Dishes Prepared with Heart at Nikko’s Baking Studio Restaurant

Have you ever prayed for something only for it to be unanswered by God?

Or no matter how hard you work, nothing seems to be going your way?

We may not understand God’s wisdom but His ways are higher than ours. So His answer to our prayers is what we truly need but not necessarily want. He gives the best for His children so long as we trust Him.

Such is the case for Ms. Nikko, a great woman who is passionate at baking. She prayed for a hands-on lifestyle baking school and bakeshop which she then established as Nikko’s Baking Studio.

Nikko's Baking Studio

However, instead of getting enough class bookings, a steady influx of customers go for their lean menu of pasta, sandwiches, drinks, and pastries.

Not too long the regulars frequently expressed their desire for rice meals.

Ms. Nikko started offering the breakfast favorites of her family to fulfill her customers’ wishes. Before she knew it, she already had a full All Day Breakfast menu on top of what she started. The place was then readjusted to accommodate diners.

Fast forward to today, Ms. Nikko certainly yearned for a baking school, but God led her in a different direction. Nikko’s Baking Studio is officially a restaurant much to the happiness of customers. Most importantly, they get to serve dishes prepared from the heart.

We are really happy that they viewed the change in direction positively.



Located at the busiest street in Makati (Paseo de Roxas St.), Nikko’s Baking Studio offers a quick respite with its homey ambiance.

Nikko's Baking Studio

It has a cabin-style front porch lined with gorgeous dining tables and chairs. Beautiful paintings also hung on the walls. It’s a nice place to have an intimate coffee date with a friend or a loved one, don’t you think so?


Nikko's Baking Studio

On the inside, their tables can double as a work table which was its former purpose. The ample availability of electric sockets makes the place also a popular choice for those who are into co-working.

Foodies who love watching the preparation of their food will enjoy sitting by the open kitchen. Indeed, it’s just like dining in one’s home. We wonder if the smell of food wafts around this area.


Nikko's Baking Studio

Groups of family and friends can enjoy eating together as long tables abound in different areas of the restaurant.


Nikko's Baking Studio

There is still a beautiful kitchen where Ms. Nikko can hold random classes. The place as a whole, I must say, is tastefully executed.



From the name of the restaurant itself, Nikko’s Baking Studio specialize in baked goods. That’s not to say the rest of their menu is so-so.

On the contrary, we found their meals to be quite delectable. It’s memorable also as tidbits on the family’s story are incorporated in some of the dishes’ names. Below you’ll find the dishes that captured our hearts the most from the huge array of dishes that were served to us.


Starters & Snacks

CHeese sticks at Nikko's Baking Studio

With the 126 named after the address of the Ms. Nikko’s maternal grandparents,  126 CHEESE STICKS, PHP 180 (or USD 3.35) is the classic cheese roll. The real star of the show here is the dip which may look ordinary. However, the secret ingredient and its soy-lime taste make it uniquely match the cheese sticks very well.

Bottomline, I and Me-An became fans of it after our very first bite.


Nikko's Baking Studio

Named after Ms. Nikko’s aunt, TA BINKS’ GARLIC CREAM CHEESE SERVED WITH UNSWEETENED BANANA CHIPS, PHP 180 (or USD 3.35) is similar to the cheese sticks whereby the focus of the dish is the dip.

The popular Filipino classic delicacy which is deep fried banana slices didn’t get any sweeteners. It serves as a tribute to those who are diabetic like Ms. Nikko’s dad. Surprisingly, it pairs perfectly with the balanced garlic cream cheese.

It is one of the dishes that will make you question yourself for missing it.


Nikko's Baking Studio

Another Filipino classic they offer is the CHORIZO EMPANADA KALISKIS, PHP 260 (or USD 5.2) for two pieces.

For those who aren’t familiar, an empanada is a stuffed pastry that is either baked or fried. What they did differently here is that it has scales which breaks apart like a flaky croissant. It adds a layer of texture to the dish which some people may love. The generous amount of Chorizo filling makes it quite a heavy snack.



Lucban Longganisa Nikko's Baking Studio

The LUCBAN LONGGANISA, PHP 270 (or USD 5.39) dish was created because a family friend used to give them tons of it. It actually is the go-to midnight snack of Ms. Nikko.

It’s basically an oil-based angel-hair pasta cooked in white wine and mixed with the popular Filipino sausage from the southern Luzon area. The longganisa (sausage) adds garlicky flavor to the otherwise simple dish.


When you run out of rice for a Thermidor recipe, what do you do?

Of course, you bring out pasta just so you can satisfy your craving.

That is what happened with Nikko Baking Studio’s SHRIMP THERMIDOR, PHP 320 (or USD 6.38). Linguine pasta was used as a substitute for rice that they used to pair it with. With the thin strand of the pasta, the creamy seafood flavor stuck to it.

Thereby, it’s such a pleasure to it. I could say that this is my favorite dish out of them all and is actually the first one to be finished in our dining table. I highly recommend you try it out.


Family Specials

Nikko's Baking Studio

Moving on to their main dishes, we went out with right away with the meaty stuff. We started with MARLON’S SALPICAO, PHP 360 (or USD 7.18) for a family platter. The tender beef is cooked really well. You can taste all of the seasonings tucked inside the beef giving that juicy feel in each chew of the meat.


Nikko's Baking Studio

One of Me-An’s favorite dishes is also available in Nikko’s which is their MOM’S LENGUA, PHP 36o (or USD 7.18) for a family platter.

