banana and covered with nutella chocolate. Some may find it odd but it’s surprisingly good. We just have to note that they didn’t use the nutella spread directly from the jar. They may have mixed it with milk to turn it into a sauce.


Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria is Reasonable

We are truly happy that we intentionally tried out Joey Pepperoni Pizza. And we regret that we hadn’t tried it sooner. The food is of quality at a reasonable price. Thus, I can say with confidence that we’ll return. We also have no hesitations in recommending it to you. So go on! Bring your family and friends. After all, when one is dining, not only should one’s tummy be satisfied but it’s should be spent on food that’s worth it.

Save the Date promo

Anyway, you can also bring your loved one too. They have Valentine’s promo which is the 214 Pizza-Pasta Treat.  You’ll get 1 eight-inch pizza, 2 plates of pasta and 2 glasses of iced tea for only PHP 214 (or 4.28 USD).

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Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

Ground Floor, RFM Corporate Center, Sheridan Street, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City.
Operating Hours: 10AM to 9PM (Mon. to Sat.) and 12NN to 10PM (Sundays)

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