Morganfield's Restaurant

Morganfield’s Restaurant| the Perfect Place to Pig Out Huge & Juicy Ribs

I’ve been to Morganfield’s Restaurant before in their branch in Uptown Mall in BGC, Taguig and I absolutely loved it. So, when we were invited to be a part of the Zomato Foodie Meetup in Morganfield’s newest branch, SM Mall of Asia (MOA), I didn’t have second thoughts since I get to eat pig out their huge and juicy ribs. Plus, Me-An finally gets to try it.

At first glance one may think that Morganfield’s is an American restaurant, but it’s not.

Morganfield's Restaurant

Morganfield’s restaurant actually originated from Malaysia and was only named after Larry “Mud” Morganfield, an American blues singer.


Interior & Ambiance

Morganfield's Restaurant

Their friendly bar easily greets everyone who walks the front door. Make the timing right and a flair bartending show may just entertain you.


Morganfield's Restaurant

Their wall art is pretty impressive as it’s hand drawn using chalk. A perfect way to tell their customers who they are.


Morganfield's Restaurant

Morganfield’s restaurant branch in MOA has a rustic industrial feel to it which we’ve observed is pretty much the trend in restaurants these days.

They even have ceiling pipes to complete the look.
Morganfield's Restaurant

What I definitely like about Morganfield’s MOA branch is that it’s very spacious wherein they even have a second floor. Functions held there will still feel homey thanks to their heavy usage of wood and good lighting.



Although Morganfield’s restaurant specializes in ribs, they also offer great appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, burgers, pasta, steaks, and desserts. They certainly have an extensive menu to keep everyone happy.

Morganfield's Restaurant

We initially started our pig out with their SMOKIN’ DUCK SALAD, PhP 445 (or 9.24 USD). The duck meat was smoked then placed on top of mixed salad which consisted of tomatoes, bell peppers, Lolla Rossa lettuce, hard-boiled egg, and cucumber. It was made richer with the added century egg which I hoped was the only egg placed in the salad. Anyway, the soy vinaigrette complemented well with the entire salad that made it uniquely delicious.


Moving on to the ribs…

If there is premium Wagyu beef from Wagyu cattle, high-quality pork ribs should be made from Iberian pig. Morganfield’s Iberico baby rack are actually imported from Spain since Iberian pigs are only found there.

Morganfield's Restaurant

Served as an appetizer, the four of us in a table shared this  JIM BEAM BBQ IBERICO BABY RACK, PhP 1050 (or 21.79 USD). The baby back ribs were slathered with a mixture of Louisana hot sauce and Jim Beam bourbon whiskey. The server told us that it might be spicy but that wasn’t the case at all for us.

Slowly baked in the oven, marinated overnight, and grilled to perfection, the ribs was very tender and juicy. The meat itself requires only tiny effort to pry from the bone. And it was made more succulent with the sauce that we ate the baby back ribs until the bones were the only ones left. The fries and the side dish tasted delicious as well.


Those who wants to eat solo or after a good deal can avail of Morganfield’s set meals that are available all throughout the day. The starting price for the less special meals is PhP 275 (or 5.72 USD), while the starting price for the ribs meals is PhP 395 (or 8.21 USD). Each dish comes with one’s choice of either a soup of the day or garden salad and a Pepsi product drink.

Morganfield's Restaurant

This first set meal is their SMOKED PEPPERCORN SPARE RIBS, PhP 425 (or 8.83 USD). The peppercorn provided a little bit of spiciness to the dish and was the apparent overall flavor. Besides that, Morganfield’s restaurant remained consistent by having their spare ribs tender too. The garden salad that we tried with it was normal tasting, but it was good enough.

The garden salad that we tried with it was normal tasting, but it was good enough.


Morganfield's Restaurant

The other set meal we had was one of their combos, their CHICKEN AND HICKORY RIBS, PhP 425 (or 8.83 USD). This is a good choice for those who wants to eat more than ribs but doesn’t want to go for sharing platters. It comes with 1/4 chicken that is rested very well and the lean meat doesn’t taste dry to me at all. Additionally, it comes with ribs that have the same quality as the rest we’ve tried. The difference there is that hickory bbq sauce was used in it.

