Infinity Pool Misibis Bay Resort

Misibis Bay Resort Getaway Experience + Discount on Room Rates

I have to admit, my expectation for Misibis Bay Resort was quite high. You can’t blame me though since it’s pegged as a tropical island getaway that offers a balance of relaxation and adventure. It’s definitely a want, but it’s a needed escape for an overworked individual (like me).

Okay, you might say…

Me-An you left your corporate job to do blogging full time/ to be a freelancer. How come you’re worn out?

Despite having a partner to rely on, he has a full-time high paying job. Thus, I do the majority of the behind the scene work. We also simultaneously attend events to establish and/or foster meaningful offline relationships whether be it with the PR people or with co-bloggers.

I love doing all the work related to blogging. Truly! I LOVE BLOGGING.

However, like a normal employee, I become fed up too from being glued in front of the computer most of the time. I, at times, also get sleepless nights and even work on weekends since I also have to do business on the side to augment my financial expenses.


Misibis Bay Resort

So when I had the opportunity to experience a Misibis Bay Resort getaway via a familiarization trip organized by Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines (TPB), I didn’t let it pass.

I firmly believe that, for the hard work we are exerting, we have the excuse (if not deserve) to indulge ourselves with Misibis Bay Resort’s relaxing ambiance and varied fun activities.


Misibis Bay Resort


Address: Misibis Bay Resort, Cagraray Island, Bacacay, 4509 Albay.

An hour away by land from the Legazpi airport, I highly suggest that you avail the airport transfer of the resort since it is situated on an isolated island. Our journey going there was smooth and we got to enjoy the scenery along the way.



Misibis Bay Resort

As soon as we stepped out of the van, we were greeted by two ladies wearing beautiful maxi dresses (what I don’t mind wearing) and were handed with customized “Misibis bay” bracelets. We no longer had to worry about our belongings because the staff would bring it to our rooms. All we had to mind for was checking-in.

We were offered concentrated four season drinks in shot glasses to be drunk as we wait for our respective room keys to be distributed.

By the way, we had the option to be brought to our room via their golf cart shuttle. I just chose not to. The cool weather was great for walking to our assigned villas. It was also a good excuse to peek at the other room offerings of Misibis Bay through the rooms of my fellow travel bloggers.


Premiere Villa/ Garden Villa

Misibis Bay Resort

What was assigned to me was the premiere villa/ garden villa. Yup! I got villa no. 26 all to myself that is just a few meters from the beach and has a quick access to the Lagoon swimming pool.


The Bedroom

Misibis Bay

At 50 sq.m. the room is already more than enough for an individual. There is a king-sized bed, a small daybed, and dining table for two.

The tall glass windows and sliding door in the room allows for daylight to come in. Nonetheless, blackout curtains are installed just in case one wants the ultimate privacy or wants to sleep in the dark

Upon entering, I was greeted by a handcrafted woven beach bag made by the local women. There is also a note that states Misibis Bay Resort offer a 10-min. complimentary foot wash available only upon one’s arrival from 9 AM to 5 PM. I no longer availed it since I’d feel awkward.

Misibis Bay Bedroom

In the bedroom’s cabinet, one will find the following:

  • Quality wooden hangers;
  • Bathrobes;
  • Complimentary locally handcrafted abaca “in room” slippers;
  • Safety deposit box;
  • And there is even a flat iron and ironing board.

The room also has a 32″ LCD TV which I didn’t get to use, a Bluetooth speaker where I played my Spotify while taking a bath, and a coffee/tea maker.


Misibis Bay Resort

Wi-Fi is free throughout Misibis Bay Resort which includes the rooms. During my stay, I couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi when inside the room. The tech personnel was quick to address the issue by installing a Wi-Fi router in the room. I was thankful for that incident since, for some reason, whenever we try to connect in public areas and/or in other rooms, we can’t log in on our blog portals. It only works in my room.


The Bathroom
Misibis Bay Resort Bathroom

The bathroom is admittedly huge. When a couple stays here, there will be no more fighting and morning rituals are more efficient. There are two sinks provided with an in-room dryer.

