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I honestly had been accustomed to going to spas and also availing of home service massages courtesy of my parents as I grow up. However, when we got to try Karada in Forbes Town Center, it was an entirely different experience for me and Lloyd. We experienced so much more than just a relaxing massage.

Karada BGC

After our hearty lunch at Locavore, we proceeded to Karada PH for our appointed session. Much have been said about Karada Philippines. Thus, in this post, I’m focusing on our experience with Karada.


the Karada Experience

STEP 1: Fill up client profile sheet.

Karada BGC
FUN FACT: Both Lloyd and I are lefties.

Like any first time client in a spa, we had to fill out a profile sheet. This is not just to collect information from us, but also to serve as a reference for the consultation process with their therapist.

These are some of their questions that we answered:

  • What is/ are your chief complaints?
  • Have you had any experienced any serious illness/ injury?
  • Have you undergone any surgery or operation?
  • Are you taking any medications/ maintenance?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you have a pacemaker?
  • Are you wearing contact lens?


STEP 2: Drink warm water and change footwear.

Karada BGC

We were then asked to drink warm water which I think makes our muscles a lot easier to massage. Afterward, we handed our footwear to them for storing as we wore the slippers they’ve provided.


STEP 3: Change into their provided outfit.

Karada BGC

Changing into their provided all-black comfy outfit is dependent on the kind of service availed. For instance, if the service availed is only foot reflex. There will be no need to change. Likewise, it also applies if the outfit worn is already comfortable.

In our case, I was wearing a dress. Lloyd, on the other hand, was wearing a polo shirt and jeans. Therefore, we really had to change our outfits. We were handed separate baskets (the green baskets to be exact) to store our clothing and belongings.

Their shirts have a variety of sizes which were medium, large, extra large, and double extra large.

Karada PH

Meanwhile, as you can see in the photo above, their pants come in one size only. It’s super comfy and stretchable so there won’t be any problems.


STEP 4: Treatment.

Karada PH
I apologize for displaying Lloyd’s photos instead. I’m in charge of photography.

Proceeding to the common area lit by daylight, the respective therapists assigned to us, who we learned underwent at least two months of training under a Japanese master trainer and have to pass an examination to qualify, immediately approached us. They reviewed what we wrote on the profile sheet and probed further on our chief complaints.

I don’t personally know what Lloyd’s complaints were, but, for me, I stated that I experience pain in my lower back previously and I recently had pain in my left foot. The therapist assessed that I experience such because of imbalance which I perhaps got from crossing my legs too often. Plus, she told me that I had stiff muscles from sitting too long in front of the computer. The consultation to the assessment was conducted professionally so I felt secured in whatever my therapist would do.

On having the treatment, I was surprised to hear popping and/or crackling sounds from my bone as the therapist did the treatment which I later found out was their signature technique, AP BALANCE/ ATLAS PELVIC BALANCE. It focused on readjusting segments of my spinal column to relieve me of my body pain.

I experienced kneading and extensive use of pressure afterward which reminded me of Shiatsu massage. Their BODY TREATMENT was distinct however since body weight was used for loosening my tight muscles. I felt short, quick tolerable pain from the pressure of the massage, but I assure you it is relieving.

Finally, to ensure that my spinal chord was realigned and I regained my body balance, I was escorted to the private room where their drop down table was and it was used on me.

Karada Ph

Please note that the utilization of this is not for everyone. It is on a case to case basis. As my body needed it, they used it on me.


STEP 5: Experience relief.

Karada PH

After our treatments, we were amazed to see the difference in our body’s balance before and after treatment. Our bodies were once again physically stable. We are very thankful both to Karada and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls for letting us experience this. We were revitalized and was in shape for our event that night at Marriott Grand Ballroom.

*TIPS: For first timers like us, to get the full Karada experience, we recommend availing their combination of AP Balance and Body Treatment good for an hour (PhP 1, 495 or 31.87 USD). You can also get the same treatment done by a Japanese master trainer for PhP 2, 795 or 59.58 USD. After experiencing such, it was advised that ten (sessions) be done for the first three months to fully restore the bone’s original and optimum orientation. Eventually, only once to twice a month will be needed for the upkeep of the body’s balance.


