Saktong Pogi Night

A Night of Celebration for the Saktong Pogi by Kojie San Men

What a wonderful night it was when I, along with Me-An, was invited to celebrate men who are not really considered really handsome, but are not ugly either. I’m talking about the Saktong Pogi “being just the right amount of handsome” guys.

Saktong Pogi Night

I don’t really consider myself as saktong pogi since I both have the attributes of a saktong pogi and what a pogi “really handsome” should be 😉 Hahaha! No, you’ll have to agree as I got Me-An as my girlfriend.

What a saktong pogi guy is?

  • Well-rounded
  • Independent minded
  • Goal-oriented
  • Multi-talented
  • Focus on being the best version of themselves

What a pogi guy is?

  • Movie star looks
  • Well-built physique

Whether saktong pogi, pogi  or not among these mentioned adjectives, we all have to agree that what is important for a guy is to practice good grooming and hygiene. No one definitely wants to be around a stinky guy.

Good thing Koji San Men, with its line of skin care products, helps us men become saktong pogi or simply be the best version of ourselves by offering products that we need for grooming and hygiene. Their skin care line includes face and body products namely the Kojie San Men Whitening Facewash with Oil Control Formula, Kojie San Men Whitening Body Wash with Moisturizer, and the Kojie San Men Extra Fresh Face and Body Soap with Cell Active-Men.

Kojie San Men

I honestly don’t care for whitening as I’m proud of my Filipino skin color.
However, if I become more attractive to Me-An,
because of fairer complexion and smoother skin,

When I used Kojie San Men soap with Cell-Active, Me-An noticed that my skin has become softer. She also liked the manly scent that comes with it so you may see her sniffing me from time to time. SAKTONG POGI.


Anyway, Kojie San Men placed the spotlight at the Saktong Pogi guys of Metro Manila last Thursday, June 2, 2016 in 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub, Century City Mall.

Saktong Pogi Night


We were aware that two of the most famous Philippine YouTubers and Kojie San Men ambassadors, Wil Dasovich and Marco Ho “Bogart the Explorer,” would be around.

Wil Dasovich at Saktong Pogi Night
Wil Dasovich
Bogart the Explorer at Saktong Pogi Night
“Bogart the Explorer” and Lloyd.

Apparently, it was a star studded night as the event was hosted by popular radio jock, Joyce Pring.

Joyce Pring at Saktong Pogi Night
Joyce Pring


The hot DJ, Miss Jinri Park of Monster RX 93.1, was also at the event for a special participation.

Jinri Park at Saktong Pogi Night
Guess who Ms. Jinri Park is in this picture.

Prior to the event, I really didn’t even know what was going to happen on the event. I even thought that it was going to be a fashion show of some sort. I soon learned that Kojie San Men held an online contest prior two weeks before the event via the Saktong Pogi Facebook page. Five finalists, who gave a good explanation why they were Saktong Pogi, were chosen to join a Dating Game. The Dating Game gave them a chance to score a date with Miss Jinri Park. Lucky gentlemen!



1. Brand Manager of Kojie San Men, Ms. Meredith Villanueva-Balmes discussed Kojie San Men and the brand’s Saktong Pogi campaign.

Ms. Meredith Villanueva-Balmes

According to her, the Saktong Pogi campaign is not your typical campaign where using beauty products will enhance the physical appearance of those using it. Rather, with the Saktong Pogi campaign, they are trying to promote the good grooming of men and to become the best version of themselves which means not necessarily being a super pogi guy. Hence, the Saktong Pogi tagline.

I personally think that it was a really unique way of promoting beauty products at it was more about staying true to what you really are instead of being someone you look up to in the TV for instance. Indeed, we are fine the way just we are.


2. Wil and Bogart came to the stage afterwards also for a speech both of who further expounded the message that was being conveyed in the Saktong Pogi campaign.

Saktong Pogi Night


3. Miss Jinri Park herself was called on the stage to give a few words herself.  She said that she also likes the concept of Saktong Pogi. For her, Saktong Pogi is being a well-rounded person which she likes. Yes, she doesn’t like super gwapo (also means handsome) guys since they look intimidating for her. She did note that she likes humorous guys (that’s +1 for me LOL), guys who can carry a conversation (another +1 for me), well-traveled (I had my share of travels recently) and sporty guys (+1 for playing badminton).

Jinri on stage


4. The Dating Game


  • Each contestant has two wingmen who they brought with them.
  • Their wingmen have to outdo the other competitors by pitching to Ms. Jinri Park why their friend (the contestant) is a Saktong Pogi and why their friend deserves to have a date with Ms. Jinri.
  • The contestant is not allowed to talk during the pitch which is limited to only 2 minutes.
  • After the pitch, Mr. Wil Dasovich and Mr. “Bogart the Explorer” will give their feedback to help Ms. Jinri process the pitch.
Wil Dasovich
Mr. Bogart the Explorer
  • Ms. Jinri Park then asks a question to the contestant which is the only time the contestant can speak.
  • The goal is simple. The best pitch wins.



There were only four (4) contestants who showed up.

Contestant #1: Nico Sicio

Nico Sicio
From left to right, Gillian, Nico Socio, and Jay.