 Misibis Bay Resort BathroomAnd then the bathtub, toilet, and shower room are in separate areas.

If you’re the type of person whose choosy with the bathroom, you’ll definitely feel comfortable using this bathroom. Well, especially with the toilet whereby both tissues and a bidet are provided.

Misibis Bay Resort Bathroom

Taking a bath is more than a routine with L’Occitane as its brand of toiletries. L’Occitane is well known for its ingredients based on natural products and for phytotherapy, which is the use of medicinal properties of plants for healing.

I personally loved using the L’Occitane shea butter extra gentle soap with milk. It has a light to no scent. Plus, it left my skin soft and hydrated while being a gentle cleanser.



The following are some of the activities you can do while on your Misibis Bay Resort getaway:

Day 1

Have Cocktails at Misibis Bay’s Amphitheater

FOODIn a sunny weather condition, hanging out at Misibis Bay’s amphitheater is truly relaxing. One can sip on their signature cocktails (non-alcoholic drinks are also available) while chowing on their canapés and crackers. All while enjoying the view that is a wonderful fusion of man-made and natural beauty.


Misibis Bay Resort

If drinking cocktails/ mocktails are not your preference, you can have a secluded romantic dinner or an intimate family dinner instead.

You can also just have a photo taken there as it’s known to be a pit stop location of Amazing Race Asia 4’s Philippine leg. It seems also like a nice area for a wedding.


Have Dinner at the Indoor Area of Spice Market
Spice Market at Misibis Bay Resort

The interior of Spice Market restaurant is really homey and cozy with the soft illumination, comfortable seats, and small plant decors.


Spice Market

While inspired by the intensity and spices of local Bicolano flavors, the Spice Market also offers international cuisine from lamb chops to blueberry cheesecake.


Day 2

 Swim & Lounge at the Lagoon Pool Area
Lagoon Pool Area

The lagoon pool is a winding, irregularly shaped pool that is in the middle of the two to three story building complex and villas. There are small bridges that either lead to a small “island” that has tables and chairs for lounging or one that simply serves as a passage.

What I like about this area is that there are parts that are shaded. So it’s a nice swimming place for those who don’t want to get a tan. It’s also a great place to just lounge on a floater. We, of course, have to be careful with our heads with the bridges in case we find ourselves underneath it.


Have a Boodle Fight at the Outdoor Area of Spice Market

We were supposed to dine underneath the palm trees in the garden. However, the rain ruined the setup so we ended dining at the outdoor area of Spice Market restaurant. It was nonetheless a good place to dine at.

Misibis Bbay Resort

The boodle fight style has evolved from a military undertaking to being accepted by most Filipinos as a way of socializing with friends and family. What usually happens is that, at a given signal, the participants aim for the choicest bits from a long table filled with food. Indeed, one enjoys the food in traditional Filipino kamayan which is eating food with bare hands.



Misibis Bbay Resort

Misibis Bay Resort gave consideration to my fellow travel bloggers who may not be accustomed to boodle fights. Thus, they separated the appetizers from the main meal.

A Filipino salad and baked mussels are definitely great dishes to whet one’s appetite.


Misibis Bbay Resort

Everyone will be happy to dig in a big plate composed of an assortment of crabs, squid, shrimp, grilled pork, and grilled chicken. It goes well with the fried rice. I don’t think we fought for food because their serving is more than enough.

Oh… By the way, crab crackers are provided for convenience in getting the juicy crab meat.


 Swim & Lounge at the Infinity Pool Area
Infinity Pool Misibis Bay Resort

Misibis Bay Resort’s pool doesn’t seem to just flow seamlessly with the presence of a strip of manicured grass. Taking a plunge and dipping there though is still a joy because of the amazing view it offers. It can even be romantic when you’re with a significant other as seen with the couples in the photo.


Infinity Pool Misibis Bay Resort

Comfortable sun beds are available for the perusal of those who want to tan naturally. And, by the way, the small pool beside the fountain actually has a jacuzzi.


