Locavore BGC

Irresistible Filipino Food Twists at Locavore Kitchen + Drinks

Locavore, for us, is one of those date places you bring your special loved one/s if you want to impress them with Filipino culinary delights.

As a term, “locavore” literally means a person whose diet consists of only locally grown or produced food. Staying true to its name, all their main ingredients for their dishes are sourced from local farms. According to Mr. Vince Balaga of Locavore, this is to ensure quality and as well as to support Philippine agriculture.



Locavore BGC

Some people may find the usual long lines of Locavore irritating. However, it adds an appeal to first time non-hungry customers like us given the number of restaurants within Forbes Town.

Good news though for those who also want to try Locavore or for returnees, Locavore accepts reservations.


With Locavore’s industrialized rustic interiors, one will not think that it is a Filipino restaurant.

Locavore BGC

That is until they see the walls filled with typography of Filipino food.

Locavore BGC
Locavore BGC

Most of their tables are for groups of people which is perfect for gatherings. It is also a perfect place for a first date: a casual setup with unique food to keep the conversation flowing.

The interior was a little dark for me, but we got good, natural lighting because we dined during lunchtime and we chose to sit on the window side for our lunch date.

Locavore BGC

Since liquor plays a major role in this restaurant, the also have a dedicated bar counter where people can order drinks as they please or they can always order one from the servers. It honestly reminds us of Applebee’s and Chili’s restaurant.



Special thanks to Locavore and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. We were able to try out three of Locavore’s dishes complete with drinks. In typical Filipino cuisine, they pretty much got the essentials like Sinigang, Pinakbet, Dinuguan. They, however, made irresistible Filipino food twists which would certainly keep us going back for more.


ocavore Sugpo con Mayonesa

We started out with their SUGPO CON MAYONESA,  PHP 585 (or 12.44 USD), 6 pcs. jumbo black prawns in garlic butter aligue (or “crab fat” in English term) sauce topped with Japanese mayonnaise, melted cheese and chopped parsley. They had one of the largest shrimps we had ever seen in an à la carte order. It was truly very delicious for us as garlic, butter, cheese and Japanese mayonnaise are some of our most favorite ingredients.

The prawns were not only big, but it were juicy as well. The sauce that embraced it made it succulent even though the initial ingredient tasted was aligue. Soon enough after a few more bites, I began tasting the Japanese mayonnaise as well as the cheese. For Me-An, it was an explosion of flavors and she can’t help herself from devouring it. She almost took my share because of it. We’ll definitely be back to eat this dish again.


Locavore Sizzling Sinigang

The other dish we got to try out was their SIZZLING SINIGANG, PHP 475 (or 10.01 USD). If the servers hadn’t told us the name of this dish, I wouldn’t have called it sinigang as it doesn’t look like it. What gave away that it was sinigang was that the gravy was mixed with sàmpaloc (or “tamarind). At first, it tasted a little funny, but not long after, it tasted pretty good.

Another cute tidbits about this dish were the cherry tomatoes and small sautéed onions and garlic trickled with sour juices on each bite. I personally liked it because I like sour food. The short ribs, although not really the ideal part of the beef used for a sinigang dish, worked wonders for the dish. Topped with toasted garlic and chopped spring onion, it balanced the sour taste. The dish came with chives and chili oil on the side for those who want to explore a further different taste.


Locavore Turon con leche

Last but not the least, we ended our meal on a sweet note, with TURON CON LECHE, PHP 200 (or 4.25 USD). In essence, I thought of it as a huge creampuff with leche flan inside instead of custard cream. The pastry texture looked and tasted like a croissant as it was flaky and soft. I really liked the leche flan inside because it was really creamy and milky. They served dulce de gatas (or caramelized condensed milk) on the side which we used to pour on this dessert. It was not really necessary, but we wanted the parts without leche flan to have that sweet taste as the confectioner’s sugar wasn’t enough for us.



Locavore Drinks

For our drinks, I got their SAMALAMIG SAGO’T GULAMAN while Me-An ordered their GUAVA STRAWBERRY HOUSE BLENDED ICED TEA. Both costs PHP 80 (or 4.23 USD). Mine tasted much like what you would expect and I actually liked the presentation. Me-An’s iced tea in the meantime is a little different. Although this was an iced tea according to them, Me-An regarded it as juice. It was still  a refreshing drink for her.

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Locavore is Reasonable

Locavore was one of the best restaurants we had tried recently. Although our judgment was limited since what we had tried were just three out of their huge selection of dishes to choose from, we deem that their food was reasonable. These were because of the following:

  • They offer irresistible food twists you won’t easily find anywhere.
  • Their servings were generous.
  • They don’t skimp on ingredients.
  • They don’t use MSG so the flavors are drawn from the combination of the ingredients themselves.
  • It’s a great place not just for a great date, but also for hanging out with family and friends.
  • Best of all, we get to help our fellow Filipinos and support the local farmers by patronizing locally sourced food.

