Kumori SM Mall of Asia

Quick Bites 15: Our Top 5 Picks at Kumori SM Mall of Asia

In case you missed our Instagram post, we are going to reiterate the good news. Our favorite bakery, Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe, has finally opened a branch at the SM Mall of Asia.


Kumori SM Mall of Asia

And to celebrate the opening of Kumori SM Mall of Asia, I, Me-An, and our blogger friends were invited to taste almost all of their baked goods and delectable treats. It was such a blessing for us since we got to enjoy our favorites again and again as well as discover their other offerings.


Top 5 Picks at SM Kumori Mall of Asia

I’m sure when you’re heading to the bakery you won’t readily buy all the bread and pastries you see. To make it easier for you to decide which to buy, we only chose our top five picks at SM Kumori Mall of Asia.



If you’re fond of Kumori, chances are you have already tried their classic Hanjuku cheese.

Classic Hanjuku Cheese

This half baked Japanese style cheesecake is the first Kumori product, made me introduce Kumori to Me-An, and quickly ticked Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe as one of my favorites. I can recall myself braving the traffic from Taft Ave. or from my home to Makati then going through the maze of people to the basement level of Landmark for my cheesecake fix.


Ube Hanjuku Cheese

Anyway, Kumori SM Mall of Asia put a new spin to Kumori’s classic with the Ube Hanjuku Cheese. It is the same absolutely moist, rich and fluffy goodness that we came to love. However, it now has a subtle yam taste to it which we love in Ube ice creams. Not to mention it has a deep purple color.

This treat is first made available at Kumoir SM Mall of Asia then they will be rolling it out after a month to other Kumori branches as well. I’m not sure if they have this in their other Kumori branches in other countries. But if they don’t, better hoard.



Signature Cheese Tart

We can’t believe we have never tried this before. Their cheese tart is simply divine with its smooth and creamy cheese custard filling on a solid crust. We are thankful that we got to eat a freshly baked version of it. The delicate mixture was, of course, warm but the cheese tart had a less firmer bite which we found more enjoyable to eat.


3. CRABSTICK BUNCrabstick Bun

Soft bread bun is generously topped with crabstick and corn then drizzled with mayonnaise. I know that crab sticks are a highly processed food product but it is a guilty pleasure I will eat any day. Furthermore, the mayonnaise added a creamy savory taste



Kumori Toyohashi Pudding

We always go for the original flavor when having Kumori’s Toyohashi pudding that we barely noticed that it now has four other variants. The other variants are the following:

  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Chocolate
  • Green Tea


Toyohashi Puddings

Those who love the Philippines’ version of leche flan may also find this to their liking even if this is baked instead of steamed. The Toyohashi pudding, regardless of the flavor, has a silky and melt in your mouth texture with the right amount of sweetness. Each custard cream is made with only farm fresh eggs and premium buttermilk cream.



Melon Bread

As anime and manga lovers, melon bun (or also known as melon pan) is impossible not to be in our top picks. A thin layer of cookie dough provides a sweet crisp texture on the delicious soft bun with. It is quite addicting to eat so I no longer wonder why it is frequently mentioned in animes we watch and mangas we read.

By the way, despite its name, it is not melon flavored. Its name is derived from its cookie crust topping resembling a melon rind.

Kumori Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


So those are our top 5 picks. How about you? What’s yours?


Kumori SM Mall of Asia

Ground Floor, Main Mall, Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City.
Operating hours: 10 AM to 10 PM daily.

2 Responses to “Quick Bites 15: Our Top 5 Picks at Kumori SM Mall of Asia”

  1. Jullian Robin Sibi

    I may be from Cebu but I have tried some of the delicacies from Kumori! I always got the Hanjuku Cheese and the Cheese Tart. I didn’t know that they have an Ube version of the Hanjuku Cheese! I really hope that Kumori opens a branch here in Cebu!

  2. Kimori’s signature tarts are delish! A friend treated me and I wasn’t expecting much but they’re good! I’d like to try their cakes. Don’t have a local store in my area but hopefully soon!


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