Sip Cocktails at the Pool Bar
Cocktail in the Pool Bar Misibis Bay Resort

For some, their ideal holiday is lolling and lazing on a sultry afternoon while quenching one’s thirst. Misbis Bay Resort can provide such desire in style. They have underwater seats in their pool bar. And they have a smiling bartender ready to concoct well known cocktails like Piña Colada, Gin Tonic, and many more.


Enjoy the Beach
Misibis Bay Resort Beach

The kilometer-long strectch of beach may not have fine and white sand like Boracay. However, it’s decent enough for playing beach sports and for swimming. Just make sure to stay within their prescribed area.


Misibis Bay Resort Beach


It’s also a perfect place for chilling or reading a book by the sea. Other activities you can do there are what Misibis Bay Resort offers daily to guests which are the following:

  • Woven Hat Making from 2PM to 3PM
  • Sand Castle Making from 4PM to 5PM


Use Non-Motorized Water Sports Activities
Misibis Bay Resort Beach

Make sure to maximize your time at the beach by trying out their non-motorized water sports activities. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try it all. Water sports activities that can be availed are the following:

  • Hobie cat sailing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing


I personally tried paddle boarding and windsurfing since I never got to try it before. I’m so happy with paddle boarding since I didn’t fall. Maybe because I was wearing aqua shoes and I could balance well. I just have difficulty in maneuvering it.

As for the windsurfing, I didn’t know that it could be that heavy especially when there is wind. I didn’t get too far since I tried it on a late afternoon whereby the breeze is calmer. Oh… By the way, I just noticed that this equipment is a bit rundown. I hope Misibis Bay Resort has already replaced it with a new one.


Have Cocktails and Stargaze at 5 Views
Misibis Bay Resort

The 5 Views, a private hill of Misibis Bay Resort, is another great place to sip on Misibis’ signature cocktails or mocktails at.


Misibis Bay Resort

There are the bar chow that goes with their private setup.


Misibis Bay Resort

One can view the Mayon Volcano, a lake, and many more. It’s also a perfect place for stargazing or for a proposal dinner.


Have Dinner at the Beach Area
Dinner by the Beach

Last but not the least place where Misibis can do a private setup is indeed the beach.


Dinner by the Beach

They offer grilled meat and seafood with wine. Plus, live entertainment to make the dining experience lively.


Complimentary Breakfast

Whether one is a morning person or not, one can’t say not to a good spread of breakfast buffet. Choices include the staples which are the following:

  • Bread with different kinds of spreads
  • Sweet chocolate porridge or champorado
  • Cereals
  • Fresh salad
  • Processed meat such as beef tapa, longganisa
  • Buttered vegetables
  • Rice
  • An egg station – where you can choose which ingredients you want to be included in your egg or you can choose how your egg is cooked
  • Assorted pastries
  • Assorted fruits
Misibis Bay Resort


Misibis Bay Resort


Misibis Bay Resort


Misibis Bay Resort


Of course, for some, a breakfast won’t be complete without a good cup of joe. So they can just proceed to Espresso Alley for espresso based drinks. The coffee drinks, however, not part of the breakfast buffet.Misibis Bay Resort


Day 3

View the Mayon Volcano at 5 Views
Misibis Bay Resort

As mentioned, Misibis Bay Resort’s offer a view of the Mayon volcano. It’s also a perfect spot for a picture with the famed volcano.

We were blessed to be granted the opportunity for its cone to come out of its hiding place, the clouds, before our trip drew to an end. Thank you God for letting us see it briefly.


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Disclosure: My two nights stay including full board meals and use of water activities were generously sponsored by Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) of the Philippines and the Misibis Bay Resort as part of the Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) Bicol Familiarization Trip. Rest assured all photos were taken by me. Plus, everything I wrote is of my own opinion and insights.

15 Responses to “Misibis Bay Resort Getaway Experience + Discount on Room Rates”

  1. Hi, Me-An. I am so glad that you enjoyed your stay at the Misibis.

    A long time ago, I spent 6 years in Bicol. Not all the time, but more like one week there, one week here, in a rotation. So I go there for business and became good friends with the owner, who then had not started constructing Misibis.

