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Heart-shaped Cakes Available for Valentine’s Day at Max’s Corner Bakery

Have you always wanted to express your love via a heart shaped cake? But you don’t know how to bake a cake? Well, Max’s Corner Bakery is now offering heart-shaped cakes just in time for Valentine’s Day which we found out via blog mail.


Choco Toffee Torte

Max's Corner Bakery

Choco Toffee Torte is Max’s Corner Bakery’s cake of the month. It is chocolate chiffon cake filled and frosted with choco-toffee crunch buttercream. Meanwhile, the frosting itself is drizzled with chocolate fudge and cashew nuts.

As I took a bite of the cake, the toffee bits made the cake interesting to eat. The thick layer of buttercream is the right ratio for me to be able to enjoy the chiffon base.

Priced at PHP 520, this cake is only available from February 5 to 28, 2019.


Valentine’s Day Message Cake

Max's Corner Bakery

If you want to express or declare your feelings, you can go for their heart-shaped message cake. Hand made, soft, and fluffy chiffon cake has butter crème icing. It is further decorated with elegant rosette frostings and your personal message. So you can simply have “love” written if you want to gauge how the other person actually feels for you. Meanwhile, if you are brave in declaring your feelings or you want to express how much you care, you can have “I love you” written.

This kind of cake comes in three flavors: chocolate, mocha, and vanilla. It is priced at PHP 466.40. I’m unsure until when the heart-shaped cake will be available. However, Max’s Corner Bakery’s round message cakes are available all year round. You can order it even if it’s past the love month.


P.S. Both the Choco Torte Cake and Heart-Shaped Message Cake are available within Metro Manila only. This means you can visit one of Max’s Corner Bakery Metro Manila branches. Or better yet, since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, you can have it delivered to you so you can personally hand to your special someone or delivery direct to your special someone as a surprise. Simply order online or call their delivery hotline: 7-9000.

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