McDonald’s New Year’s Party & New McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak

If you’re living in the Philippines, I’m sure you’ve heard that McDonald’s has a new offering: the Mushroom Pepper Steak. Call it all you want as an imitation of Jollibee’s Burger Steak or an improved version of the latter’s offering. Know that we respect your thoughts since each of us is entitled to our own opinion.

What I’ll be sharing with you in this blog post is our experience with McDonald’s New Year party and our thoughts on the McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak.

P.S. I know that this concerns food, but I’m taking over since Lloyd is a Jollibee kid and I’m a McDo baby.


McDonald’s 2017 New Year’s Party

As mentioned in the video, I had already tried the McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak via drive thru. I honestly didn’t know that it was a burger steak. All I knew that time was that it fits my budget. It’s just PHP 55 (or 1.1 USD) so I can still order my favorite french fries and caramel sundae. My mom and I both enjoyed it for its meaty patty topped off with a creamy and flavorful pepper cream sauce. Actually, my mom was saying that she prefers it over the original one.

Anyway, when we received an invitation from our friends at Eon. We gladly accepted it since Lloyd will get to try McDo’s new offering for free. Plus, we are also not the type to reject a fun filled party with fellow bloggers.

Mcdo Mushroom Pepper Steak

The party was far from our expectation. The party area was decorated with tropical flower arrangements, both real and faux plants and grass, and even a chair that reminds us of vacation. It felt like we weren’t in a fast food restaurant.  We appreciate the thought and effort they put in their setup.


Mcdo Mushroom Pepper Steak

 They hosted three games which were the following:

  1. 4 PICS 1 WORD  – Groups of three competed for the game. There was a twist on it since they included letters that weren’t part of the word to be guessed. Our competitive side was brought out and our group won the game.
  2. CHARADES – Each group has to pick a representative to act out the activities related to travel and vacation. Group 3 won the game as mommy Joy was really good at acting.
  3. WORD SEARCH PUZZLE – The first ten individuals who complete the word search puzzle wins. Both Lloyd and I won since we helped each other out. Love team wins! Hahaha!

Aside from the games and the introduction of the new product itself, McDonald’s new commercial was shown to us. It was right then we understood why the theme of the party was such. Their aim was their customers, who eat the McDo mushroom pepper steak, to enjoy a STEAKation (a play on the word “staycation”) wherever they may be.


McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak

 Price Options:

  • One-piece Mushroom Pepper Steak with a drink is at PHP 55 (or 1.11 USD).
Mcdo Mushroom Pepper Steak
  • Two-piece Mushroom Pepper Steak with a drink is at PHP 89 (or 1.79 USD).


Mcdo Mushroom Pepper Steak
  • One-piece mushroom pepper steak with drink upgraded to a McFreeze Drink at PHP 69 (or 1.39 USD).
  • Two-piece mushroom pepper steak with drink upgraded to a McFreeze Drink at PHP 99 (or 1.99 USD).


The STEAKation Experience


“The tender beef patty used wasn’t what they normally use in their hamburgers. I liked it still since it was meaty in taste. The smothered sauce on top it is just as what they stated it to be – creamy, peppery, and made more flavorful with chives. I actually found the sauce seasoned just right. The pepper may be strong in taste but it’s not overpowering. Topped with button mushrooms. it defiitely makes a good meal.”



“It’s great new addition to McDonald’s menu. Not only is it delicious, but it’s budget friendly too. I hope they make it a permanent menu item.”

You can have your STEAKation too when you eat McDo mushroom pepper steak in any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide. Eating it at the comforts of your home, office, or your car is possible too via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36,, or the McDo PH app).

Don’t forget to share your photo of the day while leisurely enjoying your #STEAKation with the new Mushroom Pepper Steak on Facebook, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.

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Disclosure: We received a paper bag containing McDonald’s bag tags and PHP 300 (or 6.02 USD) worth of gift certificate each. Rest assured everything I wrote is of my own opinion and insights.

Mcdo Mushroom Pepper Steak

6 Responses to “McDonald’s New Year’s Party & New McDo Mushroom Pepper Steak”

  1. I’ve tried both from McDonalds and Jollibee and prefer the mushroom pepper steak from McDo. It’s tasty and filling at a great price. You’re right a side of fries completes the meal!

  2. Mcdo babies unite!!! I also really prefer their steak than the jollibee one. I’ve heard all about the hype of it and i immediately went to mcdo to try one and just like you, I loved every bit of it. The meat and the sauce goes and blends together so well, it’s like it was made for each other. The new year party sounds so fun and just like mcdo kiddie parties, I’m sure you guys had so much fun! 🙂

  3. I confess. As much as I have avoided fastfoods, I do indulge sometimes. I would not exactly say that the decision to avoid was purely for health reasons, but it is also because I really prefer home cooked food, which means I enjoy eating even in turo turo. Pero on some nights, especially when it is around or pass midnight, that is the most likely time when I call Mcdo delivery 🙂 I like it because the closest open branch, which delivers, is a few minutes away by walk. So, delivery is quite fast. Normally, i would order chicken plus one other. Next time I call, I’d like to try the mushroom pepper steak. As you said in the video… “at the comfort of your home…” I actually prefer eating at home.

  4. I loooove Mushroom Pepper Steak of Mcdonalds. In fact, I remember the burger steak I love during my college years. I think we have beem ordering this every week since it was launched.Haha. Got curious when I saw that you joined a party too! Hope I cam join one of those too. 🙂

  5. There’s a Mcdo brach right below the building where I previously worked and it’s like a go-to fast foor chain every day. Haha! I haven’t tried this new one yet but I’m sure one of these days, I can check this out. :)I always have a thing about creamy with mushroom goodies so I guess this will be something that I’ll enjoy. 🙂

  6. Okayyy.. so McDonald’s released their own version of a Pepper Steak.. I’m quite surprised, though. And I think it’s already a long time since I last visited Mcdonald’s because I’m clueless about this new dish, but I’ll be happy to try it out (and compare Jollibee’s pepper steak hehe). Although I’m seeing and hearing that they prefer McDonald’s version, I’d still try the one in Jollibee just so I know what taste I prefer. 🙂


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