Meanwhile, the soup of the day during the time we dined at Morganfield’s was their spicy gumbo soup. We found it too spicy to taste it well.


Morganfield's Restaurant

Finally, we had their BREAD PUDDING, PhP 195 (or 4.05) which was served warm. It’s a good comfort food as it has a dollop of ice cream on top and the sauce was a sweet “special whiskey” sauce. We easily cut through its soft texture and finished it entirely in just a few minutes.



Morganfield's Restaurant

We had some of Morganfield’s chilled & blended coolers.

The first one from the left of the photo is AGUA FRESCA, PhP 245 (or 5.09 USD). What made this watermelon shake pricey than usual is that rose syrup was added to the watermelon juice with watermelon chunks. It tasted more refreshing as a small scoop of Calamansi sorbet was added on top.


The middle drink is FREEDOM, PhP 175 (or 3.64 USD). It was actually Me-An’s drink before she traded with me. After trying it out, I understood why she didn’t like it despite its cool Smurf-like appearance. That “patriotic slushy” was made with non-alcoholic margarita mix that is certainly sour and blue lagoon syrup. Good thing they topped it off with whipped cream which helps counter its tart, zingy taste.


The last one in the photo is their SHIRLEY TEMPLE FLOAT, PhP 175 (or 3.64 USD). Its citrus lime soda poured with tons of strawberry syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream. It was really a delight as the soda taste wasn’t really strong. Mixing the ice cream in it further weakens the soda. Me-An, who doesn’t drink sodas or soft drinks, liked it so much that’s why we ended up trading.



It’s no secret that I love Morganfield’s restaurant. They offer some of the best ribs for a good price. Yes, some of its ribs like the Jim Beam BBQ Baby Rack may be quite pricey. However, you have to take into consideration that Iberico pork is a premium imported Iberian pork and they used a pricey drink as one of its ingredients that racked up the price really high. For what it’s worth, their serving size is actually big and it comes with side dishes.

Same goes with their salad as well. It’s made from duck meat that was smoked. So, yes, you get the point.

Continuing on, if you look at their set meals, one can definitely pig out on it. The quality and size are good for value which makes it really reasonable. Insider tip that we got some of the customers actually order one set meal and they split it between two people.

Lastly, for families that have kids, for every PhP 2, 000 purchase, up to two (2) kids, aged 7 or below, get to eat absolutely free from the kid’s menu. How great is that?

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Morganfield's Restaurant

And this is us with Morganfield’s sticky bones and fun quoted aprons that were put on us. No messy clothing afterward.

We highly recommend Morganfield’s. Thus, we actually hosted a giveaway of PhP 1, 500 (or 31.18 USD) sticky money (Morganfield’s gift certificate) for our Instagram followers to have the opportunity to try it out whereby the lucky winner was @bethandres7699.


Morganfield’s Restaurant

North Wing, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City.
Operating Hours: 11AM to 11PM (Sun. to Thurs.) and 11AM to 12 midnight (Fri. to Sat.)

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  1. Wowww. This place looks great!!! Love the look of the place. Plus those ribs!!! They look amazing 😀 😀 plus it’s pretty affordable. Adding to my list of restos to try!

  2. I would definitely enjoy reading here. When I pick a place, I first look inside to check the ambiance. We’ll, it looks nice. And secondly I love ribs! So that’s a big plus haha. It looks great on the photos. So I would definitely try it.

  3. Oh gosh! Im drooling over those ribs! They look so appetizing.. Surely it taste really good. The pudding seems to an interesting dessert to try too.. And their beverage are too colorful! I would love to try the Aqua Fresca and the Shirley Temple. However i find their rates a little pricey. Will definitely check this out when im around MOA or BGC..

  4. No wonder, this blog of yours won in the food blog category in the Sept. 24 2016 Blog Recognition. I did enjoy reading your blog. It was written in a way that is quite convincing with the picturesque description. I now declare a fan of your blog. Once again, Congratulations!

  5. I’m meat lover. Seeing these post makes me crave for some ribs. Ugh. Kidding aside, you’ve got a well-written post here. When reading for food blogs, I always look for the price and photos of the restaurant’s bestseller/s. Since it’s all here, I couldn’t ask for more. Keep posting! 🙂 – Jen of Invest MNL


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