    I remember, when they conceptualized it, not a lot of people thought it would turn out okay. Back then, tourism was so-so and people go to Albay just to see Mayon Volcano, and nothing else.

    But as it is, not only have they survived, but they continue to thrive. It has become one of the destinations there.

  2. This place is paradise Me-An. I can’t imagine myself being here. I would be totally sleepless and I’ll keep on roaming around with my camera. Anywhere on this place is heaven. If you don’t mind, can you share a breakdown of your expenses?


  3. This is the ultimate 3 days two nights vacation! haha! Very relaxing and the views can relieve stress from day to day work. I didn’t know that Misibis bay is located at Bicol.. Probably when went back I’ll consider this as our next staycation place. Also, it’s cool that there are many activities to do as some resorts lack in that department. They provide you with big and spacious rooms but there isn’t really something to do so you get bored. I would probably gain a few pounds because of how yummy their food looks like. 🙂

  4. Hi Sis! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Misibis, grabe nakakagutom yung mga foods tapos naalala ko ung 1st time ko pumunta dean hihi hindi pa sya masyadong developed. Such a lovely travel getaway with your fellow travel bloggers I guess. Napaka daming spots pa dyan to visit. Tara let’s take a vacay 🙂 You’re so gorgeous pala sa mga photo’s mo hihi

  5. I wouldn’t mind spending a few days in this resort. It’s huge! And with all those amenities and the delicious food (that seafood looks insanely good!), why would you want to go anywhere else? The ampitheater looks cool. Was there anything going on there at that time? Love the L’occitane toiletries too. Very classy!

  6. You girl is lucky. I was supposed to go to Misibis Bay last year for a fam tour also organized by PTB, but they took me out of the list. Yes, they did. It was really heartbreaking because I was really excited about it. Another blogger friend of mine was lucky because he wasn’t taken off from the list and so he was able to go. I so envy him and now I envy you because you got to experience Misibis Bay, I mean come on, this place is expensive. Unless I suddenly become a millionaire or marry someone rich, I don’t think I can book this place on my own.

    But anyway, I loved looking at the pictures, everything looks luxurious. You didn’t really have boodle fight though because I noticed you got plates haha…

  7. This seems like a terrific getaway! I love the free drinks on arrival. But I really love the L’Occitane beauty products. And dinner on the beach or at the Spice Market restaurant looks delicious too!

  8. This looks so luxurious! The bedroom is spacious and I particularly like the wall hanging in that room. Lucky you to get a FAM trip experience there. I look forward to a an opportunity to be there some day!

  9. I’m clearly missing out because I have not visited Misibis Bay Resort yet. I’ve seen discounted rates all over a group-buying site I follow and the photos you took look as beautiful as their promotional photos. The food looks glorious and would really satisfy the grilled food lover in me. I’ll probably bring my family here when the little one is a bit bigger so she can enjoy the water sports too. My husband would surely love this for sure.

  10. It’s such a blessing indeed, this is really a good opportunity to relax, and enjoy the beautiful place. my favorite spot is the cozy private Hills at misibis, I imagine myself having a cup of coffee there and meditate as well,

  11. I have heard a lot of good things about Misibis Bay and your post makes me want to book a room for me and my boys for a weekend getaway! This place is lovely in every spot and I particularly love that part where you can view Mount Mayon in all its glory. I sure hope I can bring my small family here one of these days!

  12. Whenever I come across such beautiful and well maintained places, I feel really amazed by the standards they keep about maintaining the natural and man made beauty. It”s truly relaxing when these places strike that perfect balance. I loved the pool. Rooms look spacious and great. Curious to know if the welcome drinks were non alcoholic?

  13. The place is soooo nice and super posh. I’ve heard a lot about this resort. Haven’t been there cos it’s too far though, and I’m afraid of getting hassled a lot with the transfers but overall it’s looks like a great getaway place. 🙂 Btw, nice to know they use L’Occitane, super love that brand! 😀


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