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Ombu Kusina Modern Filipino Restaurant Celebrates 4th Anniversary with Chef’s Picks

When we were invited to visit Ombu for their 4th year anniversary, I really thought it was a Japanese restaurant. It turns out that Ombu is a Filipino restaurant and is now called Ombu Kusina as it updates also its menu.

Those who have a curious mind will be interested to know that Ombu derived its name from a South American hearbaceous green tree with huge roots. It also symbolizes togetherness and family which is synonymous with the typical Filipino setting.

It’s also heartwarming to know how the restaurant came to be. The owner, Mr. Edison Lo, started from a small cafeteria and worked in the food business for ten years. He then established Ombu Kusina which now thrives. It continues to get better as it expands to catering as well as an events venue.



Ombu Kusina looks sleek with the usage of black, white and cream hues. We personally love the cozy white booths perfect an intimate gathering or date if you will. Long tables as well are available for groups.

With such a warm ambiance and inviting interior, it’s easy to fall in love with Ombu Kusina.



Ombu offers a mixture of classic Filipino dishes as well as their own share of innovative fusion dishes to add to the mix. I have to say that I enjoyed the food more than I expected it to be.

Ombu presented us with three sets food segments namely chef’s picks, innovative Filipino dishes, and their best sellers. In addition, we also had a chance to try out a dessert which is not to be underestimated as well.


Chef’s Picks

Ombu Kusina

As Ombu Kusina celebrates their four year anniversary, they launched six signature dishes they referred to as the Chef’s Picks. It consists of the following:

  • Gambas in Garlic and Olive Oil
  • Angus Beef Steak (Angus Bistek Tagalog)
  • Angus Beef Salpicao
  • Baked Prawns (Hinumong Sugpo)
  • Fried Tuna Belly (Pritong Tiyan ng Tuna)
  • Pan Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salsa

For every order of any of those, customers can get their featured desserts for either PHP 99 (or USD 2) or only PHP 4 (or USD 0.08) instead of the regular price. One can avail the PHP 4 promo by simply doing the following:

  1. Like Ombu Restaurant Official Facebook Page.
  2. Share their official poster of Ombu Kusina, tag them and three of your friends.
  3. In the caption, put: “Let’s go to Ombu and when you order a Chef’s Pick, you can buy one of their featured desserts for P4.00! #OmbuKusina #OmbuTurns4”

 Two winners will also be chosen randomly and will receive the following treats:

  • A breakfast buffet for four in Ombu Kusina
  • A #ModernFilipino dinner for four worth PHP 2,000 (or USD 40.48).

Announcement of winners will be on April 16, Ombu Kusina’s 4th Anniversary.


Baked mussels? Nah… Why not baked prawns instead?

Ombu Kusina
BAKED PRAWNS, PHP 420 (or USD 8.47)

Four pieces of baked prawns has its belly filled with a mixture of garlic and cheese. It’s presented neatly in a plate with cucumbers on the side.

The cheese and garlic mixture blends well with the soft texture of the shrimp meat. It definitely is a must try for seafood lovers.


Ombu Kusina

Mouthwatering, tender Angus certified beef is sautéed with garlic and mushrooms in olive oil and finally topped with crispy garlic bits. The meat tastes wonderful thanks to their use of a high quality beef. Combine that with a really juicy and savory texture one usually finds in a Salpicao, the end result is an empty plate and a happy tummy.


Ombu Kusina

This is one dish you shouldn’t miss at Ombu Kusina it is this.

It’s just a simple slab of roasted Sea Bass fillet complemented with a Mango Salsa on the side. It looks really plain and dry at first glance, but wait till you try it.

While the outside is a bit crispy due to its fried edges, the inside is a really soft, juicy meat that tastes exceptional and doesn’t need any help from any sauce at all. It’s probably my  favorite dish out of all that I’ve tried in Ombu and though it’s a bit hefty on the price, I don’t mind if I get to eat such a delicious dish.


Innovative Filipino Dishes

Ombu Kusina

It is essentially spaghetti but instead of using the traditional white or red sauce, they used salted egg yolk as its sauce. They added diced tomatoes, salted egg whites and cucumber to it to complete the Filipino salted egg experience.

I enjoyed this dish since I always enjoyed eating Salted Eggs with tomatoes for breakfast and I absolutely love pastas and this dish successfully marries the both them flawlessly.


Ombu Kusina
SISIG PIZZA, PHP 490 (or USD 9.88)

This dish also deserves your attention. The pizza dough is filled with tomato sauce, garlic and the popular Filipino pork dish Sisig topped with egg and served with a yogurt sauce on the side.

It is one of those dishes that you have to try to appreciate it. Looking at the pictures definitely doesn’t serve this dish any justice. Unlike the pineapple which is highly debatable, I personally believe that sisig goes well with pizza.


Ombu Kusina’s Bestsellers

Ombu Kusina


Ombu Kusina


This Filipino pork dish consists of a seasoned pork leg cooked thrice (grilled, steamed, and fried); hence the name.

Although cooking it thrice didn’t give it any advantages, when it comes to the taste, grilling did help in cutting the fat.

Overall, it’s crispy outside and soft inside is a winner and is deserving of the bestseller badge.


Ombu Kusina


A homage to the Korean fried chicken craze, these are crispy and juicy fried chicken pieces marinated in sweet garlic sauce.

Out of the best sellers, this is my personal favorite because of I’m a big fan of Korean fried chicken and they were able to make something that’s familiar yet original. Using garlic is nice as it complements with the sweetness of the sauce really well.


Ombu Kusina


It’s made up of mixed seafoods like shrimp and crab meat, wrapped in taro leaves and was cooked in coconut milk or “gata”. The classic Laing dish consists of only taro leaves and coconut milk. Adding mixed seafood meat inside is a welcome addition. The seafood meat is smooth that it glides through all of those taro leaves and coconut milk giving the dish something different to munch on.



Here is a sample of what you may pay for only PHP 4 (or USD 0.80).

Ombu Kusina

Topping it all of is their, FROZEN BRAZO DE MERCEDES, PHP 180 (or USD 3.63). 

These are layers of frozen meringue, custard filling, ice cream and graham crackers stacked together. Even though you should eat it before it melts, I found out that it tastes better for me if you eat it just as it melts so as you can taste the cream better.


Ombu Kusina is Reasonable

Overall, Ombu is reasonable for us as it offers not just classic Filipino dishes. They also have unique fusion dishes that are not only innovative, but taste well to boot.

Dishes like the Pan-Fried Sea Bass and Sisig Pizza really won my appetite during my stay and they are just some of the delicious dishes waiting for you guys to try it out.

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Ombu Kusina

Ground Floor, Sequoia Hotel, 91-93 Mother Ignacia Corner Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.
Operating Hours: 6:30AM to 11PM.

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