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Strengthen Friendship at Jumong Grill

It was a tiring, chilly evening when I suddenly had the urge to eat Korean food. I, Me-An, her brother and our friends were fortunate to find ourselves in Angeles City’s K-Town (Korean Town). After minutes of searching the stretch of true-blue Korean establishments, Jumong Grill’s “Unlimited Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) + Special Meat for only PhP 250 (or 5.31 USD)” caught our attention.

Jumong Grill


Without any hesitation, I immediately parked the car and dragged the group towards the entrance. (Spoilers: We weren’t able to order the eat all you can. I’ll explain later).

Jumong Grill



It was a typical Korean barbeque restaurant with white background wallpaper and private rooms for a group who wants privacy.

Jumong Grill


Since it’s a grill restaurant, it’s expected that they have exhaust for grilling. What is interesting is they have these traditional Hangul (Korean Language) writings on the divider walls.

Jumong Grill



Before I proceed to the food, we (well, I) initially planned to order their unlimited samgyeopsal for PhP 250.00 (or 5.31 USD) since I thought it was a very good deal. Unfortunately, Me-An’s brother doesn’t eat pork and a group of customers can only order their unlimited samgyeopsal offer if everyone orders, so we ended up ordering à la carte meals.

For those people who have experienced eating at Korean restaurants before, you may have noticed that banchan or Korean dishes are a staple. The offerings and the quantity differ from each restaurant.

Jumong Grill

The side dishes they’ve served were sweet & spicy hotdog, string beans, scrambled egg, sweet potatoes, and the people’s favorite, kimchi.

To tell you guys honestly, I was ready to rate the side dish as poor due to their choices and as well as its taste. However, their kimchi has to be one of the best I’ve tried yet. It was both sour and spicy and the veggie tasted really fresh.


Lloyd in JumongAlthough we couldn’t order the unlimited samgyeopsal, that didn’t stop me from ordering the mouthwatering pork belly goodness for PhP 265.00 (or 5.72 USD). The meal included four (4) slabs of raw pork belly which I then grilled and ate with a fresh lettuce wrap. Taste wise for the pork belly, it was just okay, nothing too special about it. It was seasoned just right though so it wouldn’t taste bland. The sauce that comes with it tasted delicious though.


I haven’t seen this dish before, but I imagined it to be a pasta/noodle based dish based from its name and it actually was.


JJAPAGAETTI, PhP 150 (or 3.24 USD) looked like a Korean ramen devoid of soup, but it had this black sauce all over it. Did it tasted good? Well, the black soybean sauce didn’t had a taste at all. They may have added too much water. It, however, may be good for people looking for a healthier treat. According to Me-An, this reminded her of a different version of black soybean noodles that she ate in South Korea which was jajangmyeon.


Another food that I haven’t heard off before even if I’ve already been to South Korea myself was this SEAFOOD PAJEON, PhP 200 (or 4.32 USD).

Seafood Pajeon

It was Me-An and my best friend, Camsie, who ordered these. This is essentially Korea’s answer to Japan’s okonomiyaki of sorts. Yes, I found out from them that it is a Korean-style pancake with various ingredients with green onions (or jeon in Korean term) as the key ingredient.

For its sauce, soy sauce with chili was served. The flavors of the seafood and green onion combined made the pancake burst in flavor which was nice. I noticed it was quite thinner compared to okonomiyaki and crispier too. Me-An found it good except that its sauce should had vinegar in it.


Sizzling Chicken
For our grand finale, Me-An’s brother, Stanley, ordered SIZZLING CHICKEN, PhP 350 (or 7.43 USD). We were surprised to find six (6) pieces of chicken since the serving looked smaller in the menu’s photos. The chicken skin was crispy enough for my taste and the meat was really juicy. Overall, I was really impressed with its good taste and big serving.

Although we didn’t order any of their combo meals, you may be glad to know the combo meals they offer.

Jumong Grill



Jumong Grill



We were happy to see our bill to be around PhP 1205 (or 25.88 USD). It’s because we thought it would cost more than that due to the large servings of the food.

Jumong Gang

Ultimately, Jumong Grill is a mixed bag, but I personally think that it’s pros outweighs the cons. Their side dishes were something left to be desired so was their Jjapagaetti. However, if you consider other things like its serving and price plus their other dishes like the Seafood Pajeon and Sizzling Chicken, I’d say this one is a bang for the buck restaurant. Best of all, our friendship strengthened as we had a good bonding as eat the bounteous servings.

Yogo and Cream


Don Juico Avenue Cor., California Street, Angeles City, Pampanga.
Operating Hours: 3 PM to 4 AM everyday.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jumong-Grill-Korean-Restaurant


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13 Responses to “Strengthen Friendship at Jumong Grill”

  1. I am sold. But first, let me say this. I do not like Angeles City at all. The last time I was there, I was culture shocked at the prostitution in that wretched city. Having said that, I am sold on the Korean resto you went to, Jumong. Why? UNLI SAMGYOPSAL. Too bad you were not able to order this, but see, the thing with samgyopsal – my all time fave Korean dish – is that no matter which restaurant, it will always taste good, provided the pork is from a good source. 🙂

    • The Balibago district/ Red Light District of Angeles City is separate from K-Town so it’s up to the person to grab the opportunity to eat affordable Korean food and whether to support the blatant prostitution or not. I do think instead of disliking the place thoroughly, we should do our part by encouraging in our own way to help change the district and to support the government in providing them with another source of livelihood.

  2. One of my close friends is a certified Korean fan. She would surely love this place. I’ll mention this to her when we see each other again so she and her Korean-fanatic friends can try it out.

  3. quite informative i must say!! the dishes look delicious.. i’ll mention this place to my friends.. the variety is amazing..!! and above all, you have given a perfect description!

  4. This look s like a very nice restaurant. A great place to sit with friends, chat and enjoy some time together. When I go out for dinner, it’s not just about the food. It’s also always to have fun with the people I’m going. That’s just as important. The dishes look very nice as well. It’s nice that there are so many different things.

  5. I would love to bring my family there! I haven’t tried eating in a Korean restaurant with such a nice ambience wherein I can really feel the Korean culture and place. That place is just interesting!

  6. I like korean food a lot and looking the unlimited samgyeopsal will make my ears celebrate. Lol. Sad that you could not get it. The price is really reasonable so better yet, just grab more of their kimchi which the most tasty as you said. Would love to visit this korean town and try the Jumong grill.

  7. I’m already convinced to try this place especially when you mentioned the sizzling chicken and how good the kimchi was then I saw that it’s in Pampanga. Wayyyyy faaaar from me 🙁 Maybe someday 😊

  8. Really decently priced place. I like the way they’ve served you raw pork belly, to grill for yourself. This makes it so much easier to keep it to our taste. Love their funky dish naming concept. Keeps you interested!

  9. This is a good find considering the ambiance, food, and experience. Sad lang as the place is so far. But when within the vicinity this is a nice place for that hearty lunch or dinner.

  10. I am really not into korean foods but this one seems you enjoyed very much. The last time I went to Angeles I was literally surprised on how people dressed up and the prosties around the city. It made me sad and never plan to comeback again.

  11. it’s nice that they have private rooms available for those who prefer more privacy. and i will think the jjapagaetti is a ‘spin-off’ from the jajangmyeon and mashed up with spaghetti? it’s a pity it wasn’t well done though. and i love jeon! but i’ll prefer kimchi jeon to seafood pajeon as they usually add alot of spring onions (which i dislike) into the seafood one.


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