McCafe BGC Arts Center

What?! Cozy Atmosphere at McCafé BGC Arts Center + Giveaway

When I look for cafes to spend time at, ambiance is a major consideration for me. So, truth be told, I steer clear from McCafes since it’s usually just within a McDonald’s fast food restaurant which can get really loud from boisterous crowds.

Recently, I changed my mind when we got an invite to McCafe BGC Arts Center which is, from its name, at the heart of BGC Arts Center. I learned that it officially opened last December 21, 2016. Here’s why…


From its exterior, I could really tell that it’s different from the other McCafes. The stand alone cafe has a modern and minimalist look which is well befitting with the urban neighborhood.

McCafe BGC Arts Center


McCafe BGC Arts Center

I found the McCafe BGC Arts Center to be inviting as I entered.



From the ceiling lights, geometric patterns, special furnishings to the wall installation, the artistic elements certainly made the cafe’s interiors vibrant and stylish. It also exudes warmth and coziness making it conducive for conversations, or even for spending an alone time.



McCafe BGC Arts Center can be a haven for different kinds of coffee lovers may it be those who are into calligraphy or those who love playing with their phones.


Kenneth Yang

I totally agree with what the president & CEO of McDo Philippines, Mr. Kenneth S. Yang, has said in his welcoming remarks to us. What we see in McCafe BGC Arts Center is not present in other McDonald’s. This includes the difference in menu items.

Please note that what I wrote below were what were mentioned to us whilst their product offerings were being introduced to us. Anyway, before anything else, you need to know that every coffee from McCafe BGC Arts Center is handcrafted upon order. And the coffee beans they used, which are from South American & Asia, are premium 100% Arabica beans so that their coffee is well-rounded and full of taste.


McCafe’s Hot Drinks

Strong Coffee Line

McCafe coffee

Their coffee has a medium body with a nice amber color, notes of caramel and a nutty aroma. Although not seen in the photo above (from left to right), their Espresso has a good crema which is a good sign. Meanwhile, their Macchiatto has a dollop of foamed milk. The Americano has the similar strength with the espresso but has added water.


Coffee Balanced with Milk

McCafe coffee

For coffees with milk, they use full cream milk that gives a buttery finish. So one can drink it without sugar because the flavor is already well balanced. Based on the above photo, the left mug is the hot latte whereby the steamed milk is more whirled throughout the espresso. On the other hand, on a flat white, the steamed milk is poured at the center directly. It has a stronger side compared to the hot latte.


Coffee Based drinks with Frothed milk

McCafe coffeeBoth of the drinks above, the cappuccino and the mochaccino, has more espresso taste with hints of aerated full cream milk, which means the milk is elevated by making it a froth. It’s also both dusted with cocoa powder that’s in the M logo shape of the Mc Cafe. The only difference between the two is that the mochaccino has premium chocolate syrup so it has a hint of chocolate taste.

If you don’t like coffee, fret not. You can order their signature hot chocolate whereby you’ll taste the darkness of the chocolate topped with frothed and steamed milk.


McCafe’s Iced Drinks

McCafe BGC Arts Center

McCafe BGC Arts Center doesn’t use simple plain sugar for their drinks. They use muscovado syrup.

Their iced latte is topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. And their iced mocha is espresso with buttery full cream milk and chocolate.

Non-coffee drinkers can enjoy iced tea whereby it’s brewed fresh. It has a distinct flavor that comes ffrom four types of berries with added dalandan syrup for a citrus taste.

The caramel frappe and the mocha frappe has both a shot of espresso but differs in toppings, one with caramel and the other with chocolate.

Finally, their double choco frappe has a texture which comes from oreo crumbs.




McCafe BGC Arts Center

Baked in store fresh daily, their croissants are flaky, chewy with a soft interior. It also has good layers of butter in between especially with their butter croissant. With their dark chocolate croissant, french butter is used and Belgian dark chocolate.

Those who wants a filling snack may have the ham & cheese croissant that is smoked Canadian bacon and melty American cheese. Or one may have the ham & egg mayo croissant which has a nice homey nostalgic taste paired with the smokiness of their bacon.




McCafe BGC Arts Center

McCafe also offers paninis that are toasted in store. One is the tomato egg mayo and cheese ciabatta. Already good for lunch or as a heavy snack, the chicken pesto ciabatta has steamed chicken resting in between the basil pesto with tinges of parmesan cheese. It’s best to pair it with iced tea.



McCafe BGC Arts Center

Dessert lovers can enjoy the blueberry cheesecake which is topped with sweet blueberries and luscious cream cheese. McCafe also has a dark chocolate cake whereby premium dark chocolate is used for it.

McCafé Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

McCafe BGC Arts Center

G/F Maybank Performing Arts Theatre, 26th corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634.
Operating HoursL 7AM to 12 Midnight

Share your McCafe experience online and tag @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram. Let us know what you’re up to, just use the #YcmFamily.


We are giving away the following prizes to one (1) winner:
1) McCafe planner (Even if you already have a planner, you’ll still like this one. It’s pretty cool!)
2) Three (3) card passes for one (1) medium McCafe drink of your choice valid until Feb. 20, 2017.

To find out how you can join our giveaway, check out our Facebook page.

5 Responses to “What?! Cozy Atmosphere at McCafé BGC Arts Center + Giveaway”

  1. I think the crowd at mccafe will greatly depend on their locations. There’s some quieter mccafe here in SG as well, which I wouldn’t mind hanging out at. Plus, McCafe does serve decent coffees. Not fantastic, but decent for their pricing. Not a huge fan of their cakes though.

  2. Wow, I’ve never been to just a “McCafe” so this is new to me! Love the ambiance indeed. It gives off a productive yet relaxed feel. 🙂 Ofcourse the drinks and food look bomb. Gotta check it out!

  3. I simply love a creamy mug of coffee. Whenever I order one, I’d ask for less of the milky content and moer of the whipped cream and more of coffee. Well that’s my way to have a coffee. And here at McCafe, they’d most of the times cooperate and make it customized as per request, without making any changes to the original cost.

    I haven’t ever tried the iced drinks so far but I guess after reading your article, I’m sure gonna try those.

  4. I have always loved McCafe. They are not as pricey as the others. I’m sure I will enjoy the ciabatta and the blueberry cheesecake in their BGC branch but I will miss the banana cake.

  5. Michelle

    Do they have outlets for charging? And do they have wifi po ba? Thanks.


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