And to those who missed our video of our experience at Forbes Town Center, you may enjoy this video.


2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Road, Burgos Circle, Taguig City.
Operating Hours: 11:00AM to 9PM daily (or mall hours)

16 Responses to “Japanese Body Therapy @ Karada PH”

  1. First of all, I’d like to say that this is an extremely well-written piece and for someone like me who is curious, you provided all the information I need. I would also like to note that it’s funny when you posted a photo of your boyfriend… so yes, you are in charge of the camera, so you have full discretion. LOL.

    Anyway, after reading your post, clearly, this is not one of those spas offering mediocre massage. I think I may be trying this out once. Not sure when but I almost feel sure I would benefit from the specialty massage they offer.

  2. It’s very important from time to time to get our bodies relaxed and get out all the tension and the stress that we accumulate during the weeks. This can lead to back pain and bad posture. Massages are great to make us feel better and relax our body.

  3. This is what I need after a hectic and toxic month that had passed. Love the step by step procedure on how to start your massage in karada, this would be useful specially if you will try it for the first time. It’s a bit pricey but worth a try.

  4. This looks lovely. Loved to read through all the steps. It’s very clear! It sounds like a good experience. Massages are great and this looks like an excellent place to go for one.

  5. That sounds like a great massage. It’s good that they tailored the treatment to your needs. I’ve never heard of drinking warm water before a massage but it makes sense. Reading this definitely made me want to go get a massage myself!

  6. I watched the video and you guys are into vlogging now 🙂 great job!

    I enjoyed reading your Karada Experience. I , too, love going to spas and so far my favorite was Nuat Thai. So when I read about Karada, it made me curious. Poor Lloyd though , Naughty Me-An 😛
    I just find the price too expensive but I’m sure it was well worth it.

  7. I’m a fan of Karada and their services since they were the only ones that corrected my shoulder and neck pain through their AP Balance. 🙂 However, it is pricey so I can’t have it more than once a month. What makes it better is the fact that they provide more than just massages but readjustments and body treatments. 😀 Plus, I would also post photos of Sev instead as well. hehe 😉 Love the Vlog! <3

  8. I would love to try this, too. My husband and I are spa enthusiasts but we would often frequent Thai massage salons. I think he would love to go here because he prefers dry massage. The daylight-lit room is a hassle for me though.

  9. After reading your post, I guess I need it too! LOL but since I am far away and that Karada is just around Manila, I will just have hilot here which is very popular in the province. But really, this is a must try!

  10. I can really tell that he is really enjoying the massage treatment just by looking at that photo hehe I wonder what’s Karada means (funny because i’m pronouncing it with that rrrrr sound like Japanese haha)… hopefully I could try this massage someday

  11. I’m currently at the airport while reading this article. Did backpacking for 4 days in Mindanao and all I could say is please bring me here now haahah. I badly need this one and what good about this is, it’s not your ordinary spa. There is a session that would really take care of your body pain. This is so awesome!

  12. First, i find it cute you being in charge of photography. I cant say “poor Lloyd” as the photos are all decent naman but ihihi, you caught him sleeping? Second, thank you for the detailed steps. I like it when everything starts from the beginning so i could have a full view. Third, i find that massage too serious compared to some of the nassages ive had. I like it that they take everything seriously. Lastly, would have that kind of service. 🙂

  13. I think this is a great experience especially to those who are exposed to constant stress. I guess Lloyd is the star of this post? Hahaha! I’ve seen Karada in Glorietta and really am curious. It’s a good thing you provided bits of information already. I wonder if what they do is similar to a chiropractor? 😀

  14. I have been passing by Karada in Eastwood for months now, and always wonder about their services. I would always think of getting a treatment there, but the timing is always off whenever I’m in the area. Thank you for sharing your experience. My husband and I would definitely avail the AP Balance and Body Treatment. Excited for it!

  15. Luisito Concepcion

    I would like to inform you that i am interested of availing a franchise for this in Angeles City please. i am really interested. Thank you


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