Komrad Restaurant: A Song of Spice and Fire

If you read our blog posts on food, we wrote about Filipino, American, Korean, Japanese, and Italian restaurants so far except for Chinese. We, most of the time, don’t end up eating on one as Me-An became somewhat fed up from eating Chinese food. This is because her dad, who is 75% Chinese, frequently ate out at Chinese restaurants ever since she was young. It was a surprise for me when she had a change of heart one Saturday afternoon while were strolling around Eastwood Mall. She asked me if we could eat at Komrad restaurant.
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Well, I was curious about Komrad restaurant too as they claim to focus on the cuisine of China’s Hunan and Sichuan provinces. I did my research on what made those two provinces different from the usual Chinese food. I learned that both Hunan and Sichuan are known for their spicy and fiery hot food. The particular distinction between them is that Hunan cuisine uses generous amounts of chili, peppers and garlic; meanwhile, Sichuan cuisine uses Sichuanese pepper corn and chillies. All I can say at this point is that it was a great battle with complex spicy flavors that might have placed the battle of bastards in Game of Thrones to shame or not.




In a typical Chinese restaurant fashion, its color motif is red that is similar to the color of China’s national flag. They have aquariums to showcase live fish which are both for display and to be used as an ingredient for a dish eventually. However, on our visit there were no fish in sight as they either ran out of fish for the day or they just failed to restock.


Aside from that, there is a mural of a man who Me-An identified as Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China. Dark, wooden tables and chairs give off musty smell which accompanied with the traditional Chinese songs played over the background give an eerily nice kind of feeling.



What Me-An especially liked about Komrad’s decors are the hanging lamps suspended above us.




Like any other Chinese restaurant, Komrad offered free house tea to welcome us.


It was on par with other house teas in other restaurants with a hint of sweet taste.

Looking at their menu, it was refreshing to see that their food offering is diverse compared to most Chinese restaurants out there. It might look like it’s the same at first glance until you noticed that there are no sweet and sour pork or beef wanton mami here. Instead you will find things like Sichuan Sweet and Spicy Pork Strips and Tender Cumin Beef Slices. Personally, I find it really interesting to see names of food that I haven’t heard before.



For our appetizer, we ordered one of their dumplings which is called HAM SUI KOK, PhP 105 (or USD 2.20). It’s fried crescent dumpling with their version having chorizo filling instead of plain ground pork.

Ham Sui KokI like how the sweetness of the sticky dough matches the salty flavor of the soft making the perfect balance.



For our rice, we ordered their SHRIMP EGG WHITE FRIED RICE, PhP 145 (or USD 3.06). Its name is pretty much self explanatory on what its primary toppings are. With the addition of green peas and onion springs, there is not much to say about it except that its serving is pretty large for two (2) persons.


Sichuan Fried Eggplant

For our main course, we ordered their SICHUAN FRIED EGGPLANT, PhP 198 (or USD 4.18). To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of eggplant, in fact, I don’t really like them. However, Komrad’s eggplant was fried just right, was bathe in Sichuan sauce, and was topped with chicken strips that added some crunch and spring onions which added a little more punch to it.  The combination of all the ingredients especially the sauce actually made me consume the dish faster than Me-An. If eggplants were normally cooked this way, I don’t mind eating eggplants.


By the way, we had the spice level cut down for this one since we would like to put sauce on our rice and because we had another spicy dish.

Kung Pao Chicken

The other spicy dish we had was the KUNG PAO CHICKEN, PhP 198 (or USD 4.18). We applauded the arrangement of this dish. Although the chicken, at first glance, looked dry as its layer of sauce wasn’t glossy like how the usual Kung Pao Chicken was, both the marinated chicken and the spices left us wanting for more.


Milk Tea

Lastly, Me-An, ever the milk tea lover, couldn’t resist ordering one KOMRAD MILK TEA, PhP 105 (or USD 2.22). We understand that this is not really their specialty so Me-An doesn’t mind if it tastes like Thai milk tea.




Komrad is Reasonable


I admit that I might’ve prejudged Komrad simply because I thought it was another Chinese restaurant in a country that has hundreds of such, but I’m really happy that I was proven wrong. I give Komrad thumbs up for differentiating itself by whipping spicy and fiery hot dishes that spicy food lovers will enjoy. Except for the milk tea, we like how the dishes we’ve ordered were reasonable with its servings and good service.

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Komrad: Mao’s Hunan and Sichuan Kitchen

2nd Flr. Veranda, Eastwood Mall,  Libis, Quezon City.
Operating Hours : Everyday at 11 am to 11 pm (Eastwood Mall Hours).
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/komradmaoskitchen

12 Responses to “Komrad Restaurant: A Song of Spice and Fire”

  1. Indeed, Chinese delicacy has a distinct taste, mixed with sweetness and spicy flavor. I never fond of Chinese food but I’m learning to like one, especially, my partner loves to eat in MannHann and NorthPark. But, I believe we could try Komrad, I wanna taste the sichuan dish. The murals is simply an authentic Chinese interior style that gives the restaurant a unique and interesting establishment, a food haven to all Chinese food lovers. Wonderful Food Review. Natalie

  2. I have only have one go to Chinese restaurant when I crave for it. But, it seems that Komrad is a must try, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Ham Sui Kok, looks so delicious… I would love to try that if it’s available in India somewhere…But I can not really have kung pao chicken with less spice…I need it hot :p

  4. Mmmm. I only discovered my love for spicy food recently so Chinese delicacy would be a target for me. They should be special because Chinese people have specialized in spices since early times.

  5. First off, can I just say that the restaurant’s interior is beautiful? To be honest, I think the closes I’ve been to a chines restaurant is at Chowking. My family and my boyfriend isn’t really fond of chinese cuisine but I would love to try to eat in a legit chinese restaurant, one day! 🙂

  6. Now I know why most of the Chinese Restaurants color is red. Thanks for sharing that. with our current relationship with China. I hope that both culture won’t be affected. Admittedly, I love their food. I actually dine at Chinese resto at least once a week. Would love visit the place since it’s affordable and it looks so delicious. Would love to give that Eggplant a try 🙂

  7. Simona

    In Lithuania are quite a lot of Chinese food restaurants, but I have never tasted it, even sushi. But after this post, I hope to taste it soon, because it looks really delicious. This restaurant looks great, very nice interior! Wonderful post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Oh I simply love Chinese Food!! 🙂 They are just so delicious!! Looking at your photographs, I want to go to a Chinese restaurant right now!!

  9. Rowena C

    I always see this when I pass by Eastwood but dared not to eat on it because of the same reason as yours. Chinese restaurants are everywhere, offering almost the same dish and differ in taste a bit but based on your description on the food this one is different and their interior is cool. Mao in the middle gives you an ambiance that you are in China.

  10. I am totally in love with the ambiance! Good interior attracts a lot of customers indeed. I am a chinese food lover. I’ll definitely check out this place.


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