Lengua is actually ox/cow tongue that’s something which may gross some of you. But I tell you, it is really good! It’s covered in rich mushroom sauce which is superb to be paired with rice.


Nikko's Baking Studio

Another crowd favorite for us has to be their NBS CHICKEN INASAL, PHP 280 (or 5.59 USD). It’s the popular Filipino roasted chicken placed on top of a steamy java rice.

The presentation is beautiful, but what’s even more impressive is the chicken. It is very juicy, the skin is roasted very well that it’s not burned too much and the overall flavor of it is exceptional.

We were already full with the mountain of food that was served to us. However, we completely forgot about that after we’ve tried their Chicken Inasal.


Nikko's Baking Studio

Nikko Baking Studio’s dishes are not all Filipino cuisine as evident with the pasta and desserts. They also have American inspired dishes as well like the AYALA’S ROAST BEEF, PHP 380 (or USD 7.58) It’s a slab of roast beef placed under a bed of mashed potatoes poured with some oozing gravy sauce.

The beef is also tender and juicy like the salpicao. Indeed, mashed potato is its perfect companion. We like it a lot though Me-An didn’t like the fatty parts of the meat.



While all of the food we’ve mentioned are quite the treat, the real reason why you should go to Nikko’s Baking Studio in the first place is all about their desserts.

To put it simply, they have some of the best desserts I’ve tasted so far at least here in Manila.

Calamansi Pie

We started of with their CALAMANSI PIE which I think is my first time seeing such a thing. It’s a sweet cream based pie, but has the citrus taste from the calamansi. Yes, it’s a combination of sweet and zesty.


Nikko's Baking Studio

Next up is their FRESH PINEAPPLE PIE which is a traditional pie with pineapple filling and topped with crumbs.

Unlike the other pineapple pie’s I’ve tried in the past, this one has actual pineapple bits inside which adds that natural feel to it. It’s also a crunchy sweet treat.


Turtle Pie

Next up is their TURTLE PIE which is a treat for Chocolate lovers. It has a smooth and luscious chocolate base with caramel syrup. What’s great is that it’s not overly sweet plus it retains its shape even after being scooped.


Nikko's Baking Studio

They also have a VANILLA CREPE CAKE which I personally like to call the pancake cake. It has multiple layers of Crepe with vanilla cream filling in between layers and drizzled with thick caramel syrup.

The vanilla flavor is faint yet creamy enough for me to want it. I am a big fan of Crepe cakes, in general, so this is a winner to me as well.


Leche Flan Cake

The LECHE FLAN CAKE is fluffy chiffon cake topped with the custard flan that most of us grew up loving. Its sweetness comes from the caramelized sugar syrup.



Nikko's Baking Studio

We were able to try two of their drinks the PANDAN ICED TEA which has a strong taste of pandan and the right sweetness much to Me-An’s preference. She had to orders of that drink because she can’t get enough of it.

I, on the other hand, had the FRESH DAYAP JUICE. It’s freshly squeezed dayap (or lime) so it definitely contains antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Those who have are acidic should not be drinking it cold, though.



Nikko’s Baking Studio is Reasonable

Nikko's Baking Studio

Overall, we find Nikko’s Baking Studio to be reasonable not just because we got invited or anything.  It has a wide array of tasty food selection that’s truly worth one’s money considering its location. With the dishes prepared with a heart and its homey ambiance,

With the dishes prepared with a heart and its homey ambiance, why not treat is an extension of your home? It’s a nice place for a date, a reunion, a meet-the-parents dinner, or basically any momentous event.

Finally, their dessert choice will definitely sweetly cap off anyone’s day. It’s a good enough reason to paying the restaurant a visit.

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Nikko’s Baking Studio

59-A Paseo de Roxas Street, Urdaneta, Makati City.
Operating Hours: 9AM to 9PM on weekdays; and 9AM to 4PM on weekends.

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  1. I love how they executed the home feels of the interior. I’ll definitely want to dine and finish some freelancing work here. I got curious how the cheese sticks really taste. I would love to visit Nikko’s Baking Studio soon. How’s the crowd by the way on weekends?

    • Cheese sticks taste like the classic one 🙂 We don’t think it’s jam packed on a weekend as much as it’s on a weekday.

  2. First of all I agree that with persistent prayer and hardwork God is doing something for you, but His ways are not our ways, He gives more than what we asked for, I was super blessed with the outcome of the owners persistent. And with regards to all those foods and desserts, we’ll it’s tempting, I’m quite hungry now. The price was reasonable. I’d love to have a bite of their cheese sticks, pasta and turtle pie

  3. I just love the story of Ms. Nikko baking studio and how it started. The food served all looked baked with love. Though Makati may be too far from me, I am willing to travel just to sample her dishes. I am aiming for those pasta .

  4. That crumble cake looks best of all. Next to that, I think that this place is very cosy and I would like to go there 🙂 However since I am far away, it’s great to have you writing about it so that I don’t have to travel to see it. Looks like a place I would deff visit otherwise!

  5. OMG! Pies really look delicious! I bet all the foods there are. And I definitely agree with you when you say that sometimes our prayers are not answered by God in ways we want them to manifest. HE knows better how we can utilize our gifts according to HIS purpose.

  6. cieri of

    I always pass by this establishment when I was working in our old office. Looks like there is a variety of food. I also heard from a friend that food is delish. Will have to try this soon!


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