Now, we know why a lot of our foodie friends have been raving about Locavore. We love it ourselves and we’re excited to come back to try their other dishes.

By the way, if you were wondering why we don’t have the expense table we usually put, this was organized by our friends at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls as we are now one of their contributors. And that is the exciting news we wanted to reveal. Check out their site for to read what we wrote there. And, yes, same as before we don’t let free food influence our honest thoughts on a restaurant.



Ground Floor, Burgos Circle, Taguig City
Operating Hours: 9AM–1AM.

29 Responses to “Irresistible Filipino Food Twists at Locavore Kitchen + Drinks”

  1. i really enjoyed your video.. you seems like a very happy couple! I will definitely include Locavore on my list… it’s really interesting how they serve our classic pinoy dishes in such great twist.. the turon con leche is makin me drool right now

  2. The food looks delicious, especially the prawns in mayo sauce. I wouldn’t have thought you can combine mayo in such a way in a dish. I would love to try the dessert too, it does look yummy.

  3. For me, the ambiance is half of the dining experience. Seeing their ambiance, this place is definitely something I would see myself dining really often.

  4. It’s always cool to find restaurant that serves Pinoy dishes with a twist. Everything looks good. Would love to try that dessert especially XD

  5. R U S S

    I tell you, I’ll definitely find time to try the food at Locavore. I don’t frequent BGC but seeing your photos, the place should be worth the drive from the South. I like that they accept reservations plus you did get me at the dedicated bar counter & that they do have generous servings – that’s super important for me.

  6. Haven’t heard of this yet. I would love to bring my loved ones there. It may be a bit pricey but I guess it’s worth it. 😀

  7. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the word ‘locavore’, but very interesting fact to learn. I do think that locally grown food taste better than important ones, specifically when it’s fruits and veggies. 😛 I’m from Baguio so as much as possible, I only buy local produce, i.e. fruits and veggies, so in a way, I’m somewhat of a locavore. 😉

    Interesting concept for a restaurant and even if I’m allergic to shrimp/prawn, Sugpo con Mayonesa sound and look so very delicious! 😛

  8. It’s pretty interee,how they gave a twist on each dishes, like sinigang and the toron na may Leche flan, sarap cguro, nagutom tuloy aku.

  9. You two are so cute! Love all the yummy foods. I love restaurants that serve large portions. I am so glad you both enjoyed your time.

  10. The food looks delicuous and the porrions are big.If we are ever in the area, we will check this out.

  11. I think here’s a restaurant here in Cebu that has quite the same interiors as Locavore. Hehe. And wow, this is the first time I knew about sizzling sinigang. I have tried sizzling pochero but the sinigang sounds good! 🙂

  12. I would like to try the Sugpo Con Mayonesa because it’s new to me. I love sugpo. If only I own the house by myself I would stock Sugpo all day long. I think I tasted different take on sugpo and this one is new for me. I like the vibe of the place and it looks it’s always jampacked.

  13. Lovely interior! Actually, the facade looks familiar. Maybe I have passed by the place before, not sure though. I also love that they get their raw ingredients locally, it’s one of the best ways to support the Philippines’ agricultural industry. I hope I can dine at Locavore one of these days too. 🙂 And congrats for being Megaworld lifestyle mall’s’ contributors!

  14. Food looks delicious. I find the turon intriguing! The place looks a bit crowded but I love their interior design with their name on it and the foods that they offer

  15. It’s first time, when I heard about it! Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Love your beautiful pictures.

  16. Patricia Uy

    I’ve been hearing about Locavore and I really got excited when they opened a branch in BGC. I tried their Lechon Oyster Sisig and Beef Pares Stew. I can say that our orders were totally satisfying. I can’t wait to go back there and order what you guys recommended!

  17. I’ve been seeing this restaurant quite a lot when I pass by BGC and I have been wondering if the food here is good or super good. I guess I need to try this one out. And I like the twist of the Sizzling Sinigang you described above. I might try it out too. What other dish do you recommend from this place?

    • We still haven’t tried the other dishes, but my friend recommends their kare-kare and oyster sisig 🙂 Let us know your thoughts after you’ve tried it out.

  18. That pics and video literally made my mouth water.. Excuse for the word, but there nothing better for me than Filipino foods! and with that twists.. Ohh.. can’t wait to munch on them… LOL!

  19. I love Filipino food. And I always eat with sago and gulaman. They are just so refreshing. This place is something i would want to try. Sadly, its just too far from our place.

  20. Was able to check out Locavore once at Kapitolyo area. The place looks awesome with the industrial look. We ate outside at the Al Fresco area but they have a huge fan there for us. The prices for the food were a bit expensive but very reasonable. The servings were also good for two so the price and the taste of the food justifies it. All in all, I’d say, I’ll recommend people to eat there again and we’ll definitely go back for more.

  21. I love their Sinigang Sizzling! It was amazing. My favourite though is their kilawin dishes, especially the Tuna Kilawin. Tha flavour was so intense and it was served with riped mangoes and black sesame. I almost forgot my name and it easily melted my heart.


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