Selling points :

  • Average-looking guy.
  • Likes Jinri so much that he offers to tutor his school friends just so they can accompany him to Jinri’s magazine signing.
  • Graduated as a Magna Cum Laude.
  • Already a professor at the young age of 23 years old.

Q& A: What is Jinri’s latest hobby?

Nico confidently answered jiu-jitsu which is correct.  Jinri then makes a follow up question if he wants to spar with Jinri in a match, and we all know the answer to that.


Contestant #2: Josh Versoza

Josh Versoza
Josh Versoza accompanied by his wingman, Randy.

The wingman was so shy that he wasn’t able anything at all. The only thing that we were able to get from him is that he knows how to sing. When it was Jinri’s turn to talk, instead of asking a question, she instead asked Josh to sing for her which he happily did.


Contestant #3: Engr. Mark “Oni” Agbayani

Mark Agbayani
From left to right, Clitch, Engr. Mark “Oni” Agbayani” and Joven.

The pitch started with the wingmen showing a video that Oni made himself showcasing who he is. Since the video consumed time from the pitch, the wingmen weren’t able to talk about “Oni.”

Q&A:  What for him was most important, having a great sense of humor, having the ability to make intelligent conversations, being active and sporty, or being passionate about life?

The whole crowd was laughing at his answer. He answered that he found it difficult to choose because he values all of the qualities mentioned. He just expounded why he values all of the choices. When Jinri pointed out that he didn’t really answered her question, he simply said “ If I were going to choose just one, I’ll choose you”. It made everyone laugh really hard but, at the same time, really entertained.


Contestant #4: El Jhei Ongjoco

El Jhei Ongjoco
El Jhei Ongjoco with his wingman, Joey.

Selling Points:

  • Sakto with everything
  • From Batangas

Q&A: What was the last movie that he watched that he cried and why?

His answer was the “Miracle in Cell No. 7”. It was a MeloDramatic Korean movie. He told us that he cried in this movie because the movie was very touching especially the plot of the movie.



Jinri was asked to return to the stage to choose among the four finalists. She admitted that she had a hard time choosing one because she liked two out of the four contestants. She then requested if those two contestants (#1 and #3) can come up on stage and try to persuade her one more time.

Jinri’s final question: If her and the guy were stucked in an abandoned island, what will they do, will they kill themselves just so Jinri could survive, kill Jinri so the guy will survive, or both of them will die together?

  • Contestant #1’s answer: He will try to create an SOS message first in order to get some help. Afterwards, he will try to look around the island for food, like from coconut trees and such. But if there are absolutely no food available, he prefers that they will die together. Jinri then made a follow up statement, “So you want me to die?” Nico then explained his answer saying, “Because if you die alone, I will also die inside.”
  • Contestant #3’s answer: It wasn’t unique enough and didn’t gave a good recall which made Nico the winner of the contest.

The Stars

I had lots of fun during the event. It was mostly laughing the whole night and we even had the chance to talk to Joyce, Bogart and Wil, both of which are my Vlog idols. If you want to see Me-An at Saktong Pogi Night, please do check out our Facebook page and stay tuned for our Vlog #2 in our Youtube channel.

Congratulations to Nico as well for winning the event. I really think you deserve it and you’re very much fitting of the title, “Saktong Pogi.”


Saktong Pogi

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11 Responses to “A Night of Celebration for the Saktong Pogi by Kojie San Men”

  1. Natawa ako doon eh, baka Me-an is sniffing you. HAHAHA! Good job getting and using something to make Me-An do silly things.

  2. Serious naman. 🙂 I know, I couldn’t resist on the previous comment.

    So I took a look at the product itself, it seems that it does not contain parabens, which is good. A definite plus. Additionally, I like the campaign. I am not for the glitz, but the campaign for men to look good is better than simply a physical thing. Ok, of course it is as much physical when grooming is concerned, pero there’s more to it when the other objective is to be the best version and certainly the contest they held was true to that.

    It looks like a good and successful event and kudos to the company’s marketing arm.

  3. Melissa

    Haha! Very interesting. Looks like the event was really fun. Also, you look good! Hindi naman sakto lang 🙂 Haha! Maybe I could get my boyfriend to use kojie san too? LOL

  4. wow, seems a lot of fun! I don’t think I will get the product in India, otherwise I know a few people who would love to use it 😉

  5. That sounds like a fun evening. I never think of men as caring about grooming, but of course they must at least a little. And the dating game sounds pretty funny as well. But of course Jinri picked the nicest looking guy (at least based on the photos).

  6. You has amazing guests! Lol, you forgot the #3’s answer. Haha. Nico deserves it. Love the humorous name of the event.

  7. Wil Dasovich is an awesome VLOGGER!! Funny..prior to reading this article, I was watching his Laboracay series over youtube! Rock on!

  8. Very interesting and funny event! It’s great to see online celebrities, bloggers and vloggers in one roof! I think I would laugh and enjoy the whole night as well if I was there, especially with Bogart the Explorer around!

  9. Interesting product, Lloyd! I didn’t know this is so big in the Philippines. I have a few friends using Kojie but I haven’t tried it myself.

  10. Ay ano ba yan.. it seems like I failed to meet Jinri Park’s qualification hahaha especially yung guy who can carry a conversation.. for sure, if I’m with her, i don’t know if I can even speak haha..
    anyway, this is such a great event for men..


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