Be Mesmerized in Mariana

Be Mesmerized in Northern Mariana Islands

I always have an affinity with islands from our country’s islands to as far as Guam and other countries’ beaches ever since I was a teenager.


Thus, when Blogapalooza partnered with the Marianas Visitors Authority (My Marianas PH) to give an opportunity of a lifetime to travel bloggers. I didn’t have second thoughts in grabbing this chance to get wonderfully lost in Northern Mariana Islands.

Nothing excites me more as a travel blogger than setting foot in a new place, experiencing its sights and wonders, and blogging about it for everyone to know.


After following Blogapalooza and My Marianas PH’s social media accounts and double checking that I’m registered in (we pre-registered in the recent Blogapalooza), I made a thorough research about Northern Mariana Islands to come up with a creative slogan. I had difficulty in choosing what to suggest as Northern Mariana Islands is a colorful destination for vacation trips. It has cultural and historical attractions, tropical jungles, great beaches and from what I read, friendly people.


Seeing the photos taken there, the initial creative slogans I’ve thought of were the following:

  • UNLOCK PARADISE SECRETS – Well, not many people still know of Northern Mariana Islands and I think it’s a paradise that should be unlocked.
  • JETSET TO FAB-OHHH-LOUSNESS – I think Northern Mariana Islands are fabulous that it can make any visitor say ohhh with either amazement or relaxation
  • EXPERIENCE THE ENDURING CHARM – Northern Mariana Islands endured everything that happened in the past and eventually acquired a charm that must be experienced. The charm also of their beautiful beaches endures.
  • COLOR YOUR JOURNEY – As the diverse people in Northern Mariana Islands are friendly, visitors interacting with them will have a colorful journey in life.

I hope no one copies these slogans even if I intentionally submitted my suggestion late as those can also be chosen too. Anyway, the slogan that I liked the most to suggest is simple but it encapsulates my feeling in seeing Northern Mariana Islands. I think a slogan should be something that can be easily remembered too.

Mariana Islands

Making hashtags for it are fairly easy too.

  • #BeMesmerizedinMariana
  • #BeMesmerized
  • #MesmerizedinMariana


Indeed, I was mesmerized with everything Northern Mariana Islands has to offer. One particular place of it that mesmerized me was the Mañagaha Island that is located on the West Coast of Saipan. There are a lot of activities to do there and one of it is an activity that I want to tick off my bucket list which is none other than WINDSURFING. I’m not exactly a great swimmer, but this seems really fun to me.

Photo credit to MyMarianasPH.


Finally, I want to take with me three of my closest friends, Alekhin Chua, Patricia Mae Uy and Michael Gan to Northern Mariana Islands. These are what I want us to do in islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.


  1. Enjoy the stunning blue water of Mañagaha Island.
  2. Stop at the Bird Island lookout area.
  3. Visit the Last Command Post Park.
  4. Ride a glass bottom boat at Saipan lagoon.
  5. Visit Suicide Cliff and Banzai Cliff.


  1. See the House of Taga latte stones.
  2. Snorkel in Tachogna Beach.
  3. Check out the Atomic Bomb Pits used in WWII.


  1. Swim in a natural swimming hole.
  2. Visit the Bird Sanctuary.
  3. See the Mochong latte stones.
  4. Visit the Marianas Trench Museum.
  5. See the Wedding Cake mountain.


So, this is all of it. I really pray to be able to visit and be mesmerized in Northern Mariana Islands. Cheers to you for reading this post. Hope this piqued your interest to visit Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

15 Responses to “Be Mesmerized in Northern Mariana Islands”

  1. Honestly I never heard about it but the world is so big, hard to know everything 😀 Your list looks quite long but how many days you have to do it all? 🙂 Is there are any plan B if these places won’t be enough or something won’t go how is planed? 🙂

    • If I get to go to Northern Mariana Islands, we’ll be staying there for five (5) days. I don’t have any plan B if these places aren’t enough or if something didn’t go as planned. However, that is part of traveling. We just have to be flexible 🙂

  2. Awesome!! I am definitely mesmerized by the Mariana Islands. I’m a big beach person and love adventure. Sounds like the perfect destination for me hehe. 😀😀😀

  3. Wow, I hope to visit there someday too! It looks like they offer a great vacation! I love beaches and I bet this will be on my list.

  4. i like the slogan of colour your journey the most! although i’m not at all familiar with the places you’ve mentioned, except for saipan (which I’ve only heard of the place and not sure where to locate it on the map), it feels like the islands has a very vibrant and lively culture, which will definitely add a lot of colours to a traveller’s journey!

    • Thank you for giving your feedback on the slogans I’ve suggested 🙂 I do hope one my slogans get chosen and I get to travel to Northern Mariana Islands 😀

  5. This trip looks amazing! I know that country has some stunning beaches with clear water and it will be lovely to experience them at some point. There seem to be a lot of activities to do there, I hope you will have enough time to do all of them.

  6. I hope one of your slogans will get chosen. They’re really great and catchy. You already have some nice plans. I would love yo do windsurfing as well. Would be a great experience. I love beaches as well and it seems like there’s so much to explore there! Sounds great

  7. I have never heard of Northern Mariana islands but then Guam is not exactly a favorite of bloggers (I wonder why). I hope you get this one dear. It does look like a trip of a lifetime.

  8. Heard about this to a friend of mine, researched about the place as well and all I can say is WOW. The place is like a paradise and if you love adventure this is the right place for you. Color Your Journey would be a great slogan.

  9. Looks like a very good place to unwind. I’m not a swimmer though. So, I’d probably just enjoy the view by relaxing on the beach and the resort. I love reading with the sound of the waves as background. It’s also very conducive for writing.

  10. The slogan that you choose is so catchy, it’s easy to remember, this is a great place, I haven’t heard this place but thankyou for sharing, new discovery for me and I’ll be researching about this even more, this will be on my wish list.

  11. Witty slogans and it certainly rolls of your tongue! I hope you slogans and campaign gets chosen. 🙂 I;ve never heard of Marian Islands but I do know about the Mariana Trench and have heard of Saipan.*Just Googled it.* Oh! It’s in Guam. And is the well-known crescent shaped archipelago~ Great place to have a honeymoon too. I did read in the news that Mariana Islands just got hit by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake just this July 29 though. :/ A bit scary nga lang. But definitely a paradise worth visiting and experience even just once in anyone’s lifetime. <3


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