Mr. Cupcake's Diner

Go Old School at Mr. Cupcake Diner

We were about to go home from Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park when me, Me-An, both of our moms, and my younger brother, decided to eat dinner from one of the local restaurants in Pampanga area before heading back to Manila. As it was nighttime, we were easily lured by a diner with large signboards and tons of lights, it was Mr. Cupcake Diner.

Mr. Cupcake Diner


Truly, some people can’t help reminiscing their past. Going back to the good old days when they were young/ younger. Confessing to the very first girl they had liked or fantasizing their then slimmer figure. I’m one of those people. I can’t help but reminisce the good old times as we approached Mr. Cupcake Diner that definitely was a blast from the past.

Mr. Cupcake Diner



We rarely see  diners here in the Philippines mainly because this is an American thing. With that said, seeing Mr. Cupcake Diner in person still leaves that familiar feeling, thanks to the hundreds or thousands of American TV shows and movies that we’ve watched in the past. They also play 50’s music to complete the old school experience of customers.

Mr. Cupcake Diner


Unlike those diners I’ve seen in TV shows, Mr. Cupcake Diner seems to be vibrant and colorful with old school photos and foods plastered on the walls.

Mr. Cupcake Diner


Even the staff’s uniforms are also reminiscent of the past. Me-An found it adorable and can’t help but snap her camera.

Mr. Cupcake Diner


Yes, both the men and women have different uniforms. The ladies’ uniform reminded us of Betty & Veronica.Mr. Cupcake Diner



Whenever we go to good looking restaurants like these, I always worry when it comes to the food because there are a lot of times where good looks, good food, and good price don’t go together. Well, I wouldn’t spoil you on my thoughts just yet. One of the good things about going to restaurants in groups is that we get a chance to eat different kinds of food from a particular restaurant which can help us in deciding what our final verdict will be.

Mr. Cupcake Diner’s cuisine is American which is fitting since this is an American-inspired eatery after all. I’m quite impressed with their extensive menu which I didn’t expect.


Mr. Cupcake Diner Caesar Salad

We started things off on a healthy note with my mom ordering some CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD, PhP 165 (or USD 3.51). To be honest, it isn’t that healthy since they had loads of dressing and bacon to top it off, but it was delicious for those pretending to be health conscious like me and Me-An. Their serving is good for sharing.


Mr. Cupcake Diner Mexican Nachos

Another sharing-friendly meal that we ordered was their MEXICAN OVERLOAD NACHOS, PhP 125 (or 2.66 USD). I kind of liked this Nachos because not only they got some of the basic ingredients: the cheese sauce, chili con carne, and jalapeño peppers, but they also put mayonnaise which is our favorite sauce. Yes, they just lacked tomatoes for an American nachos.


Mr. Cupcake Diner Carbonara

Me-An’s mom’s order was CARBONARA, PhP 88 (or USD 1.87). It was a pretty average dish and the white sauce’s consistency was watery which isn’t really good. However, it’s saving grace is the fact that it was affordable.


Mr. Cupcake Diner Captain America Burger

We move on to the more hearty stuff starting with Me-An ordering some CAPTAIN AMERICA BURGER, (Php 155 (or 3.3 USD). This is a typical  quarter pounder patty with mushrooms, lettuce, cheese sauce inside with some fries on the side. The patty is quite good and meaty, but nothing too special about it. For the fries, their serving is too small. We know some places that can serve a bigger serving for the same price.


Mr. Cupcake Diner Hickory Pork Ribs

One of the most delicious meals we’ve tried from their menu was their HICKORY AMERICAN PORK RIBS, Php 325 (or 6.92 USD) which was the order of my younger brother. Their presentation was really good, but the real star of the show here is the steak itself. It was very juicy and tasty and well done indeed.


Mr. Cupcake Diner Buffalo Wings

I ordered my favorite, 4PCS BUFFALO WINGS, PhP 225 (or USD 4.79). I wasn’t supposed to order this because I was initially turned off by the price, because usually at that price, there should be at least 8 pcs. Little did I know that each “piece” of the Buffalo wings actually consisted of 2 parts, the leg part, and the wing part. Not only that, each part was actually big. Because of that, I had trouble finishing all 4 pcs. of it. Now for its taste, it was actually quite good. The chicken itself was juicy and its buffalo sauce was spicy which adds some kick to it. Although I was somewhat disappointed by the sauce which was just a simple mayonnaise with one kind of herb I couldn’t distinguish. Even so, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the chicken.


Me-An said that we had to order shakes since we were in a diner. She was overjoyed when they had CARAMEL MILKSHAKE. Meanwhile, my younger brother ordered STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE. Each milkshake just costs PhP 95 (or 2.02 USD). It was okay for its price. They are generous with the syrups so you can really taste the chosen milkshake flavor.

Mr. Cupcake Diner Milkshakes


Last but not the least,

“no visit to Mr. Cupcake Diner is complete without ordering a cupcake from their various cupcake selections.”

Mr. Cupcake Diner's Cupcakes

They have some unique cupcake flavors and they were really affordable so we took home half a dozen of it.

Of course, we had some for dine-in too as our dessert. Me-An had their Oreo cupcake and I had their Dulce de Leche cupcake. I love their Dulce de Leche. For its taste and its price, I feel like I’m a winner.

Mr. Cupcake Diner cupcakes



We don’t have the usual tabulation of expenses on this part because our generous moms paid for the food so we were shy to ask for the receipt from them.


Mr. Cupcake’s Diner is Reasonable

We learned from the television show displayed by Mr. Cupcake Diner that they have a new branch in San Fernando City, Pampanga wherein it was a bus-themed restaurant. As in they literally converted the bus to become a diner restaurant. However, it seemed cramped for groups and we heard there were long lines always.

Mr. Cupcake's Diner

So we recommend you to try this branch instead. Also, we recommend that you try Mr. Cupcake Diner in general. It has reasonable food and unique retro ambiance.  It was a really fulfilling tummy experience for us, and my brother, in particular, was happy because he told us that it was his first time eating in a diner. A cute looking, drool worthy restaurant, that doesn’t hurt the wallet, we’ll definitely return to eat here when we find ourselves in Pampanga again.

By the way, for those who find themselves stuck in Pampanga or want to have that quick getaway there, Mr. Cupcake Diner is also situated beside a hotel. You may also want to try booking at Travel Book.Ph by simply clicking the image below.


What are your thoughts on Mr. Cupcake Diner? Let us know.


Mr. Cupcake Diner

OG Road San Antonio, Guagua, Pampanga.
Operating Hours: 9:00AM to 10:00PM daily.

4 Responses to “Go Old School at Mr. Cupcake Diner”

  1. Wow! very vintage, retro and American. I was planning on writing about them but couldn’t remember their name. Thanks!

  2. My husband said that the branch in Guagua is better than what we have here in San Fernando. They actually branched out already couple of months ago. We dined there and I haven’t got the chance to blog about it because I was too lazy to take photos. There food for me is just so-so. There are more great restaurants here in Pampanga that ypu must-try.

  3. Betty and Veronica… Seriously? Really? Betty is conservative so yes, but Veronica? Kidding aside, nice review and I agree with what I see on the photos and as always, I trust your judgement when it comes to food. Before the photos were completely loaded, I saw the price of the buffalo wings and I share the same sentiment… And well, it’s because of the cheats who split wings in half and pass them off as two pieces. Personally, any restaurant serving chicken wings that way, I refuse to patronize because I happen to like chicken and splitting wings is blasphemy! LOL. Prices generally looks really ok naman considering the place itself is well decorated. Because of that, I feel the this diner offers above acerage value for money.


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