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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Meetup with The Closet Space Savers Co., Gold Stack PH & Say Cheese MNL

Ever since we started our blog, Lloyd and I had always dreamt of organizing a meetup with our readers. Little did we know that it would suddenly come to fruition in an unexpected way.

When we attended CoCo’s 20th-anniversary celebration in the Philippines, we were blessed with a PHP 2,500 gift certificate. We can’t, of course, drink it all to ourselves. Thus, our next best choice is to treat our readers with it. Not only do we get to know them but we also get to learn which of our content they enjoy the most.

Since we planned to hold it on a weekend whereby, most of our readers, are most probably available, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice could only generously offer their Gateway mall branch for two hours. We found it to be the best venue as there are no permanent fixtures that separate tables. Most importantly, Cubao is an ideal location since it accessible through railway stations. All buses also ply EDSA.



I found it a failure on my part that I got to announce the event only five days before the event. Truth be told, I was the only one who organized, contacted co-presenters, and thought of everything else that is needed. I didn’t want to bother Lloyd since he was busy with his job hunting.

Thankfully, a lot of people signed up and, in fact, the list exceeded my expectations. It’s such a blessing from God.

There were a few people though who became sad since they didn’t become a part of the list of attendees. I just found out later on that their registration didn’t come through so I didn’t get to consider them. For utilizing Typeform instead of the dependable Google form as the sign-up platform, I apologize. I learned from this experience so I’ll utilize the latter when we hold our next meetup.

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  1. oh wow! you posted na! I look so weird here pa! thanks for being the host for that day, for more meet ups to come :* kisses


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