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Eat and Jam with Jonas Restaurant at Bonifacio Global City

For some reason, Filipinos really like eating meat especially beef and pork. There is something about its texture that makes us crave for it a lot. Out of all the dishes, Beef Pares is one of the cheapest, most accessible and not to mention, the easiest one to make.

Beef Pares, or Pares for short, is the Filipino’s take on Braised Beef. The term pares literally means “pair.” in Filipino. Back in the day, people liked ordering braised beef and rice. Sometimes soup is also part of the Pares meal.

There are many food establishments who serve Pares especially in small eateries because of its convenience and simplicity. One famous establishment is Jonas that is credited for the starting pares and for offering the original beef pares.

Jonas Store Front

From their humble beginnings of a carinderia or small eatery, Jonas has grown into a restaurant with several branches. I didn’t grow up eating their pares like those who have eaten in their original branch. However, coming from the South, I find comfort that eating their food is more easily attainable now that they have a branch in Bonifacio Global City/BGC.



I still haven’t been to Jonas other branches, but I think what they did with their restaurant was great. The interior was minimalistic yet sleek looking to suit the taste of the BGC crowd.

Jonas Restaurant


Jonas Restaurant

There is something comforting with the color scheme of the place. Add to it the messages of customers posted on walls.


Jonas Restaurant

What Jonas BGC branch distinctly has over other branches is that there is a band performance every Friday. I was told by the owner that these are needed changes in order to be competitive in BGC, a place filled with really good restaurants and bars. Live music certainly keeps the customers awake and is a delight to those enjoys such.



Going over to the food, I was blessed to try out a lot from their menu that is enough to give my thoughts.


Jonas Beef Pares

It was natural that I try out first their bread and butter, the ORIGINAL JONAS PARES, PhP 198 (or 4.01 USD). Served with the JONAS FRIED RICE, PhP 48 (or 0.99 USD), their beef pares is as classic it can be. How is it? The beef was tender and the stew was seasoned nicely but don’t expect anything special. I liked the fact though that they kept the simplicity of the dish. Theirs is the original beef pares after all.


Beef Noodles

Jonas BEEF NOODLE, PhP 195 (or 4.04 USD) is very good. See above the noodle soup with Beef Pares on top. The combination is just perfect. The Beef Pares on top really complemented well with the noodles creating a one of a kind experience for me.


Jonas Chicken + Salted Egg Yolk

For something a bit unusual, I went and dig-in at their CHICKEN + SALTED EGG YOLK, PhP 245 (or 5.08 USD). Placed under a bed of crackers, these egg yolk covered chicken honestly doesn’t look appetizing, to say the least. However, after having a bite at it, it was clearly a good example of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” It tasted nice with the egg yolk adding a salted savory texture to the chicken.


Almond Gulaman

For my drink/ dessert combo, I tried out their ALMOND GULAMAN, PhP 52 (or 1.08 USD). It’s basically the famous Filipino drink but they used almond jellies for its sinkers. The almond flavor clearly overpowered the whole drink which is a bit disappointing for me because I was hoping to taste more of Gulaman. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good enough drink.


Other food items you may want to try are the following:

Caesar Salad with Chicken




SIOMAI, PhP 45 (or 0.93 USD)


Pork Ribs Salt & Pepper



Mixed Vegetable

LECHON PAKSIW, PhP 195 (or 4.04 USD)


Jonas is Reasonable

Jonas Restaurant

Ultimately, I find Jonas to be reasonable. The Orginal Jonas Pares is true to its name that it’s truly original. No frills just simple good pares. Jonas restaurant also has a lot of other good dishes like the Beef Mami and the Chicken + salted egg yolk which is an alternative for those who want to eat something different. I think the prices of Jonas meals are really affordable by BGC standards. Added inclusions like a really nice ambiance and a pop-up band performance during Friday nights is a major plus too. I can’t wait to return here with Me-An to have a late night snack.

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Jonas Restaurant

The Fort Strip, 26th Street Corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.
Operating Hours: 8AM to 10PM (Mon. to Thurs.), 8AM to 2AM (Fri.), and 8AM to 9PM (Sun.).

10 Responses to “Eat and Jam with Jonas Restaurant at Bonifacio Global City”

  1. Ay me Jonas na rin sa BGC. When I transferred to QC back in 1985, and yes, you were not born yet, Jonas was already famous there (Retiro/Mayon). It looked like carinderia style until they constructed a small building. Ewan ko kung saan nagsimula ang pares pero everytime na may nagsabing pares, Jonas agad ang naiisip ko.

    Pricing, ganon talaga, it is the same food, and because it is BGC, mas super expensive siya compared doon sa main. Grabe. Merong pares dito na malapit, mamaya iyan na lang kakainin ko. Envious ako. LOL.

  2. I haven’t heard about the food chain here in Cebu, but judging on the picture super sulit prices and the food looks delicious. What I love most is the band performing. It’s jus add to the attraction of the customers, here in our place mostly grill and music house combination talaga. Do they have branch in Cebu? I’ll research.

  3. I don’t know the chain ‘Jonas’. That’s not so weird probably since I live in Europe. But it’s nice to put this on my list for if I ever visit the Philippines. I love band performances in restaurants. It’s great that they have a band each friday! I have never eaten pares. It seems nice! I’ve never seen anything like the almond gulaman! It’s a pity the almond flavor was a bit too strong.

  4. Never tried Jonas before but reading your post makes me think that I might give this retaurant a 5 star rate as well. I like reading success stories and the humvle beginnings of the owners made me smile. The photos of the food looks totally delicious, I hope they’ll open a branch in Cebu soon. 🙂

  5. I’d like to try this original pares. The serving in the first bowl looks a little less than what I would want. The second bowl though makes up for it. BGC is definitely a competitive market. Having a live band make it more attractive.

  6. I love pares and I work in BGC so how come I never came across Jonas before. Oh well, it’s okay. I’m just gonna go and look for it because like I said I love pares. I gotta try their version and see how it compares with the ones that I had in the past. Also I want to try the beef noodle.

  7. Some great pictures here. Really fascinated by the variety of food. The Chicken and egg dish didn’t look that enticing, but as I like both, I probably would enjoy it. The beef noodle dish looks delicious as do the pork ribs. Also, I like the fact that they had a live band which always makes the evening fun. Expect you were full up by the end of the evening.

  8. Love their Pares! Always always makes me feel full. I also agree that their price is reasonable enough and the servings are really good. I guess I should visit them on a Friday for some cozy band music night!:)

  9. Ooooh, I didn’t know they pioneered beef pares! It’s inspiring how they moved from a carinderia to a restaurant in BGC, and I love how they maintained the original pares recipe without being tempted to upgrade or fuse it other cuisines. It may not have anything special as you described but for the regular folks who used to patronize their food, the nostalgia will be golden.

  10. I haven’t heard about Jonas before. I grew up in Manila and I seldom go to QC – good thing they have it in BGC now. I’m a fan of noodles though, so I’d love to try their beef noodles. Their salted egg chicken looks interesting as well! 🙂


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