Moderne Culinaire Academy Launches Partnership with Malaysia’s KDU and Berjaya Universities

Based in Taguig City, Moderne Culinaire Academy (MCA) empowers its students to succeed in their chosen industry: culinary or hospitality.

Moderne Culinaire Academy

Not only do they create courses that hone their students’ culinary expertise. They also equip their students with skills needed for the hospitality industry.


Competitive Edge

Moderne Culinaire Academy
Image credit to Moderne Culinaire Academy.

Furthermore, Moderne Culinaire Academy recently partnered with Malaysia’s prestigious institutions renowned for culinary programs. Those are the KDU University College and the Berjaya University College of Hospitality which both will op


Moderne Culinaire Academy
Image credit to Moderne Culinaire Academy.

The partnership entail students enrolled in MCA’s Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management program to have the option to go to Malaysia after their two-year certificate course. Indeed, they can choose either of the campuses for the continuation of their studies.

Upon the completion of the program which takes two years, they will be rewarded with a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts Management. Those who intends to pursue a Master’s Degree may do so just by adding one more year of study.

A Glimpse of Moderne Culinaire Academy

With Moderne Culinaire Academy’s launch of their partnership programs, we were invited to celebrate their success over a formal five-course meal. There was a schedule conflict so I ended going with my brother instead of Lloyd.


It was both our first time stepping into MCA.

Moderne Culinaire Academy

A simple and modern reception welcomes both students and guests.


MCA had something in store for us before we had the formal dinner.

First, we got to learn more about Moderne Culinaire Academy at their classroom.

Moderne Culinaire Academy



Next thing we know, we had Cupcakes 101 class by Chef Markus Elegino of Markus Patisserie Bistro (a.k.a. The Boy Who Bakes) at their other classroom. I never had one so I took down notes just in case I would have to bake some cupcakes for Lloyd.

Moderne Culinaire Academy


Moderne Culinaire Academy

Chef Markus discussed the proper mixing, the right room temperature, and even ingredient substitutions. He also shared some kitchen hacks such as using an ice cream scoop to divide the cupcake batter evenly.


He also demonstrated different kinds of frosting techniques like the iconic swirl pattern, a rose swirl, or even an interesting “Stars of the Galaxy” pattern.

Moderne Culinaire Academy

We also got cupcake design ideas as he decorated the cupcakes .


And for the fun part, we get to frost and design our own cupcake using these ingredients.

Moderne Culinaire Academy


Moderne Culinaire Academy

Unlike my brother, I didn’t have any formal baking classes. So I was super happy to succeed in making a decent cupcake on my first try. I learned that the key to making a successful frosting is to have a firm hand.


In addition, I also learned that the best way to avoid mess in eating a cupcake is to eat it like a “whoopie pie.”

Moderne Culinaire Academy


Next, we had a tour of Moderne Culinaire Academy’s facilities.

Moderne Culinaire Academy

Moderne Culinaire Training


We also had a glimpse of the preparation of some of MCA’s students. They were supervised by Chef Rene Acol, who we met already have met before in Alab restaurant.

Moderne Culinaire Academy

Studying culinary arts in Moderne Culinary Arts truly offers intense hands-on learning.


Celebration of Success and Friendship

After the tour, we were escorted to MCA’s events hall where a beautiful set up welcomed us.

Moderne Culinaire Academy

And the 5 course meal which showcase MCA’s culinary expertise in Asian cuisine satisfyingly filled our stomachs.

Appetizer:  Maui Ahi Tuna Poke
Maui Ahi Tuna Poke

Marinated tuna in soy sauce and sesame oil on avocado.


Salad:  Yam Sam O
Yam Sam O

Authentic Thai Popular Pomelo Salad in a basket.


Soup:  Bouillabase

Moderne Culinaire Academy

Traditional French seafood stew of Provence.


Main Course:  Cuisses de Poulet Farci Aux Marsala
Moderne Culinaire Academy

Stuffed chicken leg with Marsala Sauce.


Dessert:  Cheesecake

Combination of purple yam cheese cake.

If you also want to learn how to make those dishes, you can check out the program offerings of Moderne Culinaire Academy.

For inquiries you may visit or contact the following:

  • the MCA Facebook page (
  • Address: 155 Diego Silang St., Phase 1 AFPOVAL, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.
  • Administrator’s Office: +63 2 843 8071.

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