Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC

Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC: A Quick Way to Unleash Creativity

After a day of shopping at Market Market BGC, refresh your eyes, unleash your creativity, and have a new profile picture by visiting Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC. We weren’t able to get when this particular branch opened. However, what we are sure of is that the Miracle Art Happyworld brand was the first to bring the 3D art museum in the Philippines back in 2014.


3D Art Museum

A 3D art museum, for those who still have no idea, is an art exhibit of flat paintings that look 3D. This enables visitors to trick the eye that he/she is part of the painting. It is popularized by Koreans and, indeed, Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC is Korean owned. The paintings also in exhibit are painted by talented Korean artists.

Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC

Thus, you’ll see this painting from the Korean movie, Tidal Wave, starring Ha Ji-Won.


Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC

There is also this painting from the The Classic Korean movie starring Jo In-Sung. It is definitely a nice 3D art for those who wants an oppa (Korean term for boyfriend).


Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC

For the BGC branch Miracle Art Happyworld Museum, it is a 300 s.q.m. space with 28 layouts. 26 of it are 3D paintings while two are optical illusions.


Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC Rates:

The regular entrance fee is PHP 200 (or USD 3.9). They do have a promo from time to time where the entrance is down to PHP 80 (or USD 1.56). But if you want to have discount all year round to all Metro Manila Miracle Art Happyworld branches, be sure to check out Yalla Book of Coupons. It is a coupon book that lets you save hundreds of thousands of pesos on food, recreation, services, and even apparel.


Choose Manila Yalla Book of Coupons

We used a coupon from their Choose Manila 2018 book to get a discount and enter Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC.


The Experience
Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC

Unlike other 3D art museums, we no longer needed to remove our footwear because the floor is carpeted. It is nice but some of the floor paintings (i.e. whirlpool optical illusion painting) have scratches already perhaps from the sharp soles of visitors.


Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC

Good thing we were together when we went here. We were able to take turns taking photos of each other. So if you’re planning to go here as well, bring your family, friends, or significant other. Don’t go alone.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During our visit also, the place was relatively empty which enabled us to hop quickly from one scene to the next. It just took us an hour to get the shots we wanted. We used a DSLR to take photos of ourselves but any type of camera works just fine.

Figuring how to pose with thorough expressions were fairly easy. For photos where we are confused with the setup, we just referred to the sample poses displayed on the side. The output came out nicely but we’re not super satisfied with it due to the poor lighthing of the place. So we hope they can fix it. Nonetheless, the place enabled us to bond more and we definitely want to visit their other 3D art museums for other concepts.



Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC

Location: 4th Floor Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City Taguig City.
Operating hours: 10 AM to 9 PM daily.
Inquiries : +63 915 310 7000.

4 Responses to “Miracle Art Happyworld Museum BGC: A Quick Way to Unleash Creativity”

  1. I think there are a few number of these kind of museum in manila nowadays. Apart from the one in QC the Art in Island, there’s one that we just visited a few months ago at Resorts World and then there’s another there at BGC the upside down museum if i wasn’t mistaken. And oh the one in Boom na Boom Carnival too! We love places like this coz its fun playing around with pictures esp. when im with my kids. Will surely visit this place once we are in the area soon 🙂

  2. These kind of museums are getting very popular and surpriseeee, I haven’t been into one ever since. Haha. We also had this in our province but I haven’t got the chance to explore it. I think I’m missing a lot, I would love to capture cute and quirky photos as well. Hopefully, I could visit one soon. 🙂

  3. OMG! This looks so fun. A perfect way to spend the weekend. Will make sure to include this in our itinerary once we’re back in Manila. I definitely enjoyed looking at your photos. It’s so amazing.

  4. we also have a Miracle Art here in District Imus yet I never had a chance to visit the place. This is really fun and the place can be enjoyed not just by kids but all people from all walks of life. I guess the most ideal way to enjoy this tour is to bring someone who has good photography skills haha.. the one who know what angle to shoot to make the 3d photos even more realistic.. and of course, you should also unleash your inner model skills and project appropriately with the given scenario haha and I guess you both nailed it! Hoping to visit this place soon


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