Kantorini Food Park

What to Eat in the Santorini-inspired Food Park: Kantorini Food Park

Not everyone has the luxury to go to Santorini, a place that is recognizable around the world for its whitewashed buildings with blue colored half-spheres and blue accents. Personally, I still haven’t gone there myself and, while I wait for the right person to go there with, I’ll just stick with Kantorini Food Park first.

Kantorini Food Park

Going here on a sunny day will certainly evoke the feeling of being in a distant place.


Kantorini Food Park

Kantorini Food Park may not have the reputed exquisite cliff waters and romantic sunset that makes you fall in love. However, similar to Santorini, Kantorini is also a culinary paradise. It is a gastronomic corner – home to 28 unique food concepts.


With myriads of food choices from the distinctive kiosks, below are a few food choices that will give you the bang for your buck.


Hi t0 Kori Hi to Kori

Conceptualized by a group of friends, Hi to Kori literally translated to “Fire and Ice” in Japanese offers a combination of hot and cold sweet treats.


Hi to Kori Ice Cream

Their most notable offering is their  TAKOYAKI ICE CREAM, PHP 195 (or USD 3.87). It looks like a takoyaki as a special batter envelopes the premium quality ice cream of choice. It is drizzled not with mayonnaise but a soft custard and a drizzled with a dulce de leche cotton candy.


Tempura Ball

With three flavors to choose from chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla, a TEMPURA BALL, PHP 185 (USD 3.67) is a scoop of ice cream deep fried in a tempura batter. You get the smoothness and creaminess of ice cream with a crunch that makes it enjoyable to eat. A dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream in the center makes the dessert all the more luscious.


Bubble Waffle Ice Cream

Hi to Kori also has Hong Kong’s increasingly popular BUBBLE WAFFLE ICE CREAM, PHP 165 (or USD 3.27). Two scoops of ice cream are wrapped in a waffle in bubble wrap form. They top it with three toppings of your choice.


Hi to Kori Menu

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Teishtee WOK

Teishtee WOK

Teishtee” comes from the word tasty as this purveyor offers delicious and tasty wok dishes. Indeed, the food is cooked in a wok and what enhances the flavor of the dish is the sweet and savory sauce that it is cooked in.



For starters, have some CHICKEN SPICY STRIPS, PHP 105 (or USD 2.1). Tender boneless chicken strips are coated with a crispy coating then glazed with a sweet, savory, and spicy sauce. You can pair this with rice too.





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Kantorini Food Park

Lot 2, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.
Operating hours: 4:00 PM – 12:00 MN daily.
For more information: contact 0936-9681820 or 0917-8844028.

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