Middle Eastern Street Food with a Twist of @mitzasgoodeats

Hearing that there will be a pop-up shop serving middle eastern street food with a twist at Junction Hostel, we excitingly made plans on stopping by. And we are very glad that we did! We not only satisfied our hummus cravings, but also found that @mitzasgoodeats serves very flavorful middle eastern street food.

Upon arriving the place, we found ourselves amidst tons of busy people either enjoying their food or watching their orders being prepared.

Mitzas Good Eats


We wanted to try the spicy beef with rice; but it got sold out fast. As shown in the photo below, two customers erased it from the menu so everyone will know that it is unavailable already. Oh well, there is still a next time.



A middle eastern street food trip will never be complete without ordering hummus. For those who don’t know, hummus is a Middle Eastern staple which is usually made from ground chickpeas or also known as “garbanzo” in Spanish. It is normally served as an appetizer/dip.

Mitzas Good Eats

We ordered CITRUS GARLIC HUMMUS (PhP 100 / $ 2.15) which was certainly beyond the classic hummus. I personally fell in love with it since its taste was refreshing with the added citrus; plus, the taste of garlic was not overwhelming. Meanwhile, the olives on top of the hummus are juicy and full of color which makes an interesting food presentation. We deem the olives as well marinated since it looks fresh yet there is no trace of bitterness. When the hummus and olive was combined in the provided crackers, it produced an amazing unique appetizer.


Mitzas Good Eats

Our other order was the FALAFEL TACO (PhP 120 / $ 2.59), falafel on top of soft-shelled taco served with tomatoes, cabbage, raddish, spices, and @mitzagoodeats special sauce. Another insider information is that falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made also from ground chickpeas. Yup, it’s like a healthier version of an American hamburger. Contrary to the apparent small serving, the falafel taco was actually filling and is enough for a dinner. Tastewise, it is good and different since we were used to eating falafel with pitta bread.



Overall, we loved the distinct twist (alternative ingredients instead of the usual pitta bread) in middle eastern street food for a more affordable price without sacrificing the flavor. Some of you may wonder why the food was presented in a silver laminated paper plates. Guess what? It’s street food so it need not be served on an actual plate. Hahaha! Aside from the food, we also love how the owner, Ms. Mitza Milla-Sandejas, was very hands on and full of passion in food preparation. The customers can’t help but notice and have smiles on their face. With that being said, we invite you to their next pop-up shop. Just follow @mitzasgoodeats on instagram to get the latest updates.

Also, before we forget, @mitzasgoodeats sells their products, perfect for satisfying one’s cravings.


  • Jar of CITRUS GARLIC HUMMUS  for only PhP 380 or $8.19 good for 2 1/2 weeks when stored in the fridge. No double dipping allowed!
  • Jar of SPICY GARLIC MARINATED OLIVES for only PhP 280 or $6.03 which lasts quite a long time since it is preserved with vinegar.



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Instagram : @mitzasgoodeats
Mobile Number: 0917